Why External and Internal Links are Important for SEO

Why External and Internal Links are Important for SEO

If you want to improve your SEO strategy, you should know the difference between external and internal links and how they are helpful in SEO.

Author: Zaryab Khan

Published On: 01-11-2022

Seo Technical SEO   Why External and Internal Links are Important for SEO


Relevant internal and external links improve your website's search visibility and rank in the search engines. Hyperlinks on a page of your site are known as internal links. These links direct the visitor or reader to your targeted page on your website. In contrast, external links are the hyperlinks to direct the readers to a page on another reputable website. 

The concept of external links may seem counterintuitive - after all, you don't want customers to leave your site by clicking on external links. For SEO purposes, you may, however, be able to appear to be an authority if you link to trustworthy content (from authority sites, not spam-like sites).

It would help if you remembered that other websites and companies can also give external links to your website or page links in their content. Let suppose your site has a great blog post with detailed information about a specific topic; another website or company may provide a link to that URL as a good source for their post or blog. 

You may have heard it as a backlink. 

These two kinds of hyperlinks are the key to improving your rank on the search engine result page.

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