How to Find the Age of Expired Domain?

Domain age is a ranking factor — Did Google mention that? There will be many arguments on this. Let me put it in simple words - Yes, domain age matters! On the same side, it’s not how old is your website but how many pages of your site are crawled and indexed by search engines.

According to Mutt Cutt;

“Domain age does play a role, but a small role & it’s not a very strong ranking factor as compared to others.

How to find the Domain age of an expired domain?

Out of many, there are a few easy ways to find the age of an expired domain that is as follows;

1- Internet Archives - Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is like a digital library where you can access archived versions of the sites. Moreover, this free online tool also allows you to visit the older version of the site. You can check the snapshots of specific dates when the website was last visited by the crawlers.

2- Whois Domain Age Checker

Whois Lookup contains a database of information about the specific domain i.e. owner details, contact information, administrator, registration, and expiration date. You can add your specific domain in the whois lookup database to find out the domain age.

3- Domain Age Checker Tool

Another free and easy way to check the age of an expired domain is an online domain age checker tool. There are multiple tools available online where ETTVI’s Domain Age Checker Tool is specifically designed to help webmasters and internet users to calculate and find out the age of expired domains easily.

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