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Majestic SEO Tools

A Comprehensive Guide and Review - The kingpin and paramount strategy for online success in the ever-advancing world of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO).

Author: Aqsa Ikhlaq

Published On: 22-05-2024

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Majestic SEO Tools - A Comprehensive Guide and Review

The kingpin and paramount strategy for online success in the ever-advancing world of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Majestic Cloud SEO is definitely a leader among numerous SEO tools, empowering you with strong features to enhance your website's visibility and surpass organic traffic limits. 

In this deep-dive guide and review, we'll break down the rich landscape of Majestic SEO Tools. All while getting to the heart of its main functions and the potential they hold for transforming your SEO journey.

Overview of Majestic SEO Tools

The Majestic SEO Tools offers everything a website manager needs, such as a website link profile, backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis. The database of Majestic contains billions of webpages and, thus, offers vast information to infuse data to evolve your SEO strategies and decision-making processes. Digital marketers can get the assistance of Majestic to find out various features like high-quality backlink opportunities and keyword potential that are unknown to them, which will help them succeed in the present competitive online environment.

The platform established its reputation on crawling and backlink tracking, and it accomplishes both of these rather effectively, even if it didn't make the list of Editors' Choice SEO tools.

Let’s move forward to find out more about Majestic SEO Tools!

Key Features and Functionalities

Backlink Analysis 

With the help of the Majestic backlink tool, users can see and compare the link profiles of websites and other parameters such as Trust flow, Citation flow, and Topical trust flow. This improves link-building and increases an online business’s relevance and credibility, leading to better SEO rankings.

Site Explorer 

Site Explorer is available to users to explore the backlinks of any website/web page. As such, it provides users with numerous link profile data to facilitate the identification of hidden knowledge and reach the expected conclusion, including the anchor text distribution, identification of referring domains and pages, and much more.

 Keyword Research 

Majestic's keyword research tool gives users an option to uncover new keyword opportunities within search trends and keyword rankings. With the help of components like Keyword Difficulty and Keyword Volume, users can pinpoint those keywords which are likely to influence their rankings on search engines and offer a head start in driving organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis 

Majestic's most powerful feature is its competitor analysis tool that enables the website's owner to compare their performance with the "outside" world. Through studying backlinks, keyword rankings, and other SEO methods of competitors, users are fully capable of pinpointing weak points and creating strategies for better deals.


  • Extensive backlink indexing and domain analysis tools

  • Deep crawling capability.

  • Solid reporting.

  • Browser plugins.

  • Include helpful names and FAQs for supporters.

  • Added campaign functionality.

  • BuzzSumo integration.


  • Not even keyword difficulties nor rankings are available.

  • There is nothing like that on SERP or the landing page.

  • No CPC/PPC metrics.

  • The advent of customized Majestic metrics may look like they are complex.

Pricing Plans

Majestic pricing plans start from the Lowest Price, which is € 46.99 per user monthly for the Lite plan and €94.99 Monthly for the Pro, and the API plan is €379.99 billed month-to-month. The starter tier is best suited for "domainers" and light users, claims Majestic SEO. It provides you with 1 million analysis units every month and also comes with access to the new Fresh Index of crawled domains, the Site Explorer Tool, Trust Flow Metrics, campaigns, a bulk backlink checking tool, and an OpenApps embed tool for third-party applications.

The pro plan provides 20 million analysis units every month, and the API plan will give you the chance to 100 million analysis units.

LITE Monthly

PRO Monthly

API Monthly

€ 46.99



1 million analysis units 

20 million analysis units 

100 million analysis units


Majestic SEO Tools is an effective application for the implementation of SEO strategies and optimization of a website to increase its exposure and receive more organic traffic in a rapidly developing world of digital marketing. A few of the more prominent are site analysis, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis which should give digital marketers everything they need to excel online. 

Indeed, Majestic is a great backlink indexing service with strong web crawling and important features like Trust and Citation Flow. Mainly, there is no keyword difficulty and ranking metrics; yet, its availability in backlink indexing and domain analysis makes it valuable for serious SEO experts.

Leverage it for improving website performance, surpassing competitors, and accomplishing digital marketing objectives, as it offers products and affordable prices for all users.


1. Which payment methods are accepted by Majestic SEO Tools?

Majestic SEO Tools allows their clients to pay using Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal for both monthly and annual subscription plans.

2. Is there any money-back guarantee for new subscribers?

Absolutely, Majestic provides a 7-day money-back guarantee for new customers who buy their first-ever subscription plan. Get in touch with support to ask for a refund.

3. Can Majestic provide offline billing alternatives?

Yes, Majestic provides the offline billing for annual plans at the Pro level and above. Talk to support to arrange an offline plan.

4. Is it possible for me to get a PDF invoice for my subscription payment?

Definitely, PDF invoices are there when you log in to your Majestic account on the invoices page.

5. What is the process to terminate my Majestic subscription plan?

For PayPal users, log into your PayPal account and then cancel the subscription as instructed on Majestic's PayPal subscription cancellation page. For credit card holders, monthly plans can be cancelled on the "My Subscriptions" page by choosing "Cancel Future Billings" next to the plan.

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