6 Tools that will Improve the Quality of Your Blog Content

6 Tools that will Improve the Quality of Your Blog Content

A top six list of online resources, tools, and applications that will best help you improve the quality of your blog content.

Author: Qasim Agha Khan

Published On: 26-03-2023

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6 Tools that will Improve the Quality of Your Blog Content

No matter what type of blog you are running or which niches you are targeting, if your content quality isn’t up to the standard, then there’s no gain. The content must be relevant, unique, readable, and engaging for your readers. There’s no other way around it. 

We are here to give you a quick overview of tools that can improve the quality of your blog content if you use them in the right way.

Title Generator

The very first tool that you need to jumpstart your blog writing process is the title generator. This is because the headline of your blog article somehow has a significant impact on its content quality. Using a title generator tool, you can easily find great ideas to write your article titles. 

A title generator is an advanced tool that takes only a second to suggest various headlines related to your keyword or topic. You just need to specify what you are going to write about, and it will have you all covered. 

No matter what type of blog article you need to write, just enter a relevant query and see how the title generator helps you to:

  • Find potential ideas for the article title 

  • Improve the wording and intent of the title 

  • Make the title clearer and SEO-friendly 

  • Add powerful or emotional words in the title

  • Perfect the length and structure of the title

  • Create perfect titles for listicle articles

  • Write trendy headlines for articles

You might find it surprising, but a title generator that is based on AI technology can understand your content intent and accordingly suggest the best titles. In case you are unsure what type of article you should write about a specified topic, just enter your topic name or keyword and see the magic. 

It will take only a moment to suggest different types of titles which you can use for your article and make sure that it is written in the best way possible. Remember that the better the title you’ll choose, the more relevant and readable your article will be.


Readability Checker

The content you create must be “easy to read” for the audience, or it will be difficult for you to rank it. This is because content readability has a direct impact on user experience. Everything that constitutes your content, including words, sentences, headings, and paragraphs, must be clear, concise, and well-structured to make it readable. 

Using a readability checker, you can analyze the following aspects of your content and determine how well it is written in terms of reading level:

  • Choice of Words 

  • Transition Words

  • Sentence Length

  • Sentence Subject 

  • Paragraph Length

  • Passive Construction 

  • Subheading Distribution

Based on advanced algorithms, a readability checker will look into all these factors and highlight the readability score along with issues which has a bad impact on readability. There are some readability analysis tools, such as Yoast SEO, which not only provide the readability report but guide on how to enhance the readability as well. 

Always check your content through a readability checker in order to make sure that it is good to go. If the readability checker signals the “Green Light”, then this means that your content quality is satisfactory. 


Grammar Checker

Grammatical accuracy is another most factor that contributes to ensuring content quality. If your content has grammar errors such as spelling, punctuation, or subject-verb agreement issues, then your reader will not prefer going through it. For sure, neither the search engine nor the reader would like to go through your content if it lacks grammatical accuracy. 

This is why it is important for you to analyze your content through a Grammar Checker before submission. The grammar tool will not only highlight the issues but provide you with pertinent writing suggestions also. 

It is recommended to use an AI grammar checker such as Grammarly or Linguix to scan your content for common grammatical mistakes such as:

  • Misspelled words

  • Incorrect subject-verb agreement 

  • Missed commas, colons, and other marks

  • Wrong choice of words 

  • Unclear sentence structure 

  • Incorrect grammatical forms

The grammar checker which you use must be user-friendly and effective in terms of accuracy and speed. It should flag and resolve all the grammar issues within a few seconds. In case you want to get a premium tool for grammar checking, then Grammarly is the best option. 

However, keep in mind that you can not blindly follow the pertinent suggestions provided by a grammar checker since human intelligence is way better than Ai. It is best to learn from it, rather than relying upon it.


AI-based Rewriter

A few powerful AI tools are available that rewrite a piece of content with 100% accuracy. Using such tools can help the best to improve content quality since they rewrite the content in more engaging, clearer wording. AI-based rewriters basically provide pertinent suggestions for words, grammar, and style. 

Improved readability, greater consistency, and enhanced appeal — an advanced AI rewriter can help you maintain all elements of quality content. You just need to select the words, phrases, or sentences, and it will highlight all the possible ways to improve their quality. 

If you use an AI-based rewriter such as Wordtune, Linguix, or Wors AI then you’ll be able to:

  • Improve choice of words 

  • Perfect the tone and style

  • Enhance the readability 

  • Make it more appealing

  • Remove the plagiarism

The best about rewriting tools is that they enable you to present your content in unique and better wording according to the required style of writing, e.g, formal or casual. However, it is essential to choose the right tool when rewriting, as not every AI rewriter works effectively.  

Whenever you rewrite your content using an AI tool, make sure that it substitutes synonyms as per the context and restructures sentences without compromising quality. It should make your content quality better, not change the inherent meaning. 


Content Generator

The use of AI content generators has been significantly increasing as of 2023. Interestingly enough, Google itself has declared that AI content which is helpful for the audience is acceptable. This means that if you create content using a well-taught AI with a human-first strategy in mind, then your blog article can easily rank. 

Since the use of AI-based content generators is no longer prohibited, you can surely leverage it to improve the quality of your content. You just need to specify a keyword, title, or topic name. The rest is well-handled by the AI content generator. 

The AI Content Generators, such as Chat GPT and Jasper, take only a second to provide you with 1000% accurate content in the following step-by-step method:

  • Understand the search intent and requirements 

  • Analyzes all the already published content online 

  • Extract the required and relevant content results 

  • Present the required data in a well-structured form

  • Make sure the content is unique and readable 

Using an AI content generator, you can find precise and better ideas about how to cover a particular title or heading. Even if you don’t use it to get plagiarism-free content for your blog, you can use it to boost your creativity in a shorter time period. 

You should try it once to understand how perfectly it fetches data from the top-ranking sites and present it just as you require. It isn’t always recommended to use content generators since there’s always a risk of plagiarism when it comes to automated content creation. 


Plagiarism Checker

The content you are creating for your blog shouldn’t match with any other resource, or else it will result in plagiarism. You can use a plagiarism checker to compare it with billions of web pages and find it out if there’s any duplication. The use of plagiarism checking tools is important for every blogger as content quality can not be maintained if there’s plagiarism. 

The plagiarism checker makes it quite easy to determine the uniqueness and duplication of any piece of content, regardless of the length. You just need to upload your content to a plagiarism checker. It barely takes a moment to tell you whether it is original or copied from other resources.

When you are done writing your blog content, make sure to scan it through a plagiarism checker, as it can help you in the following ways:

  • Detect duplicate phrases and sentences

  • Highlight copied content (line by line)

  • Measure plagiarism and uniqueness percentage 

  • Track source links (in case plagiarism is detected)

Using a plagiarism checker, you can easily find out which parts of your blog content are plagiarized. The plagiarism checker not only tells you whether your content is unique or not, in fact, it helps you to identify duplicate content as well as trace the sources with which it matches. 

Now, if you are still thinking about how plagiarism checker helps to improve content quality, then here’s a straightforward answer. For sure, you would never want readers to run away from your article or search engine to de-rank your blog just because there’s duplicate content on it. This is why it is mandatory for you to ensure the uniqueness of your content before publishing it.

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