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Add Photo Filters

Add Photo Filters

Add an appealing touch to the images with Greyscale, Threshold, and SEPIA filters

Enhance Image Quality

Enhance Image Quality

Set the image quality to the highest resolution without increasing the file size

Rotate Images

Rotate Images

Turn the image to right or left direction to change its orientation

Resize Images

Resize Images

Change the height or width to rescale the image without losing quality

Rotate Images

One-click Download

Save the optimized images in the connected device with a single click


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ETTVI’s Image Optimizer

Enhance Image Quality to Increase Search Engine Visibility

Make sure that your content images stand out on both SERPs and Social Media. Improve the appearance and quality of web-based visual content including product images, posters, and banners.

Bring the best out of this visuals-driven world with ETTVI’s Image Optimizer - edit the images to get high-definition quality without overloading file size.

Apply Photo Filters and Effects For an Artistic Look

Adjust colors, saturation, or light exposure to make your images unique and appealing. Add aesthetic filters and effects to your images with ETTVI’s Image Optimizer. Varnish your images with black-and-white or reddish-brown colors to sprinkle the antique and vintage vibes.

Apply grayscale, threshold, or sepia-toned colors to subdued images to knock off some spark and shine.

Rescale the Image Files to Make Sure that Your Web Pages Load Faster

Reduce or increase the image size and shape, ETTVI’s Image Optimizer has got you all covered. Integrated with the most effective image compression algorithms, ETTVI’s Image Optimizer automatically reduces the image file size without losing quality. The smaller the image size, the faster the website loads.

Resize the content images to ensure an enhanced user experience and rank your website higher on search engines.

Flip the Image to Recompose the Scenery

Change the orientation or create the mirror-reversal of an image to rewrite its story and add a unique touch. Reshape the scenery with a simple flip or left/right rotation.

Turn the image upside down or move its direction to clockwise or counterclockwise with ETTVI’s Image Optimizer.

ETTVI’s Image Optimizer
How to Use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer?

How to Use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer?

Upload Image

Click on to upload the image from the connected device system.

Add Filters

ETTVI’s Image Optimizer enables the users to add photo filters including Greyscale, Threshold, and SEPIA.


Choose a filter and then click on optimize to apply it.


Leveraging the following functionality, the users can easily rotate the image to the x or y-axis ( horizontally and vertically, respectively).


Click on for vertical rotation or click on for horizontal rotation. Don’t forget to click on to apply it.

Customize Size

To resize the image, the users can manually add the required measurements.

Enter the required height and width in these sections accordingly and then

click on optimize to apply the changes.

Enhance Quality The users can change the image quality to “high” or “low” just as required. imgOptimizer

Select one of these and then click on Optimize to apply the changes.

Download Image

The users can easily click on Download to save the optimized image in the computer system.


Why Use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer?

An ultimate solution for quick image optimization!

Improve User Experience and Website SEO Score with advanced-level Image Editing Capabilities. Leverage ETTVI’s Image Optimizer for the complete optimization of images for free of cost. Modify the color, shape, orientation, size, and resolution of any image just the way you require in real-time.


Ensuring an enhanced user experience, ETTVI’s Image Optimizer provides the most effective way to make the images unique, stylish, and appealing.ETTVI’s Image Optimizer enables the webmasters to search-engine-optimize the images - SEO Experts, Digital Marketers, Online Sellers, and Bloggers can easily:

  • Alter Image Color

  • Compress Image Size

  • Enlarge Images

  • Improve Image Resolution

  • Change Image Direction

This intuitive tool surely knows how to optimize the images with absolute accuracy and efficiency.

Use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer for A Quick Image SEO!

Digital Marketers - Make the web content images and graphics unique to avoid copyright infringement

Online Sellers - Add captivating filters, resize the images, and enhance the quality of product images

App Developers - Enhance the image quality to incorporate captivating visuals in the apps' data

Bloggers - Enhance the image color, size, and quality to rank the content higher on the SERPs

Why Use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer?
Beginner’s Guide to Image Optimization

Beginner’s Guide to Image Optimization

You must know that captivating images with high-quality resolution serves the best to spread brand awareness and promote services, products, and businesses on the internet. However, what you may not know or tend to neglect is that the images we display in the web content must be optimized. But why and how?

Read this guide to know why optimization is important for SEO and how you can do it.

Image Optimization

For a novice, image optimization is all about enhancing the quality in terms of appearance. However, for an SEO expert, image optimization refers to the method which is used to make an image seo-friendly by compressing its file size. Well, there’s a lot more to what we call the search-engine-optimization of images.


Image SEO

There are certain rules and techniques used to optimize the images from the SEO perspective. The factors that involve image optimization include:

  • Originality

The web content images must be original or at least plagiarism-free. You can change the color, size, orientation or background of the image to keep it unique.

  • File Name

The target keyword should be used as the name of the image file so that the search engine can easily identify it. Always use hyphens for spacing e.g. image-optimizer.

  • File Format

Keep in mind that choosing the right format is an important part of image SEO. The image formats which search engines support include JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP. Go for the WebP format for high-quality results with a smaller file size.

  • Image Size

The image file size must be compressed (small) so that it doesn’t affect the website speed. For instance, a featured image should measure 550 x 370 pixels. Moreover, if required then the image can either the cropped or enlarged as well.

  • Alt Text

The target keywords must be added as the Alt Text in the image. This helps the search engine to know what this image is about. Moreover, in case, the image doesn’t load then the users can read the alt text to understand its intent.

  • Caption

The important information about the image should be highlighted in the form of the caption. This serves the best to engage the readers and provide the useful information in a concise way.


Optimize Images to Avoid Copyright Infringement

Uniqueness and Originality matters the most when uploading an image on the web because the search engine has restricted the use of plagiarized or duplicate content. In case, you can not afford to use new pictures to showcase your products, services or any other type of web content then you can simply collect relevant images from different web resources and optimize them. In other words, all the web content images must be optimized to avoid copyright infringement.

You can use any of the following ways to make the images unique:

  • Add Photo Filters and Effects

  • Change Background

  • Resize (crop/enlarge)

  • Flip

  • Rotate


Optimize Images to Increase Site Speed

Never take your users for granted if you want to rank higher on SERPs. Confused? Okay, let us make it simple. You must know that site speed is one of the crucial aspects of user experience. However, the high-resolution images having large file sizes tend to slow a website’s loading speed.

In order to make sure that a website loads faster, you must optimize the images. But how? It's simple! You are required to compress the image file size so that when you upload it to be displayed on your website, it doesn’t affect the site speed.

Never forget to reduce the image file size before uploading it on a website!

PRO Tip: Use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer to make the web content images unique and compressed without losing quality.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What Does ETTVI’s Image Optimizer Do?

ETTVI’s Image Optimizer, integrated with advanced photo optimization techniques enables you to:

  • Remove the Image Background

  • Add Filters

  • Rotate the Image

  • Enhance the Image Quality

  • Search Engine Optimize the Image

Our Image Optimizer allows you to add filters in the image; remove the image background; rotate the image, and enhance the quality of the image with just one click.


What makes ETTVI’s Image Optimizer Best?

ETTV’s Image Optimizer automatically enhances the quality of your images, especially from the SEO perspective.

Have a look below to know what makes the ETTVI’s Image Optimizer best:

  • Background Removal

  • Filter Addition

  • Image Rotation

  • Quality Enhancement

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • User-friendly Interface

  • Advanced AI System (Automated)

  • Quick Results

  • Free Access

  • Unlimited Usage

Our Image Optimization tool is equipped with all of the advanced features to completely optimize the given images with just one click.

How does ETTVI’s Image Optimizer do the SEO of images?

Uniqueness and originality matter the most when uploading an image on a web page. Therefore, you can use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer to make your images unique in the best way possible.

Our image optimizer is an innovative tool that is developed to do the SEO of the images in terms of its quality maintenance, enhancement.

You can use our image optimization tool to enhance the quality of the image, change the background, add a filter or flip it, and do the complete SEO of your images.

Who can use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer?

Well, anyone can use ETTVI’s Image Optimizer. However, our Image Optimizer comes in handy for those who are:

  • Digital Marketers

  • SEO Experts

  • Online Sellers

  • Bloggers

  • Freelancers

  • Content Writers

  • Photographers


Does ETTVI charge any subscription fee to use the Image Optimizer?

No. ETTVI doesn’t charge any subscription fee. Regardless of any limit, ETTVI gives you free access to use its Image Optimizer.

Frequently Ask Questions

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