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On-Page SEO

ON-PAGE SEO refers to the actions which are executed to optimize each page for a specific keyword according to the algorithmic updates of search engines. It enhances the rankings on SERPs by making crawlability easy for search engines as well as helping get more organic traffic. Content Optimization and Keyword Placement play an eminent part in the ON-PAGE Optimization process.

On-Page, SEO is entirely different from technical SEO. Practitioners mostly confuse these two processes of search engine optimization. There exists a minor line of difference between these two terminologies. ON Page SEO deals with Title optimization, metas creation, headings placement, keywords penetration, and many more. Whereas Technical SEO deals with the cases like HTTP status codes handling, server response time, URL structure, and speed optimization.

Getting back to the humane explanations, ON-PAGE is just like amending yourself for the one whom you have opted for your whole life as your partner. It is just like when you join an Army school its requirements are entirely different from the other private or government schools but are the best found in any educational system. Google is a system that has given a chance to different webmasters belonging to the same industry to win the SERPs and reach the amount of traffic they want to achieve, following that system and making your website sync with the machine/search engine is ON Page SEO.

Reading numerous researches and after lots of discussions, a team of experts has concluded that it is entirely possible to get the ranking on the SERPs only with ON-PAGE SEO techniques. Making these techniques work for every kind of niche needs exposure and experience. Still, a person who has understood the working of Google and other search engines has the chance to reach the high-hanging fruits.

With better on-page SEO research and execution any webmaster can rank any kind of keyword depending on the approach he has developed. It is important to understand that Google is running behind the scammers and not only in its blog but also in the tweets have deliberately announced that scammers/black hat SEO practitioners will be given no space and will be left with no room to hide. Better to avoid!

“On-Page SEO is breathing to Search Engines, whenever they crawl a website they want a friendly and optimized website that they can find sync.”

Unlike Off PAge SEO, ON-PAGE is all that you did, and if it didn’t succeed you are only to blame yourself. There are more than 40 On-Page Seo ranking factors that are taken highly into account by Google. Remember one thing, Google and any other search don’t define which factor is more important and which can be ignored. Some experts are coming up with research and results-oriented suggestions.

Google in one of its tweets has mentioned that Google Ranking factors are never announced by our side and we have never given a green signal to the factors which are ranking on the top of SERPs. We have ranking factors but those are not disclosed to anyone.

Numerous factors are known to the webmasters but they ignore them due to the laboriousness of those tasks. These factors cannot be ignored.

Importance of Tools in ON Page SEO:

Content is claimed as the food to the search engines. You have been served food many times, even thrice or twice in a day. You get to eat more and your hunger reaches its peak when you are served with a better presentation and with the dish of your choice. Likewise, Google gets more excited and enables you to get more ranking when websites are presented with on-page SEO implemented presentation.

Analyzing the competition of the keywords which you are trying to rank for your website. The worth of your competitor and their efforts towards SEO, everything relies on the start you take. Once you have started doing SEO you are in the hot waters amongst many others who want to reach the same destination where you are trying to.

No doubt, Content remains on the top of the list of the ranking factors. It will enable Google to understand what your webpage is all about. It will make the user experience get better. But, there are many other things to initiate like Open Graphs, Slugs, and metas. Therefore, creating these is a technical part and it requires an expert level to create manually.

ON-PAGE SEO tools will make you unstoppable when it comes to the speed of execution. It will even help you do those tasks quickly which needs expertise as well as lots of effort. ETTVI On-Page SEO Tools are furnished enough that with a URL input it does research for you and suggests accordingly. Will generate or validate open graphs in a mannered way.

Lots of Content Optimization Techniques like checking the words counter for matching with the required word count to rank a website against a specific keyword, testing the right amount of keywords used in a text as a keyword density calculator is artificially intelligent. Many other On-Page SEO Tools are there but making you feel like you need them to make day-to-day tasks get easier for you.

How ETTVI On-Page SEO Tools Can Help Improving Rankings?

ETTVI is the team of experts who got together to achieve one dream - Enabling Digital Marketers with the systems and automated solutions that allow them to explore other tasks. SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content, name anything, and there is an expert in our team. We know the needs very closely as compared to the others in this business.

Page SEO can make websites reach heights without much effort. Doing On-Page SEO again requires time and effort and expertise. To escape the hassle ETTVI has developed ML and NLP research-based solutions to enable reach the results with few clicks.

Talk about Slug Generators. Google crawls the Robots > Sitemap > URL. It means the third most important thing when it comes to crawling needs proper optimization otherwise chances are there to leave a loophole for the competitors.

Open Graphs are considered the door to social media optimization. If implemented properly can make a long-lasting relationship of a website with the social media platforms. Generating its code that is easy to crawl for search engines is a bit technical. ETTVI On-Page SEO Tools allows you to do it by filling the fields and getting the code ready in a second. The most appreciable feature of these tools is the speed of generating results.

How ETTVI On-Page SEO Tools are Better Than Ahrefs?

Being the most sensitive part of the SEO Process, On-Page, SEO needs the most attention. Once things get on track, other processes like technical SEO and off-page SEO come into play. Keeping this managed in an appropriate way to get rankings.

Slugify Online is the process where all of the webmasters and On-Page SEO practitioners are looking for a solution that can auto-generate the keyword-optimized URLs. Moreover, it should be short enough that users can memorize it. Slug Generator - best tool offered by ETTVI and didn’t offered by any of the known competitors.

The above-mentioned competitor is not dealing with the nitty-gritty of the process of ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION. It takes much effort to generate the code of Open Graphs and doing it for each platform can even take hours. It has been solved with a few clicks. Moreover, tools like keywords density checker, Content explorer, and many other amazing tools are bringing the best experience for SEO guys. SEO and more specifically is made easy with ETTVI SEO Tools.

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