What is the Good Keyword Density for a Site in SEO?

Keyword density refers to the number of times a specific keyword is used in the content. In the last few years, it has been considered a useful strategy that helps search engine crawlers to analyze and understand your content for relevancy and rank it accordingly.

With algorithmic updates and AI advancement, Google bots have now become more intelligent and analyze content as per intent and usefulness to the users. Moreover, the development of RankBrain made it compulsory for users to create content that is relevant to search queries.

To cut it short, keyword density is important and not equally —- So, you should focus on adding relevant keywords in the content to some extent by avoiding keyword stuffing. Some experts would say it to be 0.2-0.8% while some agree for 1-2% in the content written naturally.

Best Practices to Achieve Good Keyword Density in Content

Write for Users, not Bots

While writing content, make sure to generate unique, high-quality, and engaging content by keeping in mind — You are writing for users, not for Google bots. Know your targeted audience, understand their pain points, and deliver the content they are looking for. After writing content or during the process, you can check where you can add keywords naturally to get this job done!

Focus on Adding Keywords to Right Spot

To ensure good keyword density and maintain user experience, see the right places to add your focused keywords. Starting from the headline, and introduction, to the main body content, it can be added anywhere - where you see it fits best according to the intent.

Keyword Stuffing — A Big No!

Keyword stuffing is the main reason for deranking and demotion of sites on SERPs. Instead of putting lots of keywords in content, make sure to put them in the right places. Moreover, to avoid keyword stuffing in a sentence, look for relevant synonyms to add to the content.

Tools to Check Keyword Density

Keyword density can be checked easily through its formula and there are multiple reliable tools that are as follow:

  • ETTVI Keyword Density Checker
  • Yoast
  • Alexa On-page SEO Checker

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