How to Find Expired Domains?

Why would someone need to buy expired domains? Well, there are many reasons and benefits of buying an expired domain that has authority and quality backlinks. So before diving into the ways to find expired domains let me explain why you should have one.

Reasons to Buy Expired Domains

1- To Build Authoritative Site

Instead of starting a website from a new domain, you can take advantage of expired domains to get the authority and rank fast in search engines. Domain Age is one of the ranking factors and with that, the existing backlinks (linked to the expired domain) will also help you to boost your SEO efforts.

2- To Get Qualitative Banklinks (PBN)

If you want to start a business with a unique and new domain name then you can buy expired domains for backlinking purposes.

the hack is — you’ll purchase expired domains having high domain authority and create a website on each domain that is generally known as PBN (Private Blog Network). Once it's done, you’ll transfer the link juice of the authoritative sites to your website. It has been a proven and fastest strategy to get high-quality backlinks.

3- 301 Redirects to Transfer Link Juice to your Main Site

Another way to transfer link juice to your main domain is by putting 301 redirects from expired domains to your site. In this strategy, you don’t need to go into setting up websites or blogs to build the network but instead gain the authority directly by redirecting to your site. This is also a great way to drive relevant traffic to your site.

4- For Domain Trading

Many webmasters buy expired domains to do domain trading and sell it at higher prices. was sold for $30 million — interesting, isn’t it?

Different Methods to Buy Expired Domains

Let’s dive into the easy ways to find and buy expired domains

Through Auction Sites:

Have you ever been into an auction of furniture where you bid to get your favorite furniture item?

domain auction is exactly the same where different platforms sell domains and you bid to get that domain.

Flippa is one of the most popular sites where you can buy domains, websites, and blogs of multiple niches.

How do auction sites work?

A Seller put the website, price as starting bidding, and specific timeframe to do bid where a buyer sends an offer to buy that domain and if it goes successful, you’ll be able to buy the website. Similarly, many sellers even put the domains at fixed prices so that buyers don’t have to go into bidding and buy domains directly.

So, it's considered one of the easy and reliable ways to find expired domains.

Domain Marketplaces

There are many domain marketplaces where you can find expired domains — is one of them. Here you can add the relevant keywords in the search bar and you’ll get the list of expired domains along with some important metrics to help you with your buying decision. It’s completely free to use this site.

Things to Consider While Buying Expired Domain

Before buying expired domains, there are some important metrics that you should not overlook. Some of them are as follows:

Domain Age

Domain age is a ranking factor and the number # 1 reason many people consider buying expired domains. So, before making a purchase, check it for domain age — To find domain history and age, browse through ETTVI Domain Whois Checker and get all relevant information in a single click.

Backlinks Quality

If you are buying expired domains to transfer link juice to your site, then do check the quality of its backlinks. To check the backlinks of a domain, use ETTVI’s Backlinks Checker Tool. Analyze it to find out if it has been linked to spammy or bad backlinks.

PageRank and MozRank

To measure and determine the authority of a specific site, Moz has developed two important metrics – PageRank and MozRank. Depending on the quality of the backlinks, it determines the DA & PA of the site.

So, try to check the site and see whether it is worth your money and efforts or not.

Check for AdSense Ban

If your goal is to monetize your site and earn through it then make sure to check if that specific niche or domain is banned for Google AdSense or not. Because there are some cases where some domain names don't comply with the terms of Google.

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