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Character Counter Tool Features

Counter With or Without Space

Counter With or Without Space

ETTVI's Character Counter Tool calculates the total count of characters with and without space.

Free Online Text Editor

Free Online Text Editor

Text Editor allows you to edit your content styling, heading structure, list, tables, etc.

Count Character by URL

Count Character by URL

Count Characters of any specific page by URL with ETTVI's Character Counter Online.


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What is a Character Counter?

ETTVI's Character Counter Online is a free tool that lets users measure the amount of characters or letters in their content and make it possible to not exceed the limit.

In this digital era, it is imperative to ensure quality along with the quantity of the data used on any platform. Take advantage of this efficient tool to remove the hassle of counting characters - with or without spaces.

Our Character Counter Online works amazingly for writers in their jobs. This tool allows writers to calculate the number of characters in their content - So they can have a good idea of how much content they have written and how much is left.

To count characters of your content, just copy and paste your content into ETTVI's Character Counter Online and click on the "Count" button. This tool provides your desired results in the speed of lighting. You can also count characters by just pasting the URL of a specific web page in the Text Character Counter Tool.

What is a Character Counter?

How to Count Characters Online with ETTVI's Character Counter Tool?

To create a perfect ad, description, bio, or whatever the reason to count characters, ETTVI's Character Counter Online will help you to count characters easily.

Following these steps to count letters present in your content:

STEP 1 - Enter Domain Name


To manually count the total number of characters in your content, simply copy your content from your document or any online web page and paste it into the text editor of ETTVI's Letter Counter Tool.

Count Characters By URL:

Copy the URL of any specific page whose you want to calculate the characters and paste it into the input field of the Character Counter Tool.

STEP 2 - Run Character Counter Online

After providing the content, click on the "Count" button to run the Character Counter tool.

STEP 3 - Check Results

Now, ETTVI's Character Counter Tool will process the given data and provide your desired results.

Why Use ETTVI's Character Counter Online?

ETTVI's vetted team always tries to provide the best solution to their users for free. ETTVI's Character Counter is one of them - Here are some top features why should you use ETTVI's Character Counter Tool:

One-Click Results:

ETTVI's Character Counter Online is a user-friendly tool that allows users to count the characters of their content in just a click. You just need to paste your content into the Character Counter and click to get your results.

Free and Easy to Use:

ETTVI does not charge a single penny on the usage of the Character Counter Tool. You can use ETTVI's Character Counter Tool to measure the amount of characters present in your content for free.

User-Friendly Interface:

ETTIV's Character Counter Tool provides a great experience to its users that make it a user-friendly tool. You don't need to sign up or install any additional app to get the results - Just paste your content, and you are one click away from your desired results.

An Efficient Text Editor:

ETTVI's Character Counter Online not only allows you to count characters but also provides a text editor box that will help you in different ways like:

  • Headings
  • Styling & Format
  • Links
  • List & Tables
  • And Many More

Word Counter

Another option in Character Counter is Word Counter. This option allows you to quickly check the word count of your content completely for free. After checking the character count of your content, if you want to check word count - Click on the "Word Count" button, and it will automatically fetch your content to the word counter tool and show you the results. You don't need to paste your content twice.

Different Platforms Character Limit

Meta Tags Character Limit


60 Characters

Meta Description

160 Characters

Facebook Characters Limit

Facebook Post

63,206 Characters

Facebook Text & Video Ad Text

90 Characters

Facebook Text & Video Ad Headline

25 Characters

Facebook Text & Video Ad Link Description

30 Characters

Facebook Image Ad Text

90 Characters

Facebook Image Ad Headline

40 Characters

Facebook Image Ad Link Description

20 Characters

Facebook Canvas Ad Body Text

500 Characters

Facebook Collection Ad Headline

25 Characters

Twitter Characters Limit


280 Characters

Twitter DM

10,000 Characters

Twitter Profile Name

20 Characters

Instagram Characters Limit

Instagram Caption

2,200 Characters

Instagram Bio

150 Characters

Instagram Username

30 Characters

Youtube Characters Limit

YouTube Video Title

70 Characters

YouTube Video Description 

5000 Characters

YouTube Playlist Title

60 Characters

How to Count Characters Online with ETTVI's Character Counter Tool?

For What Purpose Character Counter Can be Used?

In Academic Material Character Counter can be an ideal tool for students to check the characters of their essays or assignments. In most cases, teachers use word counter tools to check the length of assignments, but that is no match for new generation students. Students start cheating the system by adding extra spaces or manipulating the font styling. Thanks to ETTVI's Character tool online, students can't cheat the system now.

Profile Creation

In profile creation or updation, the problem that everyone goes through is the characters' limit. Every platform has a character limit for the profile description or bio, and we need to follow that in order to create a profile on those platforms. Characters Counter can help you in this case and make sure that you did not exceed the limit. So, you don't find any difficulty while creating a profile or profile updation.

Ads Copy Creation

In this digital era, ads play an important role in digital marketing. There is a character limit on the title and description of social media ads or Google ads. This Character Counter can also help Digital Marketers to measure the length of their ad writing and take care of limits in order to create the perfect ad that converts.

For What Purpose Character Counter Can be Used?

Frequently Ask Questions

How to Count Characters Online?

To count characters online, use ETTVI's Character Counter Tool. This tool allows you to calculate the exact amount of characters of your content in the blink of an eye for free. Additionally, it also provides your character count with and without space.

Follow these simple steps to coin characters online:

  1. Visit ETTVI's Character Counter Online

  2. Paste the content or URL of a specific web page in the input field

  3. Click on the "Count" button

  4. Enjoy the results


Do Character Counters include Spaces?

Yes, most online character counters include spaces, but ETTVI's Character Counter is different; it will provide you character with spaces as well as without spaces.

Can I Count Characters of a Specific Web Page with URL?

Yes, by using ETTVI's Online Character Counter, you can count characters by just entering the URL of any specific web page.

How to Count Characters in Word?

Follow these steps to count characters in Microsoft Word:

  1. First, open the document that you want to count characters.
  2. Then, click on the "Review" tab and click on "Word Count."
  3. A pop-up will appear and provide you characters count.

Is ETTVI's Online Characters Counter Free?

Yes, ETTVI's Character Counter is a free tool that does not charge anything to users. You can use this tool for free.

Frequently Ask Questions

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