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Off-Page SEO

OFF-PAGE SEO refers to the actions which are executed for the website by getting away from the website. It can be anything to promote the content, services, and products of your website. Even the promotion can be on social media, through backlinking or content marketing.

OFF-PAGE SEO is considered the real game-changer when it comes to SEO efforts. Other than off-page SEO, earlier efforts cannot be ignored but still are considered as initial steps towards off-page SEO.

To elaborate humanly, understand it - You are building links of your website and those backlinks have got some authority(For Google), then there are more chances for you to win the SERPs as compared to those competitors who haven’t got any backlink. For example, you know an MP of your state and obviously, he can approach anyone and can make things happen for anyone. This authority relation of yours will add some worth to your net worth or for the people around you. Moreover, when it comes to those works where governmental interference matters, you are already there with the above-specified relation. Therefore, you need authoritative backlinks.

Backlinks are not the only source of off-page SEO. SEO experts are claiming that they have generated results without heavy off-page SEO techniques or strategies. They are not lying at all, it is possible!


Making it very clear to you, Google or any other search engine doesn’t give priority to the websites which don’t add worth to the SERPs or enhance the user’s experience. Therefore, the websites can’t perform on the SERPs without doing proper On-Page SEO or applying appropriate technical SEO. However, there is an undeniable fact that websites with quality content and the best user experience cannot stay in the position for longer without page SEO.

“On-Page SEO makes you win the position on the SERPs, whereas, Off-Page, SEO enables you to sustain those positions”

Off-page SEO is the process that can take you to the top or can make you the loser within no time. It is the part of SEO for you as well as for the competitors who are consistently trying to outrank you.

Have you heard of it? - You can be the winner by working on yourself or by dragging winners down

Keeping this in mind, off-page SEO is the crucial ranking factor, and taking it as an opportunity your competitors will try to make things difficult for you. In a way, they will make more and more negative backlinks and will try to leave a bad impact on your website in the long run for Google.

Taking the above statement into account, it is important for you being a webmaster to keep a track of your backlinks profile which can make you or break you once ignored.

Importance of Tools in Off-Page SEO:

Techniques that are applicable in Off-Page SEO, require tiresome efforts from webmasters. It is not easy to execute the plans and strategies a competitor implements from the ranking perspective. Moreover, the way Google is restructuring things and bringing changes to the SERPs and its ranking factors, it is crucial for webmasters to keep off-page techniques steady.

Let’s talk about some of the strategies which are applicable in off-page SEO:

  • Comment Links
  • Social Shares
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0
  • Forum Links
  • Press Release

All of the required efforts bring different results when done efficiently. Naming these strategies is easy, but creating a strategy for them and making them work for the long run is still complicated.

If you are reading this, you must be a page SEO practitioner and you will be looking for the answers which can make you think that you are already on the right path. In addition to this, some webmasters are concerned about the efforts their team is putting and they want to see if it’s going right or not.

Let’s walk you through the whole process of building strategy and executing it. You are told to create backlinks to a website - You will not have any lead, to find one, you can start with the competitor. There can be many immediate or many can be found by searching the already known. Therefore, a competitor’s backlinks profile analysis takes place first. Analyzing the backlinks profile of your competitor can take you months to see what existing backlinks it has. Likewise, for other competitors in the run, it can take you years to build a file of backlinks of 5 competitors of yours.

Moving towards the second step, it can be finding the relevant websites where you can do blog commenting, create guest posts and find the related topics on forum sites. Even using tools like ETTVI and ahrefs, there are chances for the Off-Page SEO Experts that they lack the data of creating backlinks.

Thirdly, approaching a website and asking them if they are getting appropriate traffic and have some worth already to get the backlink. It won’t be a successful approach. Even it will result in a mess.

All of the above mentioned are the problems a person faces when he jumps into off-page SEO techniques. Therefore, the Tools station like ETTVI comes into play. These tools can help you do things in the blink of an eye. Even these tools can get you closer to success within no time.

How ETTVI tools can help in Off-Page SEO?

Talking about the importance of SEO Tools in the previous section was just to make it clear that these tools have made things better for you. Being a practitioner or webmaster, both ways matter. These tools sometimes act as weapons in the war, sometimes these tools become a parameter to test the efforts and see results and sometimes these become an asset when it comes to displaying the output of your previous efforts to the existing clients or pitching SEO Services to the new clients.

Ettvi’s Backlinks analysis tool is the most innovative technology-based design and developed to ensure state-of-the-art results. Understanding the sensitivity of the process and being very clear that OFF-PAGE SEO can make a website industry’s thought leader or just an ordinary website wasting the crawl budget of Google and the time of users.

Keeping in mind all of the efforts and making those efforts easier for the SEO Experts ETTVI has decided to offer Freemium services. These services are of premium level and are offered for free to the users who will be landing for the first few weeks of the release. We are more focused on betterment and more and more releases are expected within the same year of the release. Therefore, our agenda is to make it premium but keeping low in cost as compared to other tools providers in the third version release.

How ETTVI OFF-PAGE SEO Tools are better than MOZ?

This content is created to make you understand the worth of the tools that have been offered for free on ETTVI. It is a Future-Oriented Tech Company, focused on bringing the most productive SaaS-based solutions and cloud solutions for Digital Marketers. When it comes to the Backlinks Analysis tool - Ettvi has focused on bringing the best results when it is about searching your competitor’s domain or when it is about analyzing the backlinks profile of one’s website.

It allows you to track all kinds of backlinks, it elaborates the strength of the links a website has got. It enables you to get page-to-page backlinks. Moreover, there are features in the tool which allow you to track the newly generated backlinks or know about the expired backlinks or expiring backlinks.

There is no limit set for the searches. Its captcha system is dedicated to the user experience betterment. It allows users to get the best out of it.

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