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Private Video Downloader

Private Video Downloader

FB Reels Downloader is designed to meet the need of the time. It gives you an edge to download private reels from facebook.

Support All Formats

Support All Formats

Download FB Reels to be played on all devices. Download Facebook Reels in MP4 and access it on any device (Mobile, Laptop, Desktop).

Download Without Watermark

Download Without Watermark

For Commercial and Personal use, download fb reels of any format with or without watermark. We provide the fastest facebook reels download.

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Facebook Reels Downloader

Downloading FB Reels has become an asset. It is the technology’s innovation where the downloading experience is redefined. Scroll to any video on Facebook and get the download link from any device and use the Reels Downloader Tool at ETTVI, you are there. 

Facebook Videos/Reels Download is technical due to the reason that it has to be connected with Facebook through APIs. In the near future, it is all on Facebook to let it work or get stopped. 

Fastest & Bulk FB Reels Downloader

Our team’s continuous research has let us develop the most innovative tool. FB Reels Download was not possible before the downloaders. Downloading full length videos from any device with few clicks is made possible and more feasible than ever before. 

Facebook Reels are the latest add up to the most visited social media platform globally. Facebook Reel videos are not the videos from facebook watch section. The Facebook watch section has lengthy videos.

Facebook Reels Downloader
How to Download FB Reels with Our Downloader

How to Download FB Reels with Our Downloader

We have made Facebook Reels Downloading Experience smoother than ever.

Following Few Steps you can get any video of your choice from FB Reels,

Step 1: Copy the Reel URL from FB

Go to the Reels Section of Facebook on your app, and click the below given share button and click on the copy link sign from the options appear.

Note: Button remains the same for all devices, after click options can vary, you just need to find a copy link. 

Step 2: Open FB Reels Downloader

There are numerous tools to download fb reels, ETTVI tool can be accessed globally and it has relevancy to each language and user. Just paste the copied link in the bar. As shown below

Step 3: Choose Quality of the Video

There are multiple options given to you, you can choose the quality of the video and the best thing is that downloading fb reels here gives you the edge of getting an optimized video. 

Step 4: Download & Enjoy!

After choosing quality, still download confirmation is required and with this confirmation, within seconds, depending on the internet speed you have, you can download the reels and share it anywhere. 

If you have a phone and you perform all of the steps on the phone, you will have the video saved in the gallery directly, if you perform all steps from the Laptop/Desktop Devices, you can set the download path by yourself.

Why Does FB Reels Video Downloader Required?

Need of downloaders has been so high in the past and social media websites themselves haven’t taken charge to give download options within the apps. More specifically, the videos with the private tag are not downloadable. You can reshare but download doesn’t work.

Social Media has no boundary, with that reason, we love to share all of the stuff at all of the social media accounts we have. Suppose you liked a video at Facebook Reels, how you would be sharing it at your timeline, so, it goes to your friends’ watch section. You need to share it with the people saved in your contacts and check your status at whatsapp. 

Ultimately, FB Reels Downloader is the best option you have got. You can download any time to any of your devices and can use it to any other social media of your choice.

Why Does FB Reels Video Downloader Required?
Facebook Reels - Know More About It

Facebook Reels - Know More About It

There is no rocket science, if you are getting confused. If you think that no such thing exists, you need to get a bit updated. However, when Facebook went under the META banner, it launched the Reels. Reels are the Facebook version of youtube shorts and tiktok videos. 

Facebook never disturbs its existing environment for the users and adds up the feature which is in trends. 

Facebook has differentiated Reels from videos. Major difference is the screen compatibility of the videos. Suppose, you start scrolling FB Reels on your desktop through app download or browser, you will get the view of a mobile version. That mobile version allows you to scroll videos consecutively without any interference from other activities from FACEBOOK. 

Facebook reels are usually of and below 1 minute length. These reels can go upto 120 seconds but the more shorter and precise data is uploaded there. Best part is that Facebook Reels fetches data from Instagram Reels. Not all of the reels are coming from instagram but few of them are fetched from there. 

The profiles which have been merged on these two platforms can share the reels across. FB Reels Downloading is the process to be used when you have no access given the user (who uploaded the video) and use it later on any other medium. 

Reels downloaders are there which allow you to download video with or without watermark. Here our team has spent time in research and developed the tool where you can download multiple/bulk reel videos at a time, you can download full video, you can download video in any format and can download the improved quality.

Facebook Videos and Reels Difference

If you are new to facebook and you are confused between the videos section and reels section of facebook and these two look the same to you. This section is for you. 

Facebook Reels is the part where you cannot upload videos more than 120 seconds. It is the portion, where the data is displayed in Portrait mode only. This can be merged into instagram’s reels account. Replay loop is already there in this section of the Facebook, video keeps on playing without moving to next or having a pause. 

Facebook videos/watch is a section where you can see the lengthy videos, even the movies are uploaded in this section. Facebook Videos section displays the video in landscape mode on every device type. Moreover, it plays one time and moves to the next video within the chosen list (based on your knowledge graph). Facebook videos is the section which runs the ads of adbreak. Moreover, the facebook videos section allows you the interface as it is for the whole application. 

Facebook videos are also useful for the people but now the generation gives priority to the content where more information is provided to them in less time. Tiktok videos have redefined the watch choice of the people online. 

Facebook Reels is the latest perk and it is more interesting. If you want to learn more about Facebook Reels and it's better uses. Keep reading this content, or go to ettvi blog.

Key Features of FB Reels Downloader

One thing we do care about is the user experience. If we provide a better user experience, we feel that the tool is ready to serve its audience. Highlighting some of the key features which distinguish us from the rest of the SEO tools providers. 

Fetches Thumbnail:

The best facebook downloader we have developed has the feature to recognize the thumbnail of the video quickly, it gives you a chance to decide before downloading to see if you have generated the download link of the right video. 

Original Audio: 

Our system is developed in a way, where we do not lack the audio behind the videos, even though we give you a chance to choose between the qualities of the audio in the reels. For instance, you can choose from 128KBps, to 256 KBps.

Save Directly:

You can download the video directly to any of the devices. In your phone, you can download the reels video in your gallery. If it comes to your desktop or laptop, you can get the videos saved to the location of your choice. 


This FB Reels Downloader is better in experience because it gives access to anyone to download from anywhere around the world. 

Free for Lifetime:

FB Reels Downloader at ettvi has been developed to serve our existing users. We want to give them every available service for free of cost. We do not even have any near future plans to charge for such services. 

Unlimited Downloads:

You won’t face payment issues, you won't get signup messages. You are given a chance to download as many videos as you want in a day. We track your cookies only to give you better experience and to learn from your interactions with our system. 

OS Independent:

We have taken the major issue into account, as we are a website, we have eradicated the issue of being android or ios users. We have provided a universal system which is compatible for any operating system and provides the same experience across all platforms. 

Secure Process:

We do not fetch any sensitive information, we get the URL you provide to download the facebook reel, our system crawls the URL, fetches the preview(if available) and gives you the best available options to choose from before initiating a download. There is no login, a card is required. Only cookies are fetched, again to provide you with the best user experience.

Facebook Videos and Reels Difference

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Frequently Ask Questions

How can I download Videos from Facebook Reels?

FB Reels Download starts with having a reel’s link with you. If you got the link, follow the few steps.

  • Paste the Link the ETTVI’s FB Reels Downloader
  • Choose from the quality of the videos
  • Choose from the audio type
  • Click on Download Video Button, Enjoy!

From where can I download fb reels?

You cannot download reels directly from Facebook. You have to use a Reels Downloader and to find out the feasible downloaders, you can use a few queries on google to find us and many others like us.

  • Download Facebook Reels
  • FB Reels Downloader
  • FB Reels Video Downloader
  • Download Facebook Reels Video
  • FB Reels Downloader Free

There are many other queries through which you can access our tool and many others from the internet.

Can I save FB Reels directly to my Phone Gallery?

A Big Yes, if you use FB Reels downloader on your phone and download any video, it will be automatically saved to the gallery and you can share it anywhere you want.

Can I download FB Reels from a private video?

Yes, you can download any reel video from a private account using ettvi’s advanced reels downloader. You can download reel of any length.

Download FB Reels Online in Desktop

Downloading FB Reels directly to your desktop has no difference, you just need to repeat the steps you already know on the desktop version of Reels downloader. We have a website compatible with every browser and you can access it from anywhere and download video to any place on your computer.

How to download FB Reels for Free?

Downloading FB Reels for free is made easy with ETTVI’s FB Reels Downloader, it is one of the advanced innovations we did for the facebook users and we are facilitating our existing users. You can download videos any time without any limits.

How to Use FB Reels Video Downloader?

Using FB Reels Downloader is as easy as reading the answer to this question.

  • Copy the Link from FB Reels
  • Paste the Link to FB Reels Downlaoder
  • Choose the Quality of your choice
  • Click the “Download Reel” Button
  • Yahhoooo! You got the Video Saved.

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