How to Get the History of a Domain?

According to some recent research, over 341.7 million domain names are registered till now and the number is drastically increasing with an increase in internet users & businesses shifting online.

Registering a domain name is the first step to starting an online business – that gives a brand identity over the internet.

What is a domain name?
It’s a name that internet surfers use to find and browse your website. For example, in “ETTVI” is the domain name.

Mostly, we always look for a new domain that has been never used but there are some cases when opting for the old or expired domain is more beneficial (maybe to boost SEO efforts). Expired domains come with a lot of SEO benefits as Domain Age is a ranking factor to rank sites on SERPs. Moreover, such domains are already crawled by Google and can help in easy and fast ranking.

But —- There is always a dark side and so does with expired domains.

Before buying such domains it's important to see its history to find out its reputation on Google and see if such sites are into any black history — So, it's better to check your domain for history.

What is Domain History?

Domain history refers to the data record about any domain i.e. when it was registered first, owner details, address, and other related information.

Easiest Ways to Check History of a Domain:

1- ETTVI’s Domain WHO IS Checker

A free tool that can help you to discover WHOIS details of your domain quickly! It can help you to find a domain’s IP Address, IP Location, ASN, IP History, Register History, and SEO Score.

Moreover, it will also allow you to track the relevant domain names that are relevant to the added domain.

2- Way Back Machine

It works like a time machine of the internet that will take you to the history of the specific domain of your selected date and display to you how the site looked at that time. It's also a free tool and can help you to determine whether to buy a domain or not.


Another free tool to check the history of a domain is which gives you all related information including the name of the web service provider.

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