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Pinterest Video Downloader - One Stop Downloader for Pinterest to Download videos, Images, GIFs on any device in HD quality. Best Pinterest Video Download Experience!



One Click Download

One Click Download

Unlike other pinterest video downloaders, we have made the process to download videos easier.

Supports All Devices

Supports All Devices

Download pinterest videos online for free from any device by accessing the tool through the browser.

Download Without Watermark

Download Without Watermark

For Commercial and Personal use, download pinterest videos and images of any format with or without watermark.

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Pinterest Video & GIF Downloader

Pinterest is one of the top ten social media websites and it has the best content available in the imagery form. Videos and GIFs shared here are extraordinary and creating a pin board allows users to upload content of any kind without any limit. 

Like other social media platforms pinterest have added the story feature in it. It is a search engine where images are the best content to talk about and search on. Downloading pinterest stories is also possible, we are developing a pinterest story downloader but due to it’s beta version it is still under some critical tests. 

Fastest & Bulk FB Reels Downloader

Our team’s continuous research has let us develop the most innovative tool. FB Reels Download was not possible before the downloaders. Downloading full length videos from any device with few clicks is made possible and more feasible than ever before. 

Facebook Reels are the latest add up to the most visited social media platform globally. Facebook Reel videos are not the videos from facebook watch section. The Facebook watch section has lengthy videos. 

<strong>Pinterest Video & GIF Downloader</strong>
<strong>How to Download GIFs and Videos with Pinterest Downloader</strong>

How to Download GIFs and Videos with Pinterest Downloader

Pinterest Videos Downloading is made easier with our advanced downloading tool. 

Following Few Steps you can get any video of your choice from pinterest,

Step 1: Copy the URL of Pinterest video

Go to the Videos Section of Pinterest on your app, and click the below given share button and click on the copy link sign from the options appear.

Note: Button remains the same for all devices, after click options can vary, you just need to find a copy link. 

Step 2: Open Pinterest Videos Downloader

There are numerous tools to download pinterest videos, ETTVI tool can be accessed globally and it has relevancy to each language and user. Just paste the copied link in the bar. As shown below

Step 3: Choose Quality of the Video

There are multiple options given to you, you can choose the quality of the video and the best thing is that downloading fb reels here gives you the edge of getting an optimized video. 

Step 4: Download & Enjoy!

After choosing quality, still download confirmation is required and with this confirmation, within seconds, depending on the internet speed you have, you can download the reels and share it anywhere. 

If you have a phone and you perform all of the steps on the phone, you will have the video saved in the gallery directly, if you perform all steps from the Laptop/Desktop Devices, you can set the download path by yourself. 

Why Does Pinterest Video Downloader Required?

Downloaders,especially video downloaders, are too much searched each month over the internet. Being the leader in the industry of Digital Marketing, ETTVI has dedicated hours or research to create a video downloader that will help users to escape the hassle. 

Our advanced bots crawl the profiles quickly and fetch the videos all posted on a profile. Pin boards can also be fetched but the data that is downloadable is found in the pinboards, therefore, our advance system focuses on the specific videos only. 

Pinterest doesn’t allow the user to save any image, GIF or video directly, accessing the videos from any pinboard is made possible with “Pinterest Video Downloader”. 

Pinterest - Know More About It

Pinterest is a social media website which can be a replacement anytime soon for Google Images, more of the images which are displayed in Google Images are at first uploaded at pinterest. 

Pinterest is the strongest visual social media where text content has lesser importance and this is the USP that makes pinterest users keep on creating content on it. Infographics has been the best piece of visual content found on this platform. Therefore, there are all types of users available there.

Pinterest allows the users to create pin boards which can be referred to as a group, if you are a facebook user. In that group you can create content of your choice but related to the category of the pinboard you choose. 

Downloading videos - all videos which are uploaded in the same pinboard is also our consideration and we have planned the best solution for you to download bulk videos in one go. For now, Downloader allows the multiple video download and even at the same time but giving a pinboard id and downloading all the video from pinterest is the feature on its way. 

Download Pinterest Videos For Free

ETTVI is the hub of the smart tools, the people who belong to the Digital Marketing industry know well about our SEO Tools list.

With the passage of time, we have realized that Pinterest video downloader is the need of the time and a tool that is accessible for the users without any hassle should be available and that is what makes us best in this industry. 

Downloading pinterest video for free is the offer we made for the first time. We do not want you to sign up or provide us details of your credit card. We want you to download pinterest videos quickly without paying a single penny to us. 

An incredible approach we have used here is to enable a user to download the video with the url. We do not ask you to download additional softwares, browser extensions and we do not impose limitations on the download. We are careful about the copyrighted material. With that reason we sometimes generate eros in the download and send you push notification(which is a warning). 

Download Pinterest videos with our free tool and we expect feedback from your side to enhance the user experience each day. 

<strong>Why Does Pinterest Video Downloader Required?</strong>
<strong>Key Features of pinterest video downloader</strong>

Key Features of pinterest video downloader

One thing we do care about is the user experience. If we provide a better user experience, we feel that the tool is ready to serve its audience. Highlighting some of the key features which distinguish us from the rest of the SEO tools providers. 

Video Preview:

The best pinterest downloader we have developed has the feature to recognize the thumbnail of the video quickly, it gives you a chance to decide before downloading to see if you have generated the download link of the right video. 

Audio Quality: 

Our system is developed in a way where we do not lack the audio behind the videos, even though we give you a chance to choose between the qualities of the audio in the pins. For instance, you can choose from 128KBps, to 256 KBps.

Access in the Gallery:

You can download the videos directly to any of the devices. On your phone, you can download the video in your gallery. If it comes to your desktop or laptop, you can get the videos saved to the location of your choice. 


This pinterest videos downloader is better in experience because it gives access to anyone to download from anywhere around the world. 

Free Video Downloader:

Our pinterest video downloader has been developed to serve our existing users. We want to give them every available service for free of cost. We do not even have any near future plans to charge for such services. 

Unlimited Downloads:

You won’t face payment issues, you won't get signup messages. You are given a chance to download as many videos as you want in a day. We track your cookies only to give you better experience and to learn from your interactions with our system. 

OS Independent:

We have taken the major issue into account, as we are a website, we have eradicated the issue of being android or ios users. We have provided a universal system which is compatible for any operating system and provides the same experience across all platforms. 

Secure Process:

We do not fetch any sensitive information, we get the URL you provide to download the pinterest videos, our system crawls the URL, fetches the preview(if available) and gives you the best available options to choose from before initiating a download. There is no login, a card is required. Only cookies are fetched, again to provide you with the best user experience.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How can I download Videos from Pinterest?

Pinterest Download starts with having a video’s link with you. If you got the link, follow the few steps.

  • Paste the Link the ETTVI’s Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Choose from the quality of the videos
  • Choose from the audio type
  • Click on Download Video Button, Enjoy!

From where can I download fb reels?

You cannot download videos directly from Pinterest. You have to use a Pinterest Video Downloader and to find out the feasible downloaders, you can use a few queries on google to find us and many others like us.

  • Download Pinterest Videos 
  • Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Free Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Download Pinterest Video In HD
  • Pinterest Video Downloader Free

There are many other queries through which you can access our tool and many others from the internet.

Can I save FB Reels directly to my Phone Gallery?

A Big Yes, if you use the Pinterest downloader on your phone and download any video, it will be automatically saved to the gallery and you can share it anywhere you want.

Do I need to get Registered Before Downloading the Video?

No! We have built a hassle free experience for you. You can download unlimited videos without getting registered at our platform. You even do not need a registered pinterest account but a URL.

Is it safe to use Pinterest Video Downloader?

100% Safe! But we can guarantee the safety of your devices and data when downloaded using our website, other platforms have their own ways to scrap the data and create a download link.

Is there any video download limit?

Not at all! We are here to provide you the best experience. Making it hassle free is the first priority and putting limitations is a hurdle for the users and we are well aware of it.


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