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Social Media - Giving the right source of traffic to Search Engines other than organic can be Social platforms only.
Consider Social Media as an additional weapon in the War.

What are Social Media Tools?

Social media has proved its recognition in the digital marketing world with its validating structure to target the exact match audience which relates directly to the offering made specifically for a group of people who are searching for a similar product and service or people who are closely related to these searches.

Social media has deeply analyzed user behavior based on their likeness and dis-likeness on social media which helps these platforms to develop deep knowledge about their qualitative customers and provides them with the best options they are searching for.

There are many social platforms that have covered the audience globally depending on their actions. The user’s interests may vary based on their needs whether they want to explore social media platforms for business, latest news, graphics, shopping, videos, and more.

However social media has made things easy related to marketing as it has launched ways to cover up all the flaws which previous marketing techniques had, it connects you to the serious buyers organically by optimizing your campaigns according to the targeted audience.

Let’s put some light on Facebook that how it works to run a successful campaign with greater returns.

How SEO Tools can help in Fb advertisement

Facebook is one of the most valuable social media platforms for marketing and it has a lot of opportunities served at one place with different objectives related to the nature of the businesses.

What you need to do is to critically analyze your offering and then design it with a proper plan to deliver it at its best place where your offering has huge demand and greater returns.

Facebook has three main stages to start a successful advertisement. First and the foremost campaign is set up by selecting the objective based on funnels TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU these funnels are the backbone of FB advertising.

TOFU helps to be aware, MOFU helps to relate customers with the offering and finally, BOFU helps to convert the targeted audience as a brand advocate.

After setting up the campaign we will move to the assets where we will set our campaign budget, scheduling, and most importantly target audience. Lastly, we set up the ad which will be displayed to the related customers.

All social media platforms have a look-alike interface to cover up the audience by developing a strong relation with them. These platforms help you to set up your ad according to your offering and relate to the audience who may show interest in such offers with a valuable price.

Evaluating ROI of social media ads

Social media marketing helps you to market your product or service to the targeted audience by paying for it, so evaluation is an important step to consider while using social media.

The evaluation of Fb is done through ROI which is a matrix used to analyze the performance of campaigns on social media, it doesn’t relate to monetary value only it works robustly to check the audience insights that which campaigns have increased the engagements and impressions through advertisement.

ROI also helps to check that social media campaigns are performing well according to the expectations and giving the desired result, it also helps to check that these campaigns are returning profit or just spending budget.

ETTVI’s FB ROI Calculator

ETTVI’s social media tool is the best to calculate the return on investment. Several fields must be filled in their respective columns which will generate results by calculating profits based on the budget spent on specific campaigns.

ETTVI’s ROI calculator takes into account several fields related to FB advertisement these are as follows:

  • Total Visits of an ad.
  • Landing page conversion rate.
  • Close rate.
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Total advertisement expense.
  • Content creation cost.
  • Labor and other costs.

Fill up these fields accurately in their spaces and hit the calculate button to evaluate the performance of your social media business and plan accordingly what will be the future strategies for your business The results provided by ETTVI’s return on investment calculator are precise and fast because this calculator is designed perfectly.

How ETTVI’s FB ROI calculator is better than Hootsuite?

ETTVI’s Fb ROI calculator is best when comparing it to others because it deeply covers all the nitty gritty’s that are used to consider while calculating the profit of a specific business. It helps to cover up all the necessary elements that must be added while calculating return on specific business depending on the objectives that the ROI is in the form of monetary terms, engagement-based, or leads-based. The ROI calculator takes detailed information about different elements of ads to calculate the exact value with accuracy in it and most importantly it evaluates results in seconds without any delay and errors in the results.

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