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ETTVI SEO Tools - A one-stop solution for all your SEO & marketing tools needs.

Your Ultimate SEO Toolkit - ETTVI covers all SEO Tools that you need from auditing the site to ranking the site on the 1st page on Google.

Based on Search Engine’s Latest Algorithm updates, ETTVI’s SEO tools fulfill the true needs of every Digital Marketer. No need for any billing or Signups.


Research Repository

All of the tools have been assigned to the dedicated team to keep checking with the updated technology.


Data Ingestion

ETTVI SEO TOOLS - AI-based solution and have the capacity to follow up on the results and feedback of customers and update accordingly for the next use.


Resourceful Predictions

All of the SEO Tools are designed with AI evolution which means the maximum predictions are result-oriented.

AI-Based Evolution

ETTVI came up with the advanced Deep Learning and Machine Learning Implementation on Keyword Research Tools, SEO Tools, Content Tools, and Social Media Tools giving humanoid tiresome results in less than the load time of a search engine.


Replacing Updating with Updated, Optimizing with Optimized, and Ranking with Ranked.


Building a one-stop workplace for marketers with less expensive actions.

Goals of Our Team

  • ➔ Educating Clients About New Technologies

  • ➔ Continuous Customer & Industry Research

  • ➔ Increase use of AI Applications

  • ➔ Deliver Value to Clients

  • ➔ Improving Existing Products

  • ➔ Delivering Amazing User Experience


We Also Have a Brain (or Processor) like Every Human.

SEO Reporting Made Easy

Make Your SEO Reporting Easy and Boost Your SEO Efforts.

Get Quick Insights into How We Streamline Your SEO Practices!

ETTVI is a hub of SEO Tools and automated solutions developed for the Digital Marketers. It offers the Freemium SEO Tools with the best of the quality available in the Niche. Compared with other existing solutions it is better because it is more focused on AI-Based Humanly solutions. ETTVI has all the features of a good lover for Crawlers of Search Engines.

ETTVI brings innovation to the industry. It is more focused on NLP - Natural Language Processing, ML - Machine Learning and AI - Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, pick any of the provided tools, you will witness innovation there. Moreover, SEO Tools of ETTVI fall into different categories like On-Page SEO Tools, Off-Page SEO Tools, Content Marketing Tools, Technical SEO Tools, Website Maintenance Tools, Tools for Website Management and the Tools for Domains. All of them are market competitive and already satisfying customers from the user's perspective.

We are an innovation bringing company. We are more concerned with the automated solutions for the betterment of human life. Therefore, we chose an industry which is not being ignored but got unmanaged. SEO Tools is the niche where websites are recognizing the solution of the problem but are not bringing solutions to be implemented on the websites.

Name any existing tool you will get to have a single feature. All of them are charging enough prices that people are looking for free solutions. ETTVI is the only House of Advanced SEO Tools which is bringing change in the industry and offering multiple features in the same tool getting best results and free of cost. Backlinks checker is unique in a context that it makes you able to track your competitor’s backlinks list for free, makes you know good and backlinks for a website and helps you know the age of any backlink. More features are elaborated in the tool’s explanation.

As explained in the about section, ETTVI is a future-oriented company and entirely focused on bringing change to the industry we serve. There are hundreds of Plagiarism checking tools existing but none of them go into the details of scrapping, checking the databases of Search Engines and its SERPs.ETTVI’s Plagiarism Checker will allow you to see which word has been copied from which site and if it makes sense then it will be highlighted otherwise, it’s AI-based technology will get the context and will not get you in the trouble of checking.



Unify technology and expertise to effectively boost your digital marketing strategies

Perform collaboratively


Perform collaboratively to rationalize your SEO practices and increase your profitability

Strive to develop


Strive to develop highly functional and efficient SEO tools for your substantial growth

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