What are the Benefits of an Online Plagiarism Checker Tool?

What are the Benefits of an Online Plagiarism Checker Tool?

An online plagiarism checker can help improve your writing and check that it is completely unique to avoid legal issues.

Author: Qasim Agha Khan

Published On: 08-03-2023

Seo On-Page SEO   What are the Benefits of an Online Plagiarism Checker Tool?

What are the Benefits of an Online Plagiarism Checker Tool?

Article or blog writing on any topic is now just a piece of cake for everyone because all kinds of information are available on Google by hundreds of many other authors. This allows one to get information and apply it to his topic quickly. 

If someone uses other resources and publishes articles precisely as written in his article, this is a kind of digital theft simply known as plagiarized content. Avoid plagiarism; the online plagiarism-checking tool serves a great job.

So whether you’re an academic writer or a blogger, you should use a plagiarism tool to ensure your content is unique, creative, and plagiarism free. Doing so will increase your work's credibility and significantly contribute to your professional career.

Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the top advantages of online plagiarism checker tools so that you have a better understanding of their importance in writing.

Plagiarism Checker Tool: An Effective Way To Create Unique Content

Using an online plagiarism tool such as ETTVI’s Plagiarism Detector , you can evaluate your text for plagiarism or any other similarity issues. Using the plagiarism checker, any content can be identified as unique and duplicated quite easily, regardless of length. To check your content for plagiarism, you just have to upload your document to a plagiarism checker. A few seconds are all it takes to figure out whether it is original or copied.

To make your content a unique and creative piece of writing from all others, you just need a good plagiarism checker tool that will evaluate your texts within a short turnover and let your article be the best and distinguishable from others.


A plagiarism tool can offer uncountable benefits that will enhance your writing process. Let's take a closer look at all the characteristics of a plagiarism tool.

  • Assists in Creating Credible Content

The plagiarism checker tool evaluates your content against hundreds of databases of Google so that it can be rated for plagiarism and uniqueness. This helps you make a credible source, as there is no similarity in your content to any other source. Consequently, your article has a higher ranking since it has more value. In this way, making a credible source of information is now not a challenging task with the help of these fantastic plagiarism checker tools. These tools can be used correctly to produce good quality articles that are regarded as trustworthy.

  • Enhance Your Paraphrasing Skills

Plagiarism tools are not only bounded for detecting the ratio of plagiarism in your content or for providing you with a plagiarism report. Also, plagiarism checkers are very useful for polishing your writing skills. When you use a plagiarism checker tool, you’ll see it will highlight all the copied text, and then you will use your paraphrasing skills to rewrite that piece of content. This way, you can practice rewriting skills repeatedly, giving you more confidence in your writing abilities.

  • Trace the Original Sources

By using a plagiarism checker tool, you can not only detect the plagiarism score of your content, but it also helps you to track the resources from which your content matches. This will help you see the sources from which your content is matched. After that, you can rewrite them to make them fresh and original writing pieces. Alternatively,those sources can also be conveniently included in your work's citations.

Pro Tip: Suppose you’re a blogger or content writer and have created many articles for your clients, but you can’t figure out where your articles are published. In that case, you can get help from a plagiarism checker tool to find out the source where your articles are published, and you can add their links to your portfolio.

  • Results in Efficient Performance

In this era of digitalization, manual means of checking your plagiarism from your content now sound outdated and tiring task.No one has enough time to spend hours or even days comparing content from all other sources. An online plagiarism tool provides quick and accurate results in just a few clicks, making their use more demanding. These AI-based tools allow you to just hand over your content to them, and in a few minutes, they’ll track all the plagiarism reports of your content.

  • Ensures Clarity in the Content

The clarity in your content is something; with it, your content can stand out best among others. As a writer, you can’t deny its importance, and you must know the tips and tricks to make your content more precise for your audience so that they can be engaged with your content, and you can get more leads with this. So plagiarism checker helps you to be more concise and transparent in your content-generating process so that it will be the best piece of writing in google, and you can easily enjoy ranking your article.

Who Can Benefit From Plagiarism Checker Tools?

A plagiarism checker tool is an essential component of any blogging site or content creation program. The following audience can benefit from an effective and productive plagiarism checker:


  • Content Writers

To maintain the uniqueness and credibility of content, content writers surely need an online plagiarism checker tool that helps them to identify duplicated content in their content and rewrite that in another way to improve the quality of writing.

Moreover, if we talk about bloggers, they should also add an online plagiarism tool. Because bloggers need a variety of blogs for their sites, they must be all unique and engaging enough to stand out in their blogs to be distinctive from all others. 


  • Web Masters

There are several factors to consider regarding higher rankings and better search engine optimization. A web master's priority will always be to ensure their website copies are unique, which will determine their search engine ranking position. 

In this respect, ETTVI offers an online plagiarism checker tool that can find duplicate content quickly and help you to create your web copies most efficiently.


  • Students

For academic assignments and tasks, students also can get tremendous advantages by using an online plagiarism tool that will help them to identify the plagiarism percentage in their work so they can paraphrase again to increase the quality of their assignments.

Also, submitting a plagiarism report with the assignment is mandatory for some academic purposes. ETTVI's online plagiarism tool provides a plagiarism report at no charge, which is another great benefit for students.


  • Researchers

When it comes to researchers, they can't do a minute bit of plagiarism in their research work. For a researcher, a plagiarism tool is the best way to ensure their research reports are free of pirated content or copied content from other sources.

With a plagiarism detection tool, researchers can detect plagiarized content in their papers, proposals, theses, and reports. They can also add a plagiarism report that certifies the quality of the article.



Duplicated content can never be an acceptable option at any cost for a blogger or copywriter as well. It can harm the writer's professional career, so it is necessary to ensure that you have removed all types of plagiarism. You would be better off using one of the online plagiarism tools instead of manually checking for plagiarism since manual checks have a high probability of human errors.

ETTVI has a plagiarism tool available for detecting plagiarism in your content and ensuring a truly unique piece of writing has been provided. As well as offering you a plagiarism report, it offers you a certified original source for your work. It is very simple to get access to this tool by using it online.

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