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Custom Link Generator

Custom Link Generator

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Bulk URL Shortener

Customize and shorten multiple URLs at a time

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Advanced Link Management

Track the URL impressions, clicks, CTRs, location & refers


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ETTVI’s URL Shortener

The easiest way to create, manage, and track short links!

Generate short links to any web page or social media post to track the source of incoming traffic and target your focus keywords to optimize the URL structure - Do it all in a flash!

Use ETTVI’s short link generator to create short URLs in bulk and track their analytics - check how many times your short links have been viewed, clicked, and shared.

ETTVI’s URL Shortener is an advanced SEO tool developed to:

  • arrowShorten a Link

  • arrowShorten the URLs in bulk

  • arrowCustomize the URLs

  • arrowTrack URL Analytics

Leverage the in-built URL tracker to get insights into short link engagement: track Impressions, Clicks, CTRs, Locations, and References of your branded links.

ETTVI’s URL Shortener Features

Connect with ETTVI’s Short URL Generator to take advantage of:

Advanced URL Shortening

ETTVI’s URL Shortener enables you to create SEO-friendly short links. You can easily convert URLs into simple, short, and keyword-enriched alphanumeric codes.

ETTVI’s URL Shortener comes up with three advanced modes:

  • arrowUse the One-click URL Shortener to shorten a URL without customization

  • arrowUse the Custom URL Shortener to create keyword-enriched short links (branded links)

  • arrowUse the URL Tracker to manage and track your short links

Customized Link Branding

ETTVI’s Custom URL Shortener serves as the custom link changer in order to create short branded links. Just enter a URL and highlight your focus keyword to generate a brand-oriented short link.

Marketers can easily reinforce brand awareness by creating keyword-enriched short links because users tend to click through the links which are easy to read and built around a brand.

URL Analytics Tracking

ETTVI’s short link analyzer enables you to track the impressions, clicks, click-through rates, traffic source, and references of your short links.

Link tracking serves the best when the marketers are required to track the performance of their marketing campaigns. They can easily shorten and monitor their links to know how many times and from where their web content has been viewed, clicked, and referred.

BOTTOM LINE - ETTVI’s short URL maker creates user-friendly short links without any limit and enables you to track their performance for free of cost!

ETTVI’s URL Shortener

How to Shorten URLs With ETTVI’s Advanced Tool?

Read this section thoroughly to know how you can shorten URLs using ETTVI’s Free URL Shortener.

One-Click URL Shortener

Follow these steps to get the short URL of any web page, instantly.

  • arrowEnter the URL of your web page in the search bar

  • arrowPress the “Short URL” button to run the tool

Once you click the Short URL button, the tool will automatically display the results as follows:

  • arrowSite Title

  • arrowURL

  • arrowShort URL

Click on Copy to copy the results.

Custom URL Shortener

Follow these steps to use ETTVI’s free custom URL shortener and customize the URL of any web page by adding a keyword:

  • arrowPress the “Custom URL” tab

  • arrowEnter the URL of your web page in the search bar

  • arrowEnter your keyword

  • arrowPress the “Enter” key

Once you press the Enter key from your keyboard, the tool will run, and display the results as follows:

  • arrowSite Title

  • arrowURL

  • arrowShort URL

Click on to copy the results.

Bulk URL Shortener

Follow these steps to shorten the URLs in bulk at a single command.

STEP 1 "Open Bulk URL Shortener"

Press the Bulk_url to open the Shortner that shortens the URLs in bulk

STEP 2 "Enter URLs in Bulk"

Use any of the following ways to add URLs in bulk:

  • arrowPaste the URLs in the text box

  • arrowClick on Excel to add URLs via the Excel Spreadsheet

  • arrowClick the Google_Drive to upload a file from your Google Drive

Once you are done adding the URLs in bulk, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard.

When you press enter, the ETTVI’s shorter link generator will run and display the shortened URLs instantly.

Note: Click on the download or Copy to save the results just the way you require.

URL Tracker

The in-built URL Tracker will automatically track the analytics of the URL(s) that you have added to the tool.

Check the “URL Tracking” to know about the Impressions, Clicks, CTRs, Locations, and References of the given URLs.

How to Shorten URLs With ETTVI’s Advanced Tool?

Why Use ETTVI’s Free Custom URL Shortener?

Convert your URLs into user-friendly alphanumeric codes and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns for free with ETTVI’s customizable link shortener.

This tool is the best custom link shortener which enables you to customize and track links of any website and social media platform including Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

With ETTVI’s advanced short link maker - you can shorten the length, add keywords, and track the analytics of multiple URLs at the same time.

ETTVI’s URL Shortener takes up a few seconds to:

  • arrowMake link shorter (single/bulk)

  • arrowAdd keywords to the URLs & make them SEO friendly

  • arrowTrack the URL analytics (Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Locations, and Refers)

Use ETTVI’s tool to generate the short links of any web page or social media URL and keep a check on its views, clicks, and traffic sources.

For sure - ETTVI’s free URL Shortener serves as the best website URL shortener, article url shortener, youtube url shortener, facebook url shortener, instagram url shortener, and instagram url shortener.

Why Use ETTVI’s Free Custom URL Shortener?

The Ultimate Guide to URL Shortening

To understand how and why we shorten URLs, you must understand the structure of a URL. Read this guide to know all about URL structuring and URL shortening in detail.

What is a Uniform Resource Locator?

Uniform Resource Locator - as the name implies, a URL helps to identify and locate a web page. In simple words, every resource on the internet has a unique address which we call its URL.

What are the 5 Parts of a URL?

There are five basic parts of a URL - protocol, subdomain, domain name, top-level domain, and subdirectory.

URL Protocol ensures the security of data transmitted between the web resource and users. There are two types of security protocols used for web resources - http and https.

Subdomain is the part of the URL which comes before the domain name. It denotes the child domains of a website. In case, a domain doesn’t have any child domain, then the www. will serve as the subdomain.

Domain is the unique name assigned to a web resource. This is what identifies a website on the internet.

Top-level Domain comes after the domain name. Most commonly used TLDs are .com, .net, and .org. Typically, the main address of a website ends with the top-level domain.

Subdirectory denotes the pages or subordinate resources of a website. It helps to identify and locate subfolders e.g. pages, posts, products, and categories.

Now, let us tell you about the additional parts of a URL.

A URL may contain ports, parameters, path, and html anchors as well.

(You can use ETTVI’s URL Structure Checker to test the structure of your website URLs for free)

How to Structure Your URL?

The search engine likes short, simple, and easy-to-read URLs. In accordance with the SEO algorithms, an ideal URL structure contains protocol, domain name, top-level domain, and subdirectory.

Keep in mind that the users never opt for long and complex URLs. Therefore, the path or slug of a URL should be precise, keyword-enriched, and human-readable - avoid using numbers and random characters.

What is URL Shortening?

URL Shortening is a technique used to convert long URLs into short alphanumeric codes. We can reduce the length of long URLs to make them more user-friendly.

Marketers often use URL shorteners to convert their website URLs into brand-oriented or keyword-enriched short links.

Keep in mind that users easily entrust branded links and opt for short links as compared to long URLs.

What is a Short Link?

A short and simple alphanumeric version of a long URL is called short link.

We use link shortening technique to shorten long URLs to create short branded links. We can easily add the short links to the marketing collateral with an intention to spread brand awareness and earn the user trust.

What is a Branded Link?

A branded link can be defined as a short version of a long URL that specifically targets a company name or a focus keyword.

The branded links are shortened URLs that are keyword-enriched and optimized enough for the users to easily share and trust to click through.

Marketers convert their website URLs into short branded links in order to boost their brand recognition and drive more traffic.

Let us exemplify it.

Using Ettvi’s URL Shortener, we can create a branded link of ETTVI’s Slug Generator tool as follows:


If you want to shorten and customize URLs to create branded links with ease then use ETTVI’s customized link shortener for free of cost.

Why do I Create a Short Link?

You know what - it is trouble-free to remember and share a short link. Moreover, you can shorten your website URL to create branded links which makes it easy for your users to entrust your short links. This ultimately helps to deliver an enhanced user experience and drive increased traffic.

You can find a custom URL shortener online using which you can create a short link to any website or social profile.

How do I Shorten URLs?

The most reliable way of URL shortening is to leverage "ETTVI's Short Link Generator".

You can rely upon ETTVI’s Custom URL Shortener to create short branded links just the way you require. Add your target keywords to get keyword-enriched short links of your URLs.

Use ETTVI’s free bulk URL shortener to generate multiple short links at a time - regardless of any limits and restrictions.

How Link Shorteners Work?

A URL Shortener uses a redirection technique - it converts a long URL to a short link which redirects the user to the respective web page in an easy way.

You should use the URL Shortener which creates 301 redirects because other types of HTTP response codes (redirects) can be harmful to the website SEO.

So, if you have any lengthy URL that you would like to share on social media or include in your marketing collateral then you can use ETTVI’s free hyperlink shortener which will process your URL and convert to short link.

What are the Benefits of URL Shorteners?

URL shorteners come in handy when marketers are required to create brand-oriented short links.

A URL shortener helps to convert long and disordered URLs into easy-to-read and easy-to-share short links. Whereas a short link consists of a keyword-enriched alphanumeric code.

Have a look below to take account of the benefits of using a URL shortener.

By using a URL Shortener you can:

  • arrowCustomize your links to target your company name or focus keywords

  • arrowConvert long URLs to short links

  • arrowMonitor link engagement

  • arrowTrack URL views, clicks, and traffic sources

  • arrowGenerate short links to easily share on social media

Lastly, if you are wondering “are shortened URLs okay for SEO” then take into account that yes, short links are best to improve your user experience and boost your search engine rankings.

We recommend you use ETTVI’s URL Shortener to generate short URLs with tracking facility.

The Ultimate Guide to URL Shortening

Frequently Ask Questions

How to Shorten a Link?

You can use ETTVI's free link shortener to simply generate short URLs. Just enter the URL that you need to shorten and our tools will provide you with a short URL in a second


How to customize your URL?

Using ETTVI's advanced URL Shortener Tool, you can customize the short link of your web page: you can add your keyword to the URL and brand it açcordingly. This is the best URL custom shortener that works free of cost.

How to use banned URLs on social media?

You can use the URL Shortener to shorten the length of the banned URL, and then post the customized link anywhere on social media regardless of the banning.

Search for URL shortener online or on Google to find the best URL shortener tool or best short link generator online. Or you can simply use ETTVI’s custom short link generator for free of cost.

How to shorten URLs in bulk?

ETTVI's best URL Shortener tool enables you to shorten the length of URLs in bulk. Just input the list of URLs that you want to shorten, and have them customized within an instant. You can create short links using this advanced URL shortener free of cost.


What is URL Analytics Tracking?

The URL Analytics enables the user to track the Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Locations, and References of the given URLs. You can google URL shortener tool to customize and track URLs for free.

What does URL Shortener do?

A URL shortener shortens the length of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and allows you to use it in place of the long URL of your webpage. Basically, it uses redirect to allow you to access the web page URL which has been customized to a short length. You can use ETTVI’s bulk URL shortener free of cost to create short branded links.

Frequently Ask Questions

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