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Create user-friendly slugs for your web page URLs to increase search engine visibility

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Slugify Your Keywords

Add target keywords in the slug to improve the usability of your URLs on SERPs

Add Attributes to Hyperlinks

Optimize URL Structure

Hyphenate the slugs and remove extra characters to configure well-structured URLs


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ETTVI’s Slug Generator

Generate keyword-enriched slug for any web page URL to enhance search engine visibility

ETTVI’s Slug Generator is innovatively developed to optimize URL structure.

Slugify keywords, titles, headings, and meta tags to create user-friendly URLs and increase click-through rates with ETTVI’s Online Slug Generator for free.

Leverage ETTVI’s powerful URL slugify technology to

  • arrowInclude target keywords in your slugs

  • arrowhyphenate your slugs

  • arrowseparate slug with underscores

  • arrowcreate slugs without stop words and numbers

ETTVI’s Free Online Slug Generator takes only a few seconds to generate well-optimized slugs for all types of web resources.

ETTVI’s Slug Generator
How to Use ETTVI’s Slug Generator?

How to Use ETTVI’s Slug Generator?

Follow these steps to generate SEO-friendly URL slugs:

STEP 1: Enter any of the following to generate a slug:

  • Keyword

  • 1st Heading

  • Article Title

  • Meta Tags

STEP 2: Specify to the slug generator whether you want your slug to be separated with hyphens or underscores.

Select one of the following options as required:

  • arrowSeparate with Hyphen (-)

  • arrowSeparate with Underscore (_)

STEP 3: If you don’t want to add stop words or numbers in your slug then select the following options as required:

  • arrowRemove Stop Words

  • arrowRemove Numbers

STEP 4: Click on “Generate Slug” to run Slug Generator Tool.

STEP 5: Following your command, ETTVI’s Slug Generator will slugify the given text and display the generated slug in the output box.


Why Use ETTVI’s Online Slug Generator?

Improve the Aesthetics & Usability of Your Links with ETTVI’s Advanced Tool!

The advanced AI System of ETTVI’s Url Slug Generator makes it efficient enough to generate an SEO-friendly slug for your web page or blog post with just one click.

Leverage ETTVI’s Slug Generator Online to:

  • arrowgenerate slug from title

  • arrowgenerate slug from text

  • arrowgenerate slug like wordpress

Either you enter the key phrase, title, meta tag or a part of the first heading (h1) of the article, ETTVI’s slug generator will instantly process it and provide you with the slug for your web page or blog post.

ETTVi’s Slug Generator works the best as per your requirements. Give instructions and get desired results with just a single click.

Use ETTVI’s URL Slug Generator Tool to Take Advantage of the Below-mentioned Remarkable Features:

Advanced AI System

With an advanced AI-system, ETTVI’s Url Slug Generator quickly understands the user intent to automatically generate URL slugs.

User-friendly Interface

The intuitive and usability enables the users to easily understand the functions of the tool and get desired results.

Quick Results

The ETTVI’s efficient Slug Generator takes up a few seconds to slugify your text and generate well-optimized URL slugs.

Free Access

Url Slug Generator allows people from all over the world to generate SEO-friendly slugs for free of cost.

Unlimited Usage

Enables the users to generate URL slugs regardless of any limit, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Why Use ETTVI’s Online Slug Generator?
Use ETTVI’s Slug Generator Tool to Optimize URLs

Use ETTVI’s Slug Generator Tool to Optimize URLs

Slug generation is the most crucial part of on-page SEO because this is what enables the search engine as well as the reader/viewer to identify a particular web page.

If you are a webmaster then you must understand the importance of Slug SEO. You should always opt for the best permalink structure.

Include the target keyword or highlight the post title in the slug to configure a well-optimized permalink (URL)

Well, manual creation of a URL slug can be hectic as it must be well-structured.

Try the easiest way to generate SEO-friendly slugs for your web pages - leverage ETTVI’s advanced Online Slug Generator to save yourself from tiring efforts.

All the Digital Marketers, SEO Experts, Online Sellers, Bloggers, and Content Creators can use ETTVI’s

URL Slug Generator to generate SEO-friendly URL slugs for any of the pages or posts of their website(s).

Get your hands on well-optimised slugs to add in the permalink of your web pages and web posts for free.

Stay put. Let us provide you with a comprehensive guide to slug generation and URL optimization.


A Comprehensive Guide to URL Slug SEO

ETTVI always tends to cater to the needs of its users. Therefore, we are here to tell you how you can create and optimize URL Slugs to drive organic traffic.

What is Slug in SEO?

Well-optimized URL slugs improves on-page SEO

The part of the URL that comes after the slash is what we call slug. It is generated to help both the user and search engines to particularly identify a web page or post.

For example, the URL of this web page is As you know that the is the main URL of this website, the part in the URL after the slash "on-page/slug-generator" is the slug of this webpage

You can have direct access to a web page or post by using the URL containing the slug of the respective web page or post.

Therefore, your URL slug must be well-structured and easy-to-remember.

Tip: Never forget to create slug for your web page URL because it contributes a lot to deliver a good user experience.

Now, let us help you to understand how the URL structure influences your website SEO. Keep reading to know all about URL Slugs in detail.

What is the URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. As the name says, it is used to locate a resource on the internet. In simple words, a URL is a web address which refers to a particular website or web page.

Every website, web page, and post has its own unique address - both the users and search engines locate and open a web resource through its URL.

What is URL Structure?

A URL may consists of protocol, subdomain, domain, top-level domain, subdirectory, Parameters, port, HTML anchors, path, and most importantly the slug.

If we anatomize the URL then we find out that it has:

  • arrowProtocol - https

  • arrowSubdomain - pro

  • arrowDomain - ettvi

  • arrowTop-level Domain - .com

  • arrowSlug - slug-generator

The most important element in this URL is the part that comes after the top-level-domain which we call the slug.

The slug part of enables both the users and search engines to understand that this web page contains a slug generator tool.

For instance, if it was written as “” then would you have understood it at first glance? No.

For a well-structured URL, you must:

  • arrowKeep it to-the-point & short

  • arrowInclude the focus keyword in slug

  • arrowLeverage the “https” security protocol

  • arrowAvoid using parameters

  • arrowUse the subdirectories appropriately

How to Optimize a URL?

URLs have a direct impact on user experience because the users click through only those links which are well-structured.

You know what - SEOs believe that users don’t open the URLs with complex and lengthy structure. Simply, the users always opt for the URLs which are easy-to-read and highlight the content intent.

Now, comes the question: how to make your URLs optimized enough to highlight the content intent in an easy way?

Let us tell you a secret - the best way to optimize a URL is to add a short, simple, and keyword-enriched slug in it.

How Optimize URL Slug?

Slug is an important part of a web page URL. The slug in URL indicates the subject matter of the content of a web page and helps the users to identify what the respective web page is about before opening it. Ultimately, the URL slug stimulates the users to click through a link.

If you don’t know how to configure well-optimized URLs then get a hold of these useful tips.

Guidelines For Slug SEO:
  • arrowAdd the target keyword

  • arrowKeep it short & simple

  • arrowMake it easy-to-read

  • arrowHighlight the content intent

  • arrowExclude stop words and numbers

  • arrowUse hyphens to separate words

How to Generate Optimized URL Slugs?

Thanks to AI technology, we can automatically generate well-optimized slugs for URLs.

Using the best slugify online tool such as the “Slug Generator”, the SEOs can easily generate URL slugs just as the search engine requires.

The advanced permalinks creators just ask the users to enter the focus keyword, 1st heading, title or any meta tag of the content for the automatic generation of well-optimized URL slugs.

You must know that the majority of the SEOs opt for WordPress because such a CMS makes it easy to create, optimize, and publish content on the web. However, those who don't rely on a CMS can still generate a slug like WordPress.

All you need is an advanced SEO slug generator for the automatic generation of optimized slugs and make a permanent room in the good books of search engines.

Why is URL Slug Important For SEO?

In the fewest possible words - URL slug is vital to SEO because it is important for users. The URLs with well-optimized slugs may not influence the web page ranking but definitely triggers the users to open and visit the respective web content.

When you keep your URL slug short, easy-to-read and keyword-enriched then it becomes easier for the users to understand the intent of your web content which in turn, makes them click on the URL and visit your website.

Always remember - whenever the users look for something on the search engine, they tend to open the web pages with well-optimized URL, title, and description.

You can use ETTVI’s advanced SEO Slug Generator to get well-optimized URL slugs for free of cost.

Is URL Slug and URL Path Same?

People think that the URL slug and URL path are the same. However, that’s not the case.

The URL path refers to a page’s exact location on a website. Whereas the URL slug indicates what a web page is about.

Well, URL slug can be a part of URL path.

Let’s consider an example.


URL Path: /tools/slug-generator/

URL Path: /tools/slug-generator/

URL Slug: /slug-generator/

What are the Best SEO Practices For URL Slugs?

The well-optimized URL Slugs are always Readable, Keyword-enriched, Lower-cased, and Hyphenated.

Let’s get a hold of the details of these SEO practices.

Prioritize Readability

Readable URL slugs are those which are easy-to-understand. It's the basic part of URL optimization - use simple words to create a short slug.

In a nutshell, the slug of a URL must consist of easy wording which highlights the content intent in a precise way.

Add Focus Keyword

When we say “a URL highlights the content intent” then we mean that it includes the focus keyword which helps the users to understand the subject matter of the respective web content.

Inclusion of the focus keyword is considered a major part of Slug SEO. You should add only one main keyword in the URL slug of your web page or post.

Use Lowercase Letters

You must use lowercases when creating the Slug because the rest of the URL is always in small letters as well.

Leverage Hyphens

SEOs tend to use both the hyphens and underscores to create URL slugs as follows:

Hyphenated Slug: slug-generator

Underscored Slug: slug_generator

However, SEOs should prefer hyphens to separate words in slugs.

What is the Difference Between Permalink and Slug?

The permalink can be defined as the address of a web page whereas the slug is a part of the address. In simple words, the permalink is the entire URL and slug is the part of the URL which comes after the top-level domain.

We can say that the slugs indicate the name and subject (focus keyword) of the web pages or posts in a user-friendly manner.

What is the Best Permalink Structure?

The best permalink structure is the one which consists of the post name and highlights the content intent.

Well, there are some other permalink structure tags available using which we can change the URL slugs. We can use year, month, day, hour, minute, second, post id, post name, category or author name tags to customize the URL slugs as required.

How Long Should a URL Slug Be?

The slug of your URL must be short and simple - SEOs recommend that the ideal URL slug length is at least 4-word long.

So, you should use three to five words to create a well-structured URL slug.

How to Slugify Your Keywords?

The best way to generate a URL slug is to slugify the focus keyword. You can use your focus keyword to create the slug of your web page’s URL. Keep in mind that the keyword in slug makes it easier for the visitors to apprehend the content intent.

A Comprehensive Guide to URL Slug SEO

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is the URL Slug?

The URL or permalink is the permanent web address of a web page whereas slug is a part of the URL that comes after the slash, and marks the specification of the respective web page.

The slug part indicates the subject or context of the content of the web page of the respective URL.

For example, the slug in the URL is “slug-generator/”. It means that this URL will lead you to the Slug Generator - The Best Slugify Tool.


Why is URL Slug important?

Slug SEO is very important because Google uses the slug of a URL as an indicator to identify the respective web page.

Moreover, using the URL slug of a web page, anyone can directly access the respective web page. In short, if you use the URL with the slug of the web page, you won't have to search through the entire website to access it.

What does ETTVI’s URL Slug Generator do?

ETTVI’s Slug Generator (Slugify Tool) enables you to generate SEO-friendly slugs for the URLs of your web pages as per your requirements.

Using ETTVI’s Slug Generator, you can generate slug separated with hyphens (-) as well as with underscores (_). You can also instruct the Slug Generator whether to include stop words and numbers in the slug or not.

Ultimately, ETTVI’s slug generator serves as a permalinks creator - make slug and add in your web page or blog post permalink.

How can I create the URL slug?

Follow these guidelines while creating the URL slug for a web page:

  • Include the Focus Keyword

  • Don’t Add Stop Word

  • Use Hyphen or Underscore to Separate the Words

  • Keep its Length Short

To save your time and efforts, you can use ETTVI’s Slug Generator Online to get an SEO-friendly slug for your web page within an instant. Or else, you can search through the internet to find a slug online generator.

Can I use The Slug Generator for free?

Yes. You can use ETTVI’s Bulk Slug Generator free of cost to generate credible and SEO-friendly slugs for your web page.


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