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Improved Functionality

Improved Functionality

Thoroughly analyze a website pages to track and highlight the indexed URLs

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Accurate Results

Effectively assess the indexing status of a website pages to measure its indexed links

Free Access

Free Access

Measure and examine the indexed pages of a website without any subscription charges

ETTVI’s Google Index Checker

Find out if the search engine crawler has indexed all of your website links or not. Track the indexed links of a website with ETTVI’s Google Index Checker to make sure that every URL has been properly crawled and stored in the Google database.

Specify any domain name to conduct a quick indexing test. Developed on a high-performance fetching algorithm, ETTVI’s Google Index Checker will check the indexing status of each web page of the respective website. It will accordingly measure and highlight the total number of indexed URLs.

Get to know how many pages of a website have been indexed with ETTVI’s Google Index Checker - for free of cost.

ETTVI’s Google Index Checker
How to Use ETTVI’s Google Index Checker?

How to Use ETTVI’s Google Index Checker?

Follow these simple steps to calculate any website’s indexed pages:

STEP 1 - Enter Domain Name

Specify the link of the website whose indexed pages you would like to check.

STEP 2 - Run the Tool

Click on “Check” to run ETTVI’s Google Index Checker.

STEP 3 - Check Results

ETTVI’s Google Index Checker will analyze the website to calculate and display the number of its indexed pages.

Why Use ETTVI’s Google Index Checker?

Google Indexing is the process of discovering new pages, crawling them and indexing them to Google Search Engine and allows webmasters to gain organic traffic. In this process, Google first crawl your page and index it if you do not violate any of Google policy like plagiarized content, keyword stuffing or any other black hat technique.

Once your page gets indexed in Google then Google will decide what ranking you deserve according to your quality of content, on-page and off-page seo. If your content is not qualitative then you may receive low ranking or may not receive any ranking. So, your content quality is very important for indexing and ranking.

How do I know if my page is indexed in Google or not? This is the most common question - The answer is: you need to use a Google Index Checker Tool like ETTVI’s. ETTVI’s Google Index Checker allows you to check if your page is indexed in Google or not. It will generate the desired results with ensured accuracy and efficiency

Why Use ETTVI’s Google Index Checker?
Everything to Know About Google Indexing

Everything to Know About Google Indexing

There are millions of websites on the internet, and the Google Index is a vast collection of those websites. This data is collected by the Google Bot, which is built into the Google index. Google Bot is a crawler that crawls over websites continuously in order to gather data and rank them.

Every website on the Internet is crawled by the Crawler, but not every site on the Internet is indexed by Google. Google's crawler includes a web page or a website in the index based on approximately 200 ranking factors. The ranking and indexing of our website is determined by only a few elements that we know and understand, so you don't need to worry about how to index a website in Google. Off-page optimization and on-page optimization are two of these factors.

Optimization of the On-page Content

In order to have a website included in Google's Indexation process, On-page optimization is critical. It is a good idea to have meta descriptions, titles, H1 tags, alternative tags, H2 tags, as well as a hyperlink to an external or internal website. It is important that all elements of your On-page optimization contain context-related keywords that are organically woven into the content, not stuffed unnecessarily.

Crawlers are crawled by the Google Bots and are scanned for related keywords while they are crawling these elements. The site will be added to Google's index if it finds all the keywords on the crawled site are relevant. The Crawler will not add your site to the Google index if the keywords do not make sense or are unnecessarily stuffed into the pages. Furthermore, black hat optimization will penalize your website instead.

Optimization of Off-page Elements

Link building is the main part of off-page optimization. It will take time for Google to crawl and add your website to their index if you have just launched your website. Therefore, you need to generate the authority of your domain and increase its visibility online. Your domain will rank higher in the SERPs when it finally gets indexed when it finally gets indexed.

How would you determine whether your website has been indexed by Google if you have followed all SEO strategies and optimized your content with keyword-rich content? Don't worry about it. The Google Index Checker tool by ETTVI provides the ability to conduct a Google Index test and determine the index status of your domain. Furthermore, our Index Checker will provide you with information on the Google Index Number.

How Google Indexes Websites?

There is a common question that people ask: 'How does Google index my website’? This is something that can be answered in one sentence. An advanced algorithm is used by Google Crawler to scan over your title tag, H1 tag, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal linking structure, and incoming links. As part of the crawler's analysis, it considers the positioning of relevant keywords in the meta tags.

Apart from that, if you want, you can include a Robots.txt file on your website that will prevent specific pages of your website from being indexed.

What are the benefits of using Google Index Checker?

Google indexing a website can help webmasters gain organic traffic since it helps a site to get indexed in Google. Using this Google indexed pages checker, you will receive an indication of the pages that haven't been indexed yet by Google search engine.

There is a lot of analysis that goes into the creation of each and every website that goes live on the web, including Google. Apparently, it is responsible for visiting all the websites available on the internet at certain times and scrutinizing them. A Google index checker tool that you can use to verify if all of your web pages have been indexed by Google can be very helpful for testing whether any new pages you have added to your website have been indexed. What really matters is not how many pages your web-site has; what matters is the number of pages that have been indexed by Google.

Sometimes Google will choose to ignore large websites that contain hundreds of pages and will introduce smaller sites with only a handful of pages instead. The reason for this is that Google evaluates a website's text and links as well as its traffic, to determine which websites rank higher. The indexing of good sites will generally be based on their content that appeals to a broad range of site visitors and that have links that appeal to a large number of site visitors.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Google Index Checker?

Google Index Checker is a simple but powerful SEO tool that tells you if your page is indexed or not.

How can I tell if my Site is indexed?

You need to check the indexing status of your website with the Online Google Index Checker Tool. As ETTVI’s Google Index Checker is the best tool among others - You can use ETTVI’s Google Index Checker. It's easy to use - You just need to enter the url of your website and hit enter.

Is ETTVI’s Google Index Checker a free tool?

Yes, ETTVI’s Google Index Checker is a free tool that allows you to check the index status of any site.

How long does it take to index a site on Google?

No one knows how much time Google takes to index a website. Normally it takes 1-14 days but it all depends on your content quality and authority of your website.

How can I improve Google Indexing?

You can improve Google indexing by these following ways:

  • Add an XML Site to the Site (If you don’t have a sitemap, you can create a sitemap with XML Sitemap Generator Tool.)

  • Disallow Extra and Unnecessary Pages

  • Social Media Signal

  • Backlinks

  • Powerful Internal Linking


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