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Extract Text From Images With ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online that Use Real-time Optical Character Recognition Technology to Provide you Quick Results.

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Image to Text Converter Features

AI-Powered Text Extraction

AI-Powered Text Extraction

Uses online OCR technology to extract text from images.

Multiple Format Support

Multiple Format Support

Processes all image formats to extract and download text as a document file

Multilingual Text Recognition

Multilingual Text Recognition

Identifies and extracts text written in more than 20+ languages


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ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online

A must-have tool for students, researchers, bankers, and writers!

Using the Online OCR Technology, ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online extracts the image text to make it editable and searchable - digitize textbooks, newspapers, logbooks, and class notes.

The multilingual text recognition feature enables the ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter to identify and extract all types of languages whereas the multiple format support feature allows the processing of all image formats including PNG and JPEG. The users can easily save the extracted text in any document format e.g. TXT - just the way required.

Just upload the document image and select the language to enable this advanced tool to extract and save the image text.


ETTVI’s advanced Image to Text Converter Online helps the users to:

  • convert hand-written documents into machine-readable data

  • fetch text from posters, banners, and infographics

  • download editable text in any format

Anyone can convert images into text using our online free OCR tool - process scanned documents, screenshots of web pages, or social media posts and copy text from image.

A Useful Corpus Tool!

ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online enables linguistic researchers to develop corpora for quick language analysis. It easily processes the image-based data to convert it into machine-readable corpus material - a reliable and structured language resource.

Leverage this easy-to-use corpus tool to collect multilingual corpora for a computer-based empirical annotation, abstraction, and analysis of language in real-time. You can copy text from image in no time with Photo to Text Converter Tool.

ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online

How to Copy Text From Image?

Follow these steps to copy text from image with ETTVI’s Photo to Text Tool:

STEP 1 - Upload Image

Upload an image from your system as follows:


STEP 2 - Select Language

Specify the language of the image text as follows:


STEP 3 - Run the Tool

Run ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online for data extraction as follows:


STEP 4 - Check Results

ETTVI’s free online OCR tool will process the given image to extract the data and display it in the “Result” section as follows:


STEP 5 - Save Results

Now, you can copy text from image or save it in your system by clicking on “Download” button.

How to Copy Text From Image?

Why Use ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online?

ETTVI has made the digitization of handwritten documents easier than ever! Just take the picture of the document and process it through ETTVI’s Online OCR to convert it into a machine-readable form.

ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter or Online OCR offers:

Multiple Format Support

The users can upload images in png, jpg, or jpeg format to copy text from image or save it as a docx file on their computer or mobile system. The user-friendly interface of ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online makes it easier to process images and copy text from image.

Multi-language Support

ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter uses its built-in multilingual text recognition technology for the accurate apprehension of the language in which the image data has been written. ETTVI’s Free Online OCR Tool can identify and extract text in almost all languages including English, Korean, French, Germanic, and Chinese.

Accuracy & Authenticity

Designed and developed with absolute profundity. ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online convert image to text and provides you in required format. Its Online OCR technology makes sure that the users can easily extract the written data from both high and low-resolution images.

One-click Downloading

ETTVI’s Online OCR provides the convenience to store the extracted text in the connected device. With just one click, it downloads the results as a document file. The users can easily find and copy text from image or use the download button to save the data extracted from the given image whenever and however required.

Privacy Protection

ETTVI’s Picture to Text Converter Tool ensures the security of user data. It neither stores nor shares the given data with anyone. The users can entrust this advanced tool to extract text from any image as it immediately deletes the user data from its database after the completion of the task.

All-device Compatibility

ETTVI’s Free OCR tool is accessible from all computer devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. So, you can copy text from image in any device like mobile, iphone, and laptop.

Free Unlimited Access

ETTVI enables its users to use the advanced Image to Text Converter Online for free of cost. People from all around the world can leverage this tool to convert image to text regardless of any limit.

What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology enables the extraction of text from images. If you have written data in the form of images then you can use an Online OCR-based tool to convert the JPG/JPEG format into TXT format.

Online OCR has made data processing easier. If the data is in image form e.g. JPG, PNG format then the OCR technology helps you to copy text from image.

Types of OCR Technology

There are four different types of OCR technology which includes:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

  • Optical Word Recognition (OWR)

  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

  • Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR)


OCR-based tools analyze the given scanned page or image to recognize groups of characters (words) written on it. The OCR database (dictionary) enables the tool to identify the characters and words. Once the words are identified, it translates the image data into editable text format.

Keep in mind that the accuracy of extracted text depends on various factors including:

  • Performance of OCR Tool

  • Image Quality (resolution)

  • Fonts (size, type, and style)

  • Scanned Page Background

  • Text Layout

  • Language (type and script)


OCR engines have been developed into a wide range of domain-specific OCR softwares. In short, the OCR Technology can be used for:

  • Data Entry

  • Automatic Number Plate Identification

  • Passport Identification

  • Automatic Information Extraction from Insurance Documents

    Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Business Card Information Extraction (into a contact list)

  • Book Scanning (to make printed documents editable and searchable)

  • Corpora Collection

  • Moreover, OCR-based tools helps to:

  • Digitize Handwritten Documents (pen computing)

  • Validate CAPTCHA Anti-bot Systems

  • Assist Visually Impaired Computer Users

Why Use ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online?

Frequently Ask Questions

How Can I Convert an Image to Text?

To convert an image to text format, all you need to do is use ETTVI’s Photo to Text Conveter that automatically extracts data from the image and saves it in text format as per the given instructions. Just upload the image and click on convert to get image data in document format.


What are the features of ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online?

The features of ETTVI’s Picture to Text Converter includes:

  • Advanced OCR Technology

  • Efficiency

  • Accuracy

  • Multilingual Text Recognition

  • Multiple Format Support

  • Data Protection

  • Free Access

  • Unlimited Usage

How does ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter work?

ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter Online uses advanced OCR technology to extract data from images and convert it to text format which can be edited and compactly stored in computer devices.

Does ETTVI ensure the protection of my data?

Yes. ETTVI ensures the privacy and security of user data. Once the user is done converting your image content to text format, it automatically deletes the given data files from its database.


Can I use the Image to Text Converter for free?

Yes. You can use ETTVI’s Image to Text Converter for free and copy text from image.

How to Convert Image to Text in Mobile?

Like any other device, you need to visit ETTVI’s Photo to Text Converter tool in your mobile device and upload a specific image into the tool. Then, this advanced tool will convert the image to text for you. Then, you can copy it or download it by clicking on “Download” button.

Frequently Ask Questions

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