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IG/Instagram Reels Video Downloader - Download IG Reels videos for free tool to download reels for all devices in High Quality. Free IG Reels Download Tool.



Fastest Video Downloader

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IG Reels Downloader allows you to download the instagram reels videos for free from public and private instagram accounts quickly.

Support All Formats

Support All Formats

IG Reels Download for any device type and for any OS is provided within one system. Following the same path download IG reels in MP4, FLV and many more.

Download Without Watermark

Download Without Watermark

To get the video without the Instagram Id logo on it and using it as your own is possible now. Download IG Reel Videos with or without watermark.

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Instagram Reel Video Downloader

Free download of IG reels is very much accessible now. IGTV, Stories, Videos from timeline all could be downloaded in the past. ETTVI has come up with the reels download solution, whether you have a facebook and instagram merged account or have an individual IG account, get your videos saved to your devices quickly. 

Instagram Video Downloader is made up with the idea of providing you an edge to access all of the data available on instagram. This tool has a bit of dependence on social media (Instagram) but Reels can be downloaded with seamless user experience. 

Fastest & Bulk IG Reels Downloader

Our expertise is from the development department, we bother focusing on the satisfaction of our existing visitor, due to the fact, we have jumped into providing them every useful tool over the internet. Downloading ig reels of any length on any device from any account is made easier than ever before. 

Recently, instagram released an update and in that update it added reels into its bottom bar for ios and android app. People who are accessing instagram through desktop can see the reels portion separately. Those reels can be sometimes seen on the timeline, more often it has to be displayed in the reels section.

Instagram Reel Video Downloader
How to Download IG Reels with Our Downloader

How to Download IG Reels with Our Downloader

We have made Instagram Reels Downloading quickest for all types of users.

Following Few Steps you can get any video of your choice from Instagram Reels,

Step 1: Copy the Reel URL from IG

Go to the Reels Section of Instagram on your app, and click the below given share button and click on the copy link sign from the options appear.

Note: Button remains the same for all devices, after click options can vary, you just need to find a copy link. 

Step 2: Open IG Reels Downloader

Google the queries provided by the end of the page, you can find numerous tools to download IG Reels, we have built the best ig reels downloading tool yet. Experience it!

Step 3: Choose Quality of the Video & Audio

We are bringing diversity and it starts with the multiple options for you to choose between video quality and audio quality. Audio gives you chances to choose between 128 KBPs and 256 KBPs and few videos allow you to get 320 KBPs quality of the audio. Moreover, video quality starts from 320Px and goes up to 1080Px. 

Step 4: Download & Enjoy!

After choosing quality, still download confirmation is required and with this confirmation, within seconds, depending on the internet speed you have, you can download the reels and share it anywhere. 

NOTE: If you have a phone and you perform all of the steps on the phone, you will have the video saved in the gallery directly, if you perform all steps from the Laptop/Desktop Devices, you can set the download path by yourself.

Why Does IG Reels Video Downloader Required?

Instagram reels have become the second most seen shorts on the internet. Tiktok and Youtube have been competing for the number one position but still youtube shorts have secured the third position on the leaderboard. Instagram users have their own connectivity with the platform. However, the platform is bound by the policies of meta, which doesn;t allow users to download videos from the Reels section of instagram directly. 

Diversity in social media platforms lets us build a different audience for each platform and sometimes we want to share the same stuff for all of the connected people on different platforms. We focus on providing you an experience where you can download the reels from any account on instagram and share it to anyone through any of the platforms of your choice. Once it is downloaded, it is completely yours. 

Getting careful about the copyrighted stuff is your part of the job, we enable you to download ig reels for free with a few clicks only. Download the videos from anywhere in the world and use iot the way you find it best suitable for yourself. 

We oppose harming someone's reputation and using their content in a negative way. We are just providing a tool to bring ease in your life.

Why Does IG Reels Video Downloader Required?
Instagram Reels - IG Reels (Everything About It)

Instagram Reels - IG Reels (Everything About It)

Instagram and Facebook both have become the entity working under the banner of meta. Meta is continuously bringing innovation and bringing better experience for its users. For the better user experience, they have added reels into the application for the more entertaining and engaging interaction of the users within the app. 

Reels were not displayed as a separate section after the launch. But, after 8 months, Instagram reels were displayed as a different section and like facebook reels, youtube shorts and tiktok videos, it is shown in the portrait mode. 

Instagram has differentiated Reels from videos. Major difference is the screen compatibility of the videos. Suppose, you start scrolling IG Reels on your desktop through app download or browser, you will get the view of a mobile version. That mobile version allows you to scroll videos consecutively without any interference from other activities from INSTAGRAM. 

Instagram reels just like FB Reels are usually of and below 1 minute length. These reels can go up to 120 seconds but the more shorter and precise data is uploaded there. Best part is that Instagram Reels fetches data from Facebook Reels. Not all of the reels are coming from facebook but few of them are fetched from there. 

Instagram and Facebook are like sister,brother applications. A thing which can be done on Facebook can also be done on instagram but having a separate demographical user base. These two platforms act differently. However, IG Reels are just like shown in facebook but the accounts can be merged and updating content on one of these apps, leads to the update of another automatically. 

Reels downloaders are there which allow you to download video with or without watermark. Here our team has spent time in research and developed the tool where you can download multiple/bulk reel videos at a time, you can download full video, you can download video in any format and can download the improved quality.

Difference of IG Videos & IG Reels

There is a hesitation for Facebook users to go to instagram, they may have accounts there but do not have acquaintance with the interface. This is a common problem for every platform user. 

Therefore, Instagram users' timeline looks different and it has different types of ads. When it comes to instagram videos, they appear at the timeline of each user. But, lengthy videos go to the Instagram TV portion. There you can get the lengthy videos of any type, size and view. However, IG reels is the portion where you have the consistent flow of videos but unlike facebook reels it scrolls to the next video automatically. If you found the previous content more interesting, you need to go back to it by scrolling down. 

Instagram has no dedicated watch portion like Facebook but it has a dedicated section for the lengthy videos known as IGTV, and short length videos always appear on the timeline. If that video exceeds 30 seconds that goes to IGTV. If the video length stays within 90 seconds, it goes to the reels section of your profile. 

Instagram Reel videos are usually shorter in length, it has demographically different content creators as compared to IGTV. You cannot go live if you are thinking of creating a reel of live video. Videos uploaded from the scratch taken from gallery or already saved somewhere can be used as reel. 

IG Reels are the latest perk and it is more interesting. If you want to learn more about Instagram Reels and its better uses. Keep reading this content, or go to ettvi blog.

Key Features of IG Reels Downloader

We have a team of experts who do research and develop the best tools for the users (specifically from the SEO Industry). However, we know all of us are looking for the content available on instagram reels. We give you access to every piece of content on this platform. When Instagram did not enable the feature of Profile Picture Zoom in, we developed the Insta DP viewer tool. The tools we create are diverse in nature and this tool has some specialities that make it better than its competing tools. 

Reel Video Preview:

The best IG Reel downloader we have developed has the feature to recognize the thumbnail of the video quickly and can create a preview as much bigger as it is possible, it gives you a chance to decide before downloading that you have generated the download link of the right video. 

With Audio: 

We do not skip the audio part. You are given a chance to download bulk IG reels without limits without any break of the voice, audio within the video. Audio file types are also shown to you to choose from before creating a download link. 

Access in Gallery:

You are authorized to access any of the private accounts on instagram and download IG Reels directly to your phone’s gallery. This feature is not limited to phones, you can download ig reels directly to the location of your choice in desktop. 


This IG Reels Downloader is better in experience because it gives access to anyone to download from anywhere around the world. 

Free for Lifetime:

Instagram Reels Saver at ettvi has been developed to serve our existing users. We want to give them every available service for free of cost. We do not even have any near future plans to charge for such services. 

No Limits:

You won’t face payment issues, you won't get signup messages. You are given a chance to download as many videos as you want in a day. We track your cookies only to give you better experience and to learn from your interactions with our system. 

OS Independent:

We have taken the major issue into account, as we are a website, we have eradicated the issue of being android or ios users. We have provided a universal system which is compatible for any operating system and provides the same experience across all platforms. 

Secure Process:

We do not fetch any sensitive information, we get the URL you provide to download the Instagram reels, our system crawls the URL, fetches the preview(if available) and gives you the best available options to choose from before initiating a download. There is no login, a card is required. Only cookies are fetched, again to provide you with the best user experience.

Difference of IG Videos & IG Reels

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Frequently Ask Questions

How can I download Videos from Instagram Reels?

In order to download the Instagram Reels, you just need to start with having a reel’s link. The link of the reel can be easily copied from the search bar once you have selected it. Next you have to follow a few steps to download an Instagram reel with ETTVI.

  • Paste the Link on ETTVI’s Instagram Reels Downloader
  • Select the quality of the video you want to download
  • Select the audio quality and file type
  • Finally click on the download video button, Enjoy your downloaded reels!

From where can I download IG reels?

Downloading the reels directly from instagram is not allowed. This means you need to find a workaround to download high quality instagram reels from any instagram profile. You can use relevant search queries to trigger the results that may include the solution to your problem. Using search queries such as instagram reels downloader, Download Instagram Reels, IG Reels Downloader, IG Reels Video Downloader, Download Instagram Reels Video, IG Reels Downloader Free can yield relevant results. ETTVI has brought a great solution to download instagram reels and you can use it for your benefit.

Can I save IG/Instagram Reels directly to my Phone Gallery?

Indeed! You can instantly get the reels downloaded to your phone by using IG Reels downloader on your phone and downloading any reels love! It will be automatically saved to the gallery and you can share it anywhere you want.

Can I download IG Reels from a private video?

People may put privacy to their instagram account but this can not restrict you from downloading their reels you like. You can download any reel or video from a private account using ETTVI’s advanced reels downloader. Download reels in your preferred file formats.

How to Download IG Reels Online on Desktop?

If you are looking to download an instagram reel right on your desktop then ETTVI has got you the right solution. Just following the simple steps to download instagram reels directly to your desktop has no difference, repeat the steps you already know on the mobile version of Reels downloader. By accessing the instagram downloader can simply gets the job done without any hassle. And you get to have a variety of file formats and video resolution for your downloaded instagram reels.

How to download IG Reels for Free?

Instagram reels are trending these days and people love to post them regularly. It takes a lot of creativity and effort to produce good quality instagram reels that can get you hundreds and millions of followers on instagram. Downloading an instagram reel for free is easy with ETTVI’s IG Reels Downloader. There is no limit for downloading instagram reels for free in good quality.

How to Use IG Reels Video Downloader?

You want to download instagram reels for free? Follow these simple steps and enjoy high quality instagram reels on your desktop or mobile.

  • Copy the Link from IG Reels
  • Paste the Link to IG Reels Downloader
  • Choose the Quality of video you like to download
  • Click the “Download Reel” Button
  • There you go with the instagram reels you love to download. Enjoy!

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