How to Save an Instagram Story with Music Without Sharing It

How to Save an Instagram Story with Music Without Sharing It

In this article, we will show you how to download an Instagram story with music without downloading it

Author: Umar

Published On: 22-06-2024

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Instagram Stories are a familiar format for sharing brief, attention-grabbing content with friends and followers. Such stories also contain music, which makes them even more engaging. However, what if I want to save an Instagram story with music without even posting it to my profile? This article will discuss how to save your Instagram Stories with music so that you can have these moments without actually having to post them. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve this.

Why Save Instagram Stories with Music?

Personal Memories

Recording events with background music that corresponds to the event or occasion.

Future Use

Scheduling of content to be shared online without posting it in the nearest future.

Creative Projects

Reproducing the story in other artistic products, or in social media accounts or posts.

Ways to Save Instagram Stories with Music

  1. 1. Using Instagram's Native Features

  2. Create Your Story

Launch the Instagram application and use the right swipe to get to the Story creation screen.

  • Make a video or take a photo

Click on the musical note icon at the top right corner and choose a song that you want to include in your Story.

  • Save the Story

Once you’ve produced the story with the music of your choice, click on the download option, which is a downward arrow with a line beneath it, located at the top of the app’s screen. This will save the Story to your device’s gallery or camera roll.

Note: This method is only effective if music on Instagram is available in your location.

2. Screen Recording

If the above method do not meet your needs, then the use of screen recording is the optimal solution.

  • Enable Screen Recording

  1. For iOS

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap on the gear icon, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, and add Screen Recording.

  1. For Android

The majority of the latest gadgets come pre-installed with a screen recorder function located in the Quick Settings menu.

  • Record Your Story
    1. Go to Instagram and find your Story section.
    2. Begin the screen recording feature in your device
    3. Play the story with music playing and set the recording option on.
    4. When the Story is over, freeze the recording and the video will be stored in the gallery or camera roll.


3. Third Party Apps

Here are a couple of third-party applications which can be used to download Instagram Stories with music.

  • StorySaver

  1. First, you can download the Instagram StorySaver App directly from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Open the application and enter your Instagram account information to sign in.

      3. Look for your Story and click on it to open it.

      4. Click on the download option to download it to your devices.

  • Ettvi’s Insta story Saver

Instagram Story Saver by Ettvi is an efficient application that is meant to assist anyone in saving stories from the Instagram platform with ease. This conveniently organized application lets you save stories with background music and have them in the user’s device as a standalone feature without the necessity of sharing it to their profile. For those who are intending to preserve the personal memories, for those who want to organize the content to share at some point in the future or for those who simply want to use the content in their creatives, Ettvi’s Insta Story Saver is all that takes a few clicks to save the moments.

  • Repost Story for Instagram

  1. Install Repost Story for Instagram app on your device.

  1. Start by launching the application and then signing in with your Instagram account.

  1. Navigate to the Story that you would like to archive.

  1. Save the Instagram Story with music to your device utilizing the save button.


 Saving an Instagram Story with music but without sharing it can also be quite easy and can be practiced in the following ways. No matter whether you want to utilize native options of Instagram, record what is on the screen or use various applications, it is very simple to capture all the moments accompanied by your favorite music. It permits saving personal memories, creating materials for future usage, or beautifying artistic projects without the necessity to share it in the platform instantly.


Is it possible for me to download a story on Instagram with music and not share it on my story page?

Yes, it is possible to download an Instagram Story with music without actually posting it by downloading on Instagram itself, recording the screen, or by using third applications like StorySaver and Ettvi’s Insta Story Saver.

Is it legal to use third-party apps to save Instagram Stories?

There are numerous apps third-party that can help save Instagram Stories but it is crucial to use them properly based on Instagram’s terms of use. It is also important to note that you do not infringe on any copyright laws or regulation set down by the Instagram platform.

Why isn't the music saving with my Instagram Story?

This can be so, if the music library of Instagram is not supported in that particular country/area or there are some limitations of the respective apps. Therefore, when such scenarios present themselves, an option is to use the screen recording tool or third-party apps.

Do I need to log in to third-party apps with my Instagram credentials?

Yes, this feature seems to be standard on most third-party apps, where you have to sign in using your Instagram login details in order to retrieve and save your Stories. Be careful when typing your login details and only do this after you are sure the app is genuine.

Can I edit the saved Instagram Story after recording or downloading it?

Yes, once the Story is saved on your device, the video can always be edited using any video edition application, for cutting or adding a filter or other changes.

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