How To Use Yoast Readability Analysis Tool To Improve Content Quality?

How To Use Yoast Readability Analysis Tool To Improve Content Quality?

The readability of the content is just like the soul of the content. With it, your content will be ranked by Google and provide you with conversions.

Author: Qasim Agha Khan

Published On: 06-04-2023

Seo Basic SEO   How To Use Yoast Readability Analysis Tool To Improve Content Quality?

How To Use Yoast Readability Analysis Tool To Improve Content Quality?

The readability of the content is just like the soul of the content. With it, your content will be ranked by Google and provide you with conversions. Therefore, If you’re a blogger or an article writer, you must make your content more understandable and engaging to increase readers' reading time. Producing readable content is not an impossible task with Yoast, as this remarkable tool helps you in the best way to improve the quality of your content by enhancing its readability score. 

If you’re new to this tool, then take into account that this tool will serve you two purposes. First, it will help you to make your content SEO optimized, and another feature, it facilitates the users to improve the readability of their content.

In this article, We’ll give you quick insights about how to use this tool to make your content more readable, increasing your conversions and google ranking of your article.

Working of Yoast Readability Analysis Tool

Before knowing the use of this tool, you need to understand its working and how it can help you increase the readability score of your content. This is a readability checker tool that will not only tell you the readability score of your content but also provides you with guidelines for improving it also.


Yoast Readability Analysis Tool analyzes the content for the following factors which contributes to creating readable content:

  • Choice of Words 

  • Transition Words

  • Sentence Length

  • Sentence Subject 

  • Paragraph Length

  • Syntactic Voice 

  • Subheadings

    All these factors when constructed and used according to Yoast’s readability guidelines, improves the quality of your content. Yes. For your ease, Yoast Readability Analysis Tool provides instructions on how to resolve readability issues.

    Steps to Use Yoast Readability Analysis Tool

    Earlier, we discussed the significance of readability in making your content the best in quality. We will discuss how conveniently this tool can be used by following some relatively easy steps.


    Step 1:Paste Your Content

    First, you need to pass all of your content through this tool. To do this, you only need to copy your entire content and paste it into this tool or add a URL to it. In just a few seconds, you will be presented with a content assessment report.

    Step 2:Check Assessment Report

    There will be three different types of colored bullets displayed in the results, orange, red, and green. To avoid such issues, you should pay attention to the areas with orange bullets next time. You are not required to change them. As for the red points, they represent problematic issues in your content that need to be addressed.

    In addition, this tool provides a total score, which is determined by the color of the lights, orange, red, and green. For your content to be readability-focused, you should make that overall score green.

    Step 3:Track Unreadable Parts

    If you need help figuring out what parts of your content could be more problematic, this tool can also help. To find out, click on the view icon, which will show you the parts in your content where you have made mistakes.

    Here is an example to help you better understand.

    Red points appear in the section titled "Use of Transition Words" on your content assessment report. The problem is that you need help finding sentences where the connection has yet to be maintained. Once you click on the view option, it will show you the highlighted sentences in your content, just like shown in the picture given below:

    Important Readability Checks and Guidelines

    After using the tool for your content’s readability analysis, it is also essential for you to understand how it works perfectly for your quality content. So now we’ll discuss all those guidelines one by one on which this tool's assessment focus and resultantly provides you with quality content.


    • Construct Sentences in Active Voice

    Using passive voice sentences in your content makes your content complex and confusing to understand. Your sentences become ambiguous, and your reader will need more time to comprehend what you are trying to say. The tool will indicate red points if you use more than the average ratio of passive voice expressions.

    Therefore, according to the checks of this tool, it is better to use minimal passive voice sentences in your content.

    • Don't Write Longer Paragraphs

    Some writers make extremely long paragraphs in their content that will decrease the readability score and give a disorienting view to the reader. Therefore you should avoid this mistake and break your long paragraphs into shorter ones. This tool assures that you have used fewer long paragraphs.  

    Doing so will enhance your readability, and your content will look more apparent and more pleasing. 

    • Add a Variety of Transition Words

    Like the walls connecting houses to their neighbors, transition words serve the same purpose. To maintain connectivity and create a defined link between the sentences, the use of transition words plays a significant role. You can easily keep the reader's interest by using transition words such as however, in addition, most importantly, etc.

    Using this tool, you can ensure that your sentences are connected naturally by using transition words.

    • Avoid Writing Consecutive Sentences 

    Writing errors commonly occur when writers use exactly the same words at the start of their sentences. Your reader will not appreciate it if you repeat words they might find annoying. Always using different words at the beginning of each sentence will assist your reader in gaining diverse information.

    You also get a report regarding whether repetition of words has been used in your content through this readability checker tool.

    • Restrain From Using Complex Wording

    It becomes challenging for users to understand complicated terms and words that are not commonly used. Therefore, to generate high-quality content, it is obligatory to use as straightforward wording as possible. This will help users understand your concepts better and boost your content's readability score.

    To make sure you use less complex wording, this tool highlights all complicated words that are pretty hard to read so you can replace them and maintain your readability score.

    • Use Subheadings to Organize Data 

    You should divide your information into subheadings to engage your reader with your content. There should be fewer long paragraphs with subheadings so the reader can understand what is being discussed. This will help engage the audience as you concisely explain what you are doing.

    But by use of appropriate headings, the user can easily understand the topic, which will be a plus point to the improved user experience of your blog.

    • Write Simple and Concise Sentences 

    This is a very crucial factor while writing down any type of content. People usually make the mistake of overstuffing sentences with words, which will leave a wrong impression on the reader. According to Yoast's readability analysis, the average recommended word in a sentence is 20 words.

     If you exceed this limit, it will suggest you condense the sentence. This will help your reader comprehend your information and enhance your readability score easily.

    How to Access Yoast Readability Checker?

    With Yoast, you can access readability checker in two ways: online as a tool or through its WordPress and Shopify plugins. These two options offer maximum productivity of this tool without causing any inconvenience.

    We'll see how both of these ways can give you access to this useful SEO tool:

    • Web-based Tool

    Yoast readability analysis tool is available as an online tool by which you can easily take advantage of its efficient productivity. By searching for this tool on Google, you will be able to locate it quickly.

    • Integrated Plugin

    Aside from the online tool, this tool is also available as integrated plugins in WordPress and Shopify CMS. You just have to do your work and the plugin will inform you of your readability score simultaneously.

    Bottom Line

    Increasing your blog's readability will help your blog grow and improve its quality. The Yoast readability analysis tool can help you in this regard to help you improve your readability score as well as provide you with guidelines to make your content view easier to understand and convert your conversions more quickly.

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