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Perform In-depth SEO Audit

Perform In-depth SEO Audit

Analyze and inspect your website pages to ensure higher ranking on SERPs

Identify Sitewide SEO Errors

Identify Sitewide SEO Errors

Detect on-page, off-page, and technical SEO issues which harm your website

Improve Website Performance

Improve Website Performance

Get top-tier suggestions and recommendations about how to fix SEO errors


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ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool

Perform a Comprehensive SEO Analysis to Evaluate Your Website Performance Real Quick. Inspect your website with ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool to find every hidden SEO error in real-time. FInd out how many of your website elements are well-optimized and which parts of your website require quick modification.

Free Website SEO Audit By ETTVI Provides You With Insights into Real-time Website Quality. Gain incisive SEO data about how to improve your website’s search engine visibility and ranking. Specify your domain name to check your website performance score, domain name, website name, site-level issues, on-page errors, technical problems, and social media connectivity status.


Find and Fix SEO Issues to Improve Website Ranking With ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool Without Any Premium Subscription.

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool

How ETTVI Audits Your Website?

ETTVI’s Site Audit Crawler thoroughly browses through your website to provide you with insights into site-level and page-level SEO elements including:

➔ Website Preview

(homepage screenshot of the given website)

➔ Domain Name

(fully-qualified domain name (URL) of the given link)

➔ Website Name

(branded name of the respective website)

➔ Website Health Score

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool will measure the website SEO health score in percentage as follows:

  • Critical (0-49%)

  • Warning (50-80%)

  • Pass (81-100%)

➔ Site-level Issues

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool will analyze the following elements to check if they are well-optimized or not:


( Check if the website has a favicon which properly appears in the URL bar )

Safe Browsing

( Discover if the website is spam-free secure to browse for the worldwide users )

Custom 404 Page

( Look over if the website has a custom 404 page to display when a server error occurs )

Robots.txt File

( Examine if the website has a Robots.txt File to specify crawl instructions )

XML Sitemap

( Find out of the website has a XML Sitemap to help the crawler track its URLs with ease)

➔ On-page SEO

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool will analyze the structure of page headings, URL, and title to check if these are well-optimized or not. It will highlight the following information:

  • How many H1, H2, H3, H4, and H5 tags are there?

  • Whether the headings are optimized according to SEO algorithms?

  • What is the page URL?

  • What is the URL length?

  • Whether the URL length is ideal or not?

  • What is the website title?

  • What is the title length?

  • Whether the length of the website is acceptable for search engines or not?

➔ Technical SEO

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool will look into the following elements to provide you with insights into the technical SEO aspects of the website:

  • Server IP Address

  • Server Location

  • Server Service Provider

  • Iframe (make sure that the website doesn’t has an Iframe)

  • Broken Links (expose if the website has any broken links)

  • Internal and External Links (track their URLs along with dofollow/nofollow links)

➔ Website Loading Speed

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool will provide you with the details about the website page size, response time, and response rate as follows:

  • What is the page size?

  • Whether the website has an ideal page size or not?

  • What is the response time?

  • Whether the website has an enhanced response time or not?

  • What is the page speed?

  • Whether the page has a good loading speed or not?

  • How good is the page loading experience?

➔ Social Media Connect

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool will look for the social media accounts associated with the website to highlight whether it is connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How ETTVI Audits Your Website?

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Frequently Ask Questions

What Does ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool Do?

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool performs a quick and in-depth website analysis to provide you with insightful data about its site-level, on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements. It helps you to find SEO errors and tell you how to fix them in real-time.


How ETTVI’s Tool is Better than Other Site Audit Tools?

Unlike any other site audit tool, ETTVI’s tool is highly functional and efficient to analyze every aspect of a website which ensures an effective performance for enhanced user experience and higher SERPs rankings. It thoroughly assesses a website to check its performance score, domain name, website name, site-level issues, on-page errors, technical problems, and social media connectivity status.

What Does ETTVI’s Audit Tool Analyse?

ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool inspect the website’s favicon, safety standard, 404 custom page, robots.txt file, sitemap, heading structure, URL length, title length, dofollow/nofollow internal & external links, broken links, server IP address, server location, server service provider, iframe, page size, page speed, page loading experience, and response time.

What is Included in ETTVI’s Site Audit Report?

In short, ETTVI’s Site Audit Report includes:

  • Website Preview

  • Website Domain Name

  • Website Name

  • Website Performance Score

  • Site-level Issues

  • On-page Errors

  • Technical SEO Problems

  • Social Media Connectivity Status


Is ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool Free to Use?

Yes. ETTVI’s Site Audit Tool is a freemium SEO tool which all the webmasters can use without any subscription fee.

Frequently Ask Questions

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