5 Best Alternatives for Google URL Shortener

5 Best Alternatives for Google URL Shortener

URL shorteners are essential tools for SEO, as these are used to make long links more manageable and trackable. Whether you're looking for a free URL shortener or a premium link management tool

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Published On: 25-06-2024

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URL shorteners are essential tools for SEO, as these are used to make long links more manageable and trackable. Whether you're looking for a free URL shortener or a feature-rich premium link management tool, there are various options available.

Here, we'll explore the top five URL shorteners that can serve as reliable alternatives to Google URL shorteners.


ETTVI's Link Shortener tool optimizes links to any web page or social media post to track the source of incoming traffic and target your focus to optimize the URL structure. You can easily create short URLs in bulk and track their analytics. Moreover, ETTVI’s URL Shortener makes it easy to turn long URLs into short, keyword-rich links. You can choose from four modes:

  • Shorten a Link
  • Shorten the URLs in bulk
  • Customize the URLs
  • Track URL Analytics

URL Shortener offers a range of features to simplify and enhance your URL management. You can quickly shorten a single link or shorten multiple URLs in bulk with ease. This link-shortening tool allows customization and you can create branded short links by adding keywords to your URLs. 

Beyond just shortening, ETTVI’s free URL Shortener also tracks URL analytics. It provides insights into impressions, clicks, click-through rates, traffic sources, and references. This comprehensive functionality makes it a valuable tool for managing and optimizing your online links.

Instantly get the best short URL for any web page. Go to ETTVI’s URL Shortener and follow these steps: First, enter the URL of your web page in the search bar. Then, press the “Short URL” button to activate the tool. Once the button is clicked, the tool will automatically generate and display the results. This includes the site title, the original URL and the short link. Now simply click on the “Copy” button.


Bitly offers a powerful link management platform. you can easily organize and manage your links. This includes options such as tags and categorizing links, tracking link performance over time and managing link redirects.

It allows you to create short links that can be customized to reflect your brand. Instead of generic shortened URLs, you can add your own branding to the links. It makes them more recognizable and trustworthy to their audience. 

It integrates seamlessly with various marketing tools and platforms, such as social media management systems, email marketing services, and CRM software. This integration helps streamline workflows and enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Its advanced feature is its comprehensive analytics. Bitly provides detailed insights like how links are performing. It includes Click-through rates, geographic data, Referrer data and Time-based analytics to understand the sources of traffic and see when your links are most active.

Bitly has launched a mobile app for its users to shorten, share, and track links on the go. This is particularly useful for marketers and social media managers who need to work from different locations.


TinyURL is a straightforward and user-friendly link shortener that allows you to create short links without needing to sign up for an account. This simplicity makes it accessible to anyone looking to quickly condense lengthy URLs. After a few clicks, you can generate a short link. It is an efficient marketing tool for marketers who need immediate results.

The standout feature of TinyURL is the option to customize the alias of your shortened link. This means you can create a more memorable and relevant short URL. these short links can be particularly useful for branding or making the link easier to share and remember. Despite its simplicity, this customization adds a layer of personalization that can be advantageous for various purposes.

TinyURL is ideal for users who seek a quick and simple solution for link shortening without requiring advanced features or detailed analytics. It serves individuals and small projects effectively. It provides you with a free service that meets basic needs without the complexity of more feature-rich platforms. TinyURL offers a reliable and hassle-free option for personal use, small businesses, or casual sharing,


Rebrandly distinguishes itself by enabling users to create branded links using custom domain names which enhances brand visibility and credibility. This feature allows businesses to maintain brand consistency across all their shared links. This process makes them more recognizable and trustworthy to their audience. Rebrandly helps brands create a professional and cohesive online presence.

You can monitor link performance such as click-through rates, geographical data, and referral sources. This in-depth tracking allows businesses to gain valuable insights.The detailed analytics offered by Rebrandly make it a powerful tool for optimizing marketing strategies and measuring success.

Furthermore, Rebrandly integrates seamlessly with various marketing tools. You can connect Rebrandly with other platforms such as social media management tools, email marketing services, and CRM systems. It provides a combination of custom branding, detailed analytics, and extensive integrations. Rebrandly is a versatile choice for both small businesses and larger enterprises, looking to improve their link management and marketing efforts.


T2M is a versatile tool that provides a comprehensive dashboard for managing your shortened links. This dashboard makes it easy to create and keep track of all your links in one place. T2M also allows you to generate QR codes for your links, which can be scanned by smartphones for quick access. This marketing tool includes several key features:

  •  Easily generate, organize, and manage all your shortened links.
  • Create QR codes that link directly to your URLs.
  • Customize the destination of your links based on where users are located or what devices they are using.

T2M offers a free plan that includes basic link-shortening features. For more advanced capabilities, such as detailed analytics and enhanced link management, there are several premium plans available. These plans are suitable for both individuals and businesses who need more robust link management options.


The discontinuation of Google URL Shortener may have been a setback, but numerous excellent alternatives have emerged to fill the gap. There are multiple options available. Marketers who are seeking a free and straightforward solution can use TinyURL which is a reliable option, offering easy-to-use link shortening without the need for an account. On the other hand, more advanced tools like Bitly and ETTVIprovide comprehensive link management features that include detailed analytics, custom branding, and integration with various marketing platforms. 

After selecting a link shortener, it’s important to consider your specific requirements. If branding and professional appearance are crucial, tools like Rebrandly, which allows for custom domain names, might be the best fit. And for those who need in-depth tracking and performance analysis, select ETTVI and T2M which offer robust analytics and targeting options. By considering the importance of features such as branding, analytics, and integration capabilities, you can choose the URL shortener that best aligns with your goals and enhances your online presence.

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