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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO are the actions taken on the technical end of a website. By technical end, it means a website which is trying to get ranking and making things improve. It increases the efficiency of Crawlers to understand the code efficiently. Consider it like the relationship development with your partner. When two families arrange a marriage, still, both partners see the compatibility which is their internal part. Their needs towards their partner is understood by him only. Therefore, search engines want to rank the websites having such qualities.

Technical SEO refers to the technicalities of a website, which must be followed to make the user experience better and help search engines gather information efficiently without any delays in the data collection procedure.

The technical aspects help give an organized structure to a website by following the practical regularities needed to gain the top position in SERPs. This can be done if the website is secure, super-fast, user-friendly, and has structured content, which will further help to work according to search engine limitations.

Technical SEO ensures all the necessary elements that may help to rank a website with improved organic ranking, we will discuss how these elements work and give results.

How Technical SEO helps to rank data:

Technical SEO is a part of on-page seo which helps to arrange data in a structured way which later helps the crawler to fetch the information and then it provides this info to the indexer to organize the data and finally it is shifted to the ranker to rank the data according to the search intent of the user.

The ranking of a website depends on the rules that must be followed to rank a website and provide users with the best results without any delay and errors.

Now we will take into account what characteristics must be fulfilled to rank a website in the top position by following the technical seo techniques.

Technical SEO Features:

Several features are important to consider while explaining technical seo, these features have high importance when you are planning to have your own website or want to see it in top position by following the white hat techniques without any flaws in developing content.

  • ➔ Applying SSL.
  • ➔ Maintaining website Speed.
  • ➔ Mobile adaptive.
  • ➔ Avoiding content duplicity.
  • Creating Sitemaps.
  • ➔ Developing Schemas.
  • ➔ Robot.txt creation.
  • ➔ Adding Google search console.

Let’s move toward the technical tools that can be used by webmasters or seo specialists to design their content according to the various number of tools which help them to overcome all the difficulties which one can face while fulfilling the technical requirements of a website.

ETTVI has provided the best solution under one roof. It’s like one big server that can manage several no. of hostings at a time effectively and efficiently.

Now we will start discussing all these tools one by one which can help a webmaster to overcome the technicalities faced in SEO.

Website Speed Checker

Website speed is a big factor to engage users with the content or website. I f the speed is greater than the limitation then it can easily get ranking as page speed is one of the ranking factors of google and it can make a respective place in the eyes of google.

Ettvi’s speed checker tool is easily used; the user just has to add their website URL and region in the given space after clicking the test button the mobile and desktop speed of a website will be shown with their respective percentage.

The website speed is considered good for mobile if it’s between 90-100 and for desktop, it’s good if it’s between 80-100.

Canonical Tag Generator

Canonical tag generator helps to prevent the website from duplicity which means if similar data appeared in some pages it helps to recognize the google which URL will be displayed in search results, diplomacy is challenging if we consider it regarding website content because it may affect the uniqueness of content if a canonical tag is not used.

Using Ettvi’s canonical tag generator you can generate canonical tags for several URLs separating them by commas, generate an optimized canonical tag for website URLs, quickly generate results with accuracy.

Robot.txt generator

The Robot.txt generator helps to generate the robot.txt code which instructs crawlers whether to visit this URL or not. Just add the URL you want to add to robot.txt then it will automatically generate the robot.txt file.

Many other tools are a part of technical SEO tools which have different functionalities according to the website technicalities.

Why ETTVI’s Technical tools are better than small SEO tools

ETTVI’s technical tools have covered almost all tools that one can use in SEO techniques for technical factors to rank a website, the results generated from these tools are accurate and efficient without any error.

It provides results to solve technical problems one can face while optimizing their website content on a technical SEO basis. It gives a static structure to a website by covering data collection to the display of content.

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