An AI Brain to help you Generate powerful custom AI prompts.

Ettvi's AI Custom prompts generator generates AI prompts that are customized and programmable. You can modify the prompts according to your preferred tone, style, and subject to produce original material that suits their requirements.

An AI Brain to help you Generate powerful custom AI prompts
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Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator

AI Custom Prompts Generator

Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator

The key to crafting an effective AI prompt is specificity. To expedite the creation of your ideal text or spreadsheet formula prompt using OpenAI, you can apply AI prompts provided by Ettvi. It works like magic.


How It Works

How to use Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator

Using Ettvi's AI prompt generator is relatively easy and helpful. It helps you in your daily life working and saves you valuable time. You have to put the task, topic, style & tone step-by-step, and it will generate the best prompts. Let's see how you can utilize custom prompts in many ways.

Step 1: To create an AI prompt, define your goal and gather data.

Step 2: Pick up the customized prompt from Ettvi. Next, write a clear, concise prompt to guide the AI you're using to generate your desired output.

Step 3: Finally, test and iterate on your prompt until you achieve the desired results. With patience and creativity, you'll have a fantastic AI prompt to help you automate tasks and enhance your workflows!

How to use Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator
Why use Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator

Why use

Why use Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator

Generating prompts is an art. It is a kind of art that calls for not just technical proficiency but also an awareness of the language, culture, and psychology surrounding it. AI prompts writing differs from writing for humans in that you must think about how the AI should understand the prompt and the material.

Time- saver

Users may generate engaging and successful prompts using a chatbot prompt writer while saving time and effort.

Enhance UX

Ettvi's prompts generator offers more exciting and valuable responses, greatly enhancing the user experience.

One tool- every demand

Anything from conversation scripts, music lyrics, college essays, and horror plot tales! We are prepared to fulfill any of your artistic demands.

Diverse genres and styles

Ettvi's AI Prompt Generator can produce writing prompts on every topic you want. Additionally, it may provide prompts in various genres, including comedic, poetic, realistic, and more.

Customized prompts

Ettvi offers the option to personalize the creative writing prompts it provides. You can review and edit the text, add or delete details, and make structural changes.


FAQs about Ettvi's AI Custom Prompts Generator

How does Ettvi's AI prompt tool work?

Ettvi's prompt generator uses powerful algorithms. With its vast prompt library and robust algorithms based on NLP and artificial intelligence, Ettvi's prompt generator is unmatched for ChatGPT and ChatGPT 4 usage. The required data is carefully examined to produce thought-provoking prompts that lead to more sophisticated outcomes.

How do you write an Effective AI prompt to drive the best results?

Creating a compelling AI prompt is essential to getting the desired output from language models such as ChatGPT. Here are some pointers to help you do that:

  • Clarity
  • Context
  • Completeness
  • Instruction
  • Open-ended vs. close-ended

How to make a structure of an AI prompt?

Depending on the type of output you're looking for—written, spreadsheet, code, etc.—your AI prompt's structure will change. For written AI outputs, give a task, topic, audience, style, tone, length, and structure. When responding to spreadsheet prompts, indicate the platform you're using, go into detail about what you want to do, and include details about your data range, including the cells, sheet name, and whether or not it has a header, column, or row reference. Bonus: Please supply the function to be used if you know it!

What are the criteria for a powerful AI prompt?

Developing a compelling and valuable prompt can differentiate between a successful and unsuccessful outcome. More subtle and thorough suggestions are required for different AI models intended to perform various kinds of jobs, including content or picture production.

What are the key advantages of using Ettvi's Prompt generator?

The main benefits of an AI prompt generator include:

  • Giving bloggers SEO-friendly ideas by inserting pertinent keywords.
  • Producing prompts, especially for social media content, to increase reach across platforms.
  • Generating AI images.
  • Increasing productivity by creating a variety of stimulating prompts.
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