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All-in-one Word Count Tool

All-in-one Word Count Tool

Counts the words, characters, sentences & paragraphs in your content with just one click

SEO & Readability Analysis

SEO & Readability Analysis

CONSChecks the SEO & readability of your content to ensure the quality of the content

User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

Analyzes your content to generate a concise word count report in less than a minute

Typography Analysis

Typography Analysis

Automatically detects the font size and style in your content

Advanced Read-o-Meter

Advanced Read-o-Meter

Calculates the (estimated) reading time of your content, instantly

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker

Enlists the keywords used in your content and displays their density score


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Word Counter Tool

Monitor your words, characters, and sentences with our multi-featured SEO tool!

ETTVI’s Word Counter makes sure that your content length doesn’t exceed the common web standards - just upload your content and count text words within seconds.

This tool comes up with multiple in-built SEO features which enable the users to keep a complete check on content quality.

Leverage ETTVI’s Word Count Tool to monitor and track the length of your social media posts, web content, and web resource metadata with ease.

Thanks to this tool, you can perform an in-depth analysis of your content to gain insights about:

  • ➔ How many words does it have?
  • ➔ How many characters (without spaces) are there?
  • ➔ What is the paragraph count?
  • ➔ What is the SEO score?
  • ➔ How well the sentences have been constructed (score %)?
  • ➔ What is the readability score?
  • ➔ What is the reading time?
  • ➔ What is the Font Style?
  • ➔ What is the Font Size?
  • ➔ How many keywords does it have?
  • ➔ How many uppercase letters are there?

Get free access to ETTVI’s Word Counter Online Tool to make sure that the length and overall quality of your content corresponds to your requirements.

Word Counter Tool

How to Use ETTVI’s Word Counter Tool Online?

Follow these simple steps to use the best word count checker:

STEP 1 “Upload Content”

Use any of the following ways to upload your content:

  • Enter the URL of the web content
  • Paste/write the content in the text box
  • Upload the content file from your system

STEP 2 “Run the Tool”

Click on “COUNT” to run ETTVI’s Word Count Checker.

STEP 3 “Check Results”

ETTVI’s Word Count Tool will process the given content and provide you with the following:

  • Word Count
  • Character count (with spaces)
  • Character count (without spaces)
  • Sentence count
  • Paragraph count
  • SEO score
  • Readability score
  • Reading time
  • Basic Word Count Statistics
  • Top Word Density
  • Sentence Length Statistics

STEP 3 “Analyze Typography”

ETTVI’s online word counting tool will analyze the typography of the given content and will tell you about the:

  • Font Style
  • Font Size
  • Letter Case

It will automatically detect and display the results accordingly.

How to Use ETTVI’s Word Counter Tool Online?

Why Use ETTVI’s Words Counter Online?

Keep a check on the quality of your content in terms of its length, readability, and SEO - all at once!

Use ETTVI’s Word Counter Tool to take advantage of its advanced features which include:

User-friendly Interface

ETTVI team knows how to deliver a great user experience - they have developed “Word Counter Tool” with an enhanced user interface. It is quite easy for the users to upload the content and check the word count, character count, paragraph count, sentence length statistics, font style, font size, letter case, top keywords, keyword density, reading time, readability, and SEO score - all at once.

ETTVI’s AI-powered Word Counter works efficiently to calculate words in text within seconds. There’s no word limit - you can enter unlimited words to check their count and statistics.

One-click Word Count

Just enter your content (upload, paste or fetch via URL) and click on “count”.

Following your command, the ETTVI’s online text word counter will run to provide you with the word count, characters count, paragraph count, SEO score, sentence count, basic word count statistics, sentence length statistics, readability score, and reading time.

No need to go through the content all by yourself - let ETTVI’s AI-powered word count tool online count and measure it all for you.

Basic Words Count Statistics

When you run the ETTVI’s characters and words counter, it analyzes the given content to highlight the total word count, total characters (with spaces), and total characters (without spaces).

You can check the “statistics” table to check the basic word count statistics in your content.

Keyword Density

ETTVI’s Word Counter not only analyzes the content to count the number of words but to count keywords as well. Undoubtedly, this is the best tool to count keywords

When you enter your content and run the tool, it will track and display all the top keywords along with their density.

Check the “Keyword Density” section to know what keywords you have used often and how many times. Leverage this smart keyword count tool feature to monitor your keyword usage and prevent keyword stuffing in your content.

Sentence Length Statistics

Just upload your content and see how well ETTVI’s tool works as an efficient online sentence counter to monitor and analyze the sentences.

Go to the “Sentence Length” to check how many short and long sentences you have used in your content.

This is the most feasible way to track long sentences which can badly affect the readability score of your content.

In-depth Content Analysis

It is an all-in-one SEO tool which you need to monitor the content quality in terms of the count and length of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. Through an in-depth content analysis, it can help you to monitor the word count, character count, sentence count, paragraph count, sentence length, readability score, SEO score, and keyword density.

Leverage this tool to keep a complete check on the content quality.

Readability Check

ETTVI’s Word Count Check Tool not only monitors your content length but provides you with its readability “flesch score” as well. This is an effective word counter and grammar checker tool which helps you to make sure that your content is well-written or not.

Just upload your content and run the tool, it will automatically measure and display the Readability Score of the given content.

SEO Score Check

The multi-featured ETTVI’s Online Word Counter Tool monitors everything that marks the content quality including the content length, readability, and SEO score.

You can make use of the advanced Word Counter tool to check the SEO score of your content as well.

It analyzes the content thoroughly to measure and feature the on-page SEO score - automatically. This is indeed an efficient SEO word count tool which takes no time to check whether a content is search-engine-optimized or not.

Typography Analysis

ETTVI’s efficient Word Counter not only measures the words or characters but keeps a check on the typography as well.

Upload your content and run the tool - it will automatically detect the font size, font family, and lettercases in your content.

This is the easiest means to conduct the typography analysis of the competitors’ content and know how they shape their fonts to captivate their users.

Free Access

Get access to multiple features for free - people from all around the globe can access and use ETTVI’s Free Word Counter Tool - regardless of any limit. For sure, this tool serves as the best total website word counter.

Why Use ETTVI’s Words Counter Online?

Average Word Count List - How Many Words Your Content Should Have?

Average Sentence Length 15-20 Words
Average Paragraph Length 200 Words
Average Blog Post Length 1100-2000 Words
Average Essay Length 300-500 Words
Average Application Length 400-500 Words
Average Book Count Length 55000-90000 Words
Average Report Count Length 2500-4500 Words
Facebook Word Count Limit 10-250 Words
Youtube Word Count Limit 10-20 Words
Twitter Word Count Limit 40-70 Words
Instagram Word Count 310-550 Words
Average Word Count List - How Many Words Your Content Should Have?

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I check my word count with ETTVI’s online word counter?

Yes. You can count unlimited words with ETTVI’s Word Counter as it is constructively developed to perform the following functions: 

  • Word Counting 
  • Characters Counting (Without Spaces)
  • Character Counting (With Spaces
  • Sentence Count/Length Statistics 
  • Paragraph Counting 
  • Reading Score Measurement
  • Reading Time Calculation 
  • SEO Score Measurement
  • Keyword Density Measurement

You can paste the content or even enter a URL to fetch the content. Either way, ETTVI’s Word Counter Online Tool will count words on page without any hassle. 


Can I detect the font size and style in content using ETTVI's online word count tool?

Yes. ETTVI's Word Counter analyzes the typography of your content. It automatically checks and displays the font size, font family, and lettercases in the given text. 

Does the Word Counter tell me the keyword density?

Yes. ETTVI's Word Counter provides you with the keyword density of your content. It will automatically track your keywords and display them along with their density.

Does Word Counter measure the readability score of my content?

Yes. ETTVI’s Word Counter for websites is equipped to measure the readability score of the content. It also highlights the reading time and SEO score of the given content. 


Can I use Word Counter for free?

Yes. ETTVI enables its users to use the Word Counter free of charge. This is an effective free word counter online which people from all around the world can leverage regardless of any time limit.

Frequently Ask Questions

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