Website Management Tools

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Website Management - Getting Traffic, Increasing Ranks, all in vain if it’s not handled properly. Let’s aircraft the catapult to the Position of Attack!

Website Management Tools

Websites Management tools are those which help one to maintain the website. These tools can be anything regarding the execution of SEO. SEO is not all about doing ON-PAGE SEO and getting things straight with OFF-PAGE SEO. There are numerous other things like what revenue will be generated and its calculation on behalf of prediction is the requirement of every third person in this business.

Webmasters and SEO Practitioners face different challenges each day. SEO Tools stations like ETTVI are providing them day-to-day solutions. Let’s take the URL Rewriting Tool as an example. Suppose you have got a list of keywords and you do not have any idea how to sort them in a way that it becomes an optimized and easy to crawl URL. All those parameters that matter to crawlers and search engines are indulged by our expert team into the tools we have for you. Just bother using them!

Taking URL Encoder and Decoder as another example to elaborate. There are more than a million people searching for this Tool each month globally. What are they getting , a tool encodes but in an inappropriate way. Likewise, Decoding always miscalculates what was encoded. Therefore, it was mandatory for those users to have a one-stop solution.

“Websites Management is the tool that allows you to maintain SEO results with the additional information,which can be gathered with hours of research”.

We have plenty of SEO Tools but all of them are innovation in themselves. Just a few clicks and the job is done. Marketers and SEO Experts do not have much time for signups and do not have extra pennies to spend on the tools. Understanding these factors, ETTVI brought the Freemium SEO Tools - A SaaS designed with Free and Premium quality tools.

Importance of Website Management Tools for SEO

SEO is about getting ranked on the keywords and gaining traffic and converting that traffic into money. That means ultimately all of the SEO efforts are going to result in money. Monetization can be sorted, but knowing the niche which can lead to the expected revenue stream is difficult for which ETTVI has designed the tool in the category of Website Management Tools.

Again there are few things which keep us engaged without any positivity - which is the complete wastage of time. If you have got to know about any competitor and his website looks too amazing, your next hit will be to get to the theme or CMS he is using. There are no Tools providing websites with such diverse and properly functional tools.

ETTVI Wordpress theme detector allows you to check whether the website is on CMS and is on wordpress. Moreover, it allows the user to check with the details of the themes used, plugins used on the website. Not properly, but in the long run this tool is useful for the person performing JDs of an SEO analyst. He needs to stay very close to the competitor and tools like WPTD allow you to keep all of the information required regarding a website.

Social Media Marketing is too important for any type of business. It is the type of Digital Marketing which allows you to reach the right targeted customer. In addition to this, in SEO it has eminent worth. Whenever a marketing tries to share a URL on social media platforms they face the issue of getting URL blocked and it is a bad approach for search engines. Therefore, URL Shortener Tool by ETTVI came into being to be the alternative for sharing. As many of us are of the opinion that sharing is caring.

How ETTVI’s Website Management Tools will help Improving Ranks on SERPs

All of the SEO Tools offered by this company are logical. We are bringing the easiest ways of doing SEO. Getting traffic is the easiest part, sustaining it is the worst part. There are websites which appear in the SERPs on the top positions once in a week and never come back. They need a massive Off-Page SEO budget which is not possible in every case.

Executing the SEO process makes it difficult when search engines are crawling, indexing and ranking your content but there is no revenue from the keywords you have targeted. Therefore, ETTVI came up with the Adsense Revenue Checker Tool which can help SEO professionals to analyze the worth of the keyword initially. Its accuracy allows you to find the difference not only between keywords but also between the competitors. You do not need to bother everyone being a competitor but this tool helps you know that.

SEO Tools allow SEO professionals to see what strategy is working and where they need to change. Changing the strategy and analyzing the applied one is only possible through SEO Tools. Inaccuracy is the insecurity people have regarding tools, ETTVI SEO Tools are developed save hours of effort and generate accurate reports at a click.

These cloud-based, self-service tools have plenty of other unique optimization features as well. Collecting Data and understanding what has not been served yet to the users of this niche, has been integrated into the system.

How ETTVI’s Website Management Tools are better than PrepostSEO?

Bringing modernity to something is the easy part. Tools which can expand the branding of a website and make it become unbeatable are based on advanced technology. The technology which has been kept under consideration as a research for many months before execution. Making them work in an appropriate way, it took many other months.

Generating Reports, following SOPS, presenting a roadmap to the clients. Building an unbeatable strategy for SERPs rankings, all is possible accessing the same URL. SEO practices like analyzing the competitors domain for wordpress theme detection or checking the source code of any webpage, making links shortened with Link Shorteners, all are there.

SEO does not only take websites only, Google My Business, Searching Domain, Name for Business, all of these things are important and can be done through SEO. Website Management Tools by ETTVI allows users to get maximum benefit by doing everything with few clicks and results are thousand times better than the solution providers charging hundreds of dollars for each subscription monthly.

“Accurate Information is the Key to Show Results of Your All Efforts You Did”

ETTVI’s tools have the combination of two fantastic features Fast and Accurate which make ETTVI the best among all other available tools in the market.

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