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Discover Link Cache Status

Discover Link Cache Status

Find out if the search engine crawler has cached a website or not

Check Cached Pages in Bulk

Check Cached Pages in Bulk

Check the cache status of up to 20 websites at the same time

View Website Cached Version

View Website Cached Version

Access a website’s cached version and know when it was last modified

ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker

View the the most-recent cached version of a website or web page and check the cached status to know when it was last crawled. Enter the web page link and ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker will quickly discover if the respective website has been cached or not.

You can check the cache time and date to know what was the last time when the Google crawler visited the website/web page. Monitor a website’s cache status to determine how valuable the search engine crawler finds its content. The more the value, the more the recent cached timestamp.

ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker will highlight the cache status (timestamp) in green color if the search engine crawler has recently cached a web page. In case the Google crawler doesn’t regularly crawl a web page then it will display the last modified date in red color.

Leverage ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker to access the deleted/updated web content or bypass geo-restrictions in real-time. Process up to 20 website or web page links at a time to view the cached pages and check when their content was last modified.

ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker
How to Use ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker?

How to Use ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker?

Follow these simple steps to use ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker:

STEP 1 - Enter URL

Enter the link to the website or web page whose cache status and cached version you like to check.

STEP 2 - Run the Tool

Click on “Check” to run ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker.

STEP 3 - Check Results

ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker will effectively analyze the given link to provide you with:

  • Cached Version (URL of the web page’s most recent copy which the crawler saved while crawling)

  • Cached Timestamp (when the web page was last modified or crawled)

The “last modified date” will be green-colored if the cached status is “OK” indicating that the search engine crawler has recently visited the respective web page.

The “last modified date” will be red-colored if the cached status is “Not OK” indicating that the cached version of the respective web page is quite older as the search engine crawler hasn’t visited it lately.

Everything to Know About Google Cache Checker

A cache is a collection of data that is temporarily stored locally to speed up access without requiring the client to access the source data. You can speed up repetitive processes by caching the data on your computer, smartphone, and browser. In Google Chrome, for example, website data will be cached on your computer and used when you open pages from the site. Reduces the time it takes to load a page and avoids using network bandwidth for repeated transmissions of the same files.

How does Google Cache work?

Google indexes and crawls billions of webpages every day and it hosts billions of web pages on its servers. The first time Google crawls a web page, it caches the page and displays search results based on this cache. Consequently, Google will be able to perform the search more quickly as it will no longer need to contact the origin server every time. Similar to the process of caching on your computer or browser, it is intended to increase the speed of the process.

What is the purpose of Google cache checker?

To determine whether any of your web pages have been cached by Google, you will require the use of a Google Cache Checker. Caches are temporary storage areas where web documents can be stored. It's possible to do this in many ways, including uploading images and storing HTML code. The purpose of a cache is to reduce the amount of bandwidth used as well as prevent lags and reduce server load. Therefore, a web cache can hold the contents of a variety of web documents that are transmitted through it. Accordingly, if certain conditions are satisfied, all future requests can also be caching. In addition to Quickcache and jpcache, there are a few other caching methods that are very popular.

Advantages of using Google Cache checker

This tool can be very useful for website owners or webmasters since it will let you know what Google cached about your website. In consequence, all Google-indexed links can be considered cached URLs.

Google Cache checker tells you quickly if your website is cached in Google or not. It will usually take 24 to 72 hours to change your domain DNS server address when moving your website from one hosting server to another. The user will then be referred to cached links similar to what the user saw when your website was live during this time. Cache checker tool is very important because they provide access to your website even when it may not actually be accessible, as it enables you to still allow visitors to access your website when it is actually down.

With the help of this Google cache checker, SEO experts can generate reports which provide a comprehensive analysis of a particular website. Cache checker tool allows the user to save a significant amount of time and effort, as the process is very straightforward, and the results can be obtained very quickly. Using ETTVI’s Google cache tool, you can analyze your website and simply find out what the Google cache status is for each URL based on its last modification time. The data you will receive is current and is accompanied by information on the date of each cache. By doing this, you may be able to identify any issues or problems with your website.

Everything to Know About Google Cache Checker


Frequently Ask Questions

Google Cache is an online space where all information about your website is stored. This information contains a snapshot of raw HTML that the browser will render in order to demonstrate this information to the user.

If you notice Google Cache Checker has stopped working or shows incomplete results immediately contact ETTVI’s customer support so we can resolve the issue.

Caching creates a copy of all information on a website or a webpage. It means that if the website or page is down or missing, the user can still access an archive page.

By using ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker you can check if your website is cached in Google index.

ETTVI’s Google Cache Checker is a relatively easy-to-use tool. Enter the domain in the tool search bar and click “Export”. The results will be displayed in less than 5 seconds and you will know if your website is cached or not. You can enter 20 domains at a time to check their cache status.

Yes. ETTVI’s Google cache checker is 100% free to use tool. It is an online tool that is available 24/7 and there is no need to create an account at or purchase an Elite plan to access to use it.

Frequently Ask Questions
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