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Track keyword density and placement in your content to optimize it well



Measure Keyword Density

Measure Keyword Density

Analyzes the given content to gauge the density of potential keywords right away

Multi-featured SEO Tool

Multi-featured SEO Tool

Measures the user intent score and total word count including the number of link & non-link words

Monitor Keyword Placement

Monitor Keyword Placement

Tracks the placement of keywords in your content including headings, title & meta description


ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker

 Monitor your keywords usage in your content and meta tags!

ETTVI’s Multi-featured SEO Tool - The Keyword Density Checker not only checks the density of keywords in content but also provides you with the:

  • Total Word Count

  • List of Potential Keywords

  • Frequency of Keywords

  • Placement Details of Keywords in Title, Description & Headings

  • Word Count of Link Words

  • Word Count of Non-link Words

  • User Intent Score

You can easily check the frequency, density, and placement of one-word, two-word, three-word, and four-word keywords side-by-side.

ETTVI’s Keyword Tool is a valuable SEO asset as it gives much more than the conventional keyword density checkers - it serves as an effective keyword stuffing checker.

ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker

How to Use ETTVI’s Keyword Density Analyzer?

Follow these simple steps to check keyword density with ETTVI’s keyword density tool:

STEP 1 “Upload Your Article”

Use any of the following ways to upload your content:

  • Enter the link to the article in the URL Bar

  • Paste the content in the Text Box

  • Click Upload to transfer a file from your system

Note: If you don’t want to analyze your Meta Tags then uncheck the box that says “Include Meta Tags”

STEP 2 “Run the Tool”

Click “Check” to run the tool.

STEP 3 “Get Keyword Density Report”

Following your command, the tool will run and analyze your content to provide you with a comprehensive report of your keyword data.

On the top right side of the tool box, there’s a “Results” bar that will tell you about the:

  • Number of Total Words
  • User Intent Score
  • Number of Link Words
  • Number of Non-link Words

Below the tool box, you’ll see a table which will enlist all of your keywords and provide you with their density, frequency and placement details. The tool will enable you to explore each keyword as well.

Keep these things in mind while checking the keyword density by URL:

  • ➔ The tool will enlist all the potential keywords
  • ➔ The density and frequency will be displayed individually in front of the respective keywords
  • ➔ If the keyword density is above the recommended limit then the tool will notify you and enable you to correct it
  • ➔ If a keyword is found in the title tag then the tool will mark it as “✓” in the Title Box
  • ➔ If a keyword is not found in the title tag then the will mark it as “✕” in the Title Box
  • ➔ If a keyword is found in the meta description then the tool will mark it as “✓” in the DESC Box
  • ➔ If a keyword is not found in the meta description then the tool will mark it as “✕” in the DESC Box
  • ➔ If a keyword is found in the heading 1 & 2 then the tool will mark it as “✓” in the Heading Box
  • ➔ If a keyword is not found in the heading 1 & 2 then the tool will mark it as “✕” in the Heading Box
  • ➔ For an in-depth keyword analysis, click on “Explore Keyword

Moreover, keep in mind that when the tool runs, it automatically displays the details of one-word keywords. Therefore, you are required to:

  • Click on the “Two Words” tab to get the details of two-word keywords

  • Click on the “Three Words” tab to get the details of three-word keywords

  • Click on the “Four Words” tab to get the details of four-word keywords

How to Use ETTVI’s Keyword Density Analyzer?

Why Use ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker?

Use ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker and monitor your keyword usage to boost search engine visibility and ranking altogether.

You know what - ETTVI’s tool not only examines your focus keywords but keeps a check on every keyword and phrase that has potential to rank your content higher on SERPs.

To make sure you have properly distributed the keywords in your content, you can use ETTVI’s keyword density checking tool.

Unlike other keyword density checkers, ETTVI’s tool is equipped with advanced features. Typically, the keyword density checkers only measure the density of keywords. However, ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker uses its multi-featured capabilities to monitor everything that ensures the quality of the keywords in web content.

It simultaneously performs multiple tasks to ensure the quality of your content in terms of on-page SEO.

From checking the keyword density to tracking the keyword placement and measuring the word count including link and non-link words, ETTVI’s Keyword Checker Online does everything to help you assess and evaluate the on-page SEO of your content.

Wait, there’s more!

ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker measures the User Intent Score of your content as well.

Now, what are you waiting for? Upload your content right away to monitor its keyword usage for free of cost.

Keyword Usage - Fundamentals of On-page SEO

When it comes to on-page SEO, keywords are considered paramount. Selecting right & relevant keywords never suffices to create quality content - you need to be strategic for the proper use of your keywords.

In order to maintain the quality of your content and rank it higher on SERPs, you should know how to use a keyword in terms of quantity and position.

Take in account that:

  • ➔ How many times you add a keyword in content denotes the Keyword Density

  • ➔ Where and how you add a keyword in content denotes Keyword Placement

In short, when using keywords in web content, you should be cautious about their density and placement. Or else, the search engine won’t rank it.

Luckily, the search engine has laid down a set of rules following which we can strategically place our keywords in the content. However, about the frequency of keywords, nothing’s explicit.

Well, the majority of SEOs consider 2-3 % as an Ideal Keyword Density and prefer to follow the SEO rules for a proper keyword placement.

According to ETTVI’s Stratagem For the Proper Use of Keywords, if you are creating a 1000-word content then, it would be best to add your keywords:

  • ➔ Once in the Introduction
  • ➔ 4-5 times in the Body Paragraphs
  • ➔ 2-3 times in Headings 1, 2 & 3
  • ➔ Once in the Conclusive Paragraph
  • ➔ Once in the URL Slug (only focus keyword)
  • ➔ Once in the beginning of the Title Tag (only focus keyword)
  • ➔ Once in the Meta Description (all keywords)

Leverage ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker Online to monitor the density, frequency, and placement of the keywords in any content.

What is the Ideal Keyword Density?

2-3% is considered to be the ideal keyword density. According to this algorithm, the focus keyword should appear about 9-10 times in a thousand-word content. Such a keyword density is enough to tell the search engine what the content is about.

How to Prevent Keyword Stuffing?

Excessive use of target keywords leads to keyword stuffing which badly impacts the quality of content. Therefore, you should avoid repeating your keywords again and again. In order to prevent keyword stuffing or remove stuffed keywords, you need to keep a check on the density of your keywords.

Why Use ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker?

Uses of ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker - A Useful On-page SEO Tool

ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker is a valuable asset for SEOs & Content Writers!

The ultimate use of ETTVI’s keyword density checking tool is to ensure the quality of off-page SEO of content.

Use ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker to check the density and placement of the potential keywords in your content which in turn, will help you to:

  • avoid over-optimization

  • prevent keyword stuffing

Moreover, using ETTVI’s tool you can measure the number of words with and without links. Not only this but it enables you to gauge the user intent score of your content as well.

Isn’t it amazing and useful to have such a multi-featured SEO tool?

You know what - ETTVI’s tool serves the best when you need to check the performance of your competitors. Just upload the content of your competitor website and see how well they have been distributing keywords in their content. This way you’ll get new insights to content optimization.

Uses of ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker - A Useful On-page SEO Tool

Frequently Ask Questions

What Does ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker Do?

ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker enables the webmasters to monitor the keyword usage. It analyzes the given content to highlight how many times the target keywords have been used and where.


Does ETTVI's Keyword Counter detect keyword stuffing?

You can use ETTVI’s tool to perform a quick keyword density analysis to measure the density of all of your potential keywords and find out which keywords are stuffed.

What are the Features of ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker?

The features which makes ETTVI’s keyword density calculator the best includes:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Easy-to-use CTAs

  • Quick Navigation

  • Multifunctional Capabilities

  • Accuracy & Efficiency

  • Free Access

Do Bloggers Need to Use ETTVI’s KW Density Checker?

Yes. Anyone who creates or publishes content on the web is required to monitor the keyword usage and that’s why the bloggers also need to use ETTVI’s Free Keyword Density Checker Tool to keep a check on their keyword density and placement.


Do I Have to Pay for Using ETTVI’s Keyword Density Checker?

No. You don't have to pay for using ETTVI's Keyword Checking Tool. It is a free SEO tool which you can access from all over the world even without account registration.

Frequently Ask Questions

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