What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is described as the occurrence of a specific keyword in the content of a webpage. It is measured by the total number of times a specific keyword is used as compared to the total word count of a webpage.

It is one of the keyword optimization techniques that help search engines understand whether your content is relevant to the specific search query or phrase. So to get ranked on specific keywords, it is always advised to include it in your web copy.

How Keyword Density is Calculated?

Keyword density formula is quite simple:

To calculate keyword density, divide the total number of keywords appearing in the content by the total word count of a webpage. To get density in %, multiply the answer with 100%.

For example, if your keyword appeared 100 times in a total word count of 1400 words then the formula will be

KD = 100 / 1400 * 100%

You can also use ETTVI Keyword Density Checker to measure the keyword density of your focused keyword in your content.

Do Keyword Density Matter in SEO?

Well, the answer to this is: it doesn’t matter how many x times you use a keyword in your content but how you use does. For search engines like Google, quality content matters —- The Google’s Panda update contributed to its importance with which it started de-ranking thin content that has no value for users.

If you want to rank higher for specific keywords, rather than focusing on the number of their usage make sure to place them naturally where needed.

What is ideal keyword density? How much keyword density is right for optimization?

As webmaster and Google search expert John Muller said — “Keyword density, in general, is something I wouldn’t focus on. Make sure your content is written in a natural way.”

Likewise, there is no defined parameter or rule for keyword density to consider in content. However, many webmasters and SEOs suggest it to be around 1-2% by avoiding search engine demotion.

Invest your time in creating high-quality, relevant, and natural content by adding your focused key phrase may be one or 2 times.

Keyword Density vs Keyword Stuffing

In contrast to Keyword Density, Keyword Stuffing is about stuffing your content with keywords or phrases that make no sense to the reader.

Gone are the days, when it could be a strategy to rank a website or page on Google —- now Google’s AI-powered bots have become enough smart that analyze that a page is stuffed forcefully with keywords to get ranked. But in actuality what will happen? Google will penalize your site and demote the ranks due to keyword stuffing.

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