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Measure the ranking strength of any website and web page in real-time!



Bulk DA/PA Checker

Bulk DA/PA Checker

Check the authority of multiple websites and web pages at a time

Quick Results

Quick Results

Measure the DA and PA score of multiple websites within seconds

Download Report

Download Report

Save the DA PA scores of each website and web page as a CSV file

ETTVI’s Domain & Page Authority Checker

Lookup DA PA Score of Multiple Websites and Pages at Once!

Using advanced algorithms, ETTVI’s Domain Authority Checker Tool indicates how well a website is performing on the search engine. This high-end SEO tool analyzes the links data including the total number of backlinks and root linking domains of a website or web page to measure its authority.

Enter up to 20 different web addresses to find out how likely each website or web page is to rank on SERPs - at a time.

ETTVI’s DA PA Rank Checker predicts the ranking potential of any given website and web page. Yes! It measures the Domain Authority and Page Authority to demonstrate the SEO health score of an entire website or a single web page - side by side. Specify any web link and let ETTVI’s advanced tool measure its authority as compared to the millions of other relevant websites and web pages.

Leverage ETTVI’s Domain & Page Authority Checker for free of cost to check the ranking strength of any website with ensured accuracy and efficiency.

How to Use ETTVI’s Online DA PA Checker?

Follow these simple steps to check DA PA of any website for free:

STEP 1 - Enter Domain Name(s)

Please, enter each domain name or page link on a separate line and must include " https " in all the web addresses.

STEP 2 - Run the Tool

Click on “Check” to run ETTVI’s Domain Page Authority Checker.

STEP 3 - Check Results

ETTVI’s Site Authority Checker will effectively run to measure and display the DA and PA score of each website.

If required then you can “export and save the results as a CSV file” as well.

Why Choose ETTVI’s Website DA PA Checker?

ETTVI’s Website Authority Checker works just like Moz DA Checker - it thoroughly analyzes the given link and check website DA PA within seconds.

Let us provide you with quick insights into how ETTVI’s powerful website DA checker enables the webmasters to perform a quick site authority and page authority check.

Enhanced User Experience

Designed to make it easier for you to check how well a website is likely to perform on the search engine results pages, this advanced tool takes less than a few seconds to check the authority of multiple domains at the same time. ETTVI’s PA DA Checker not only ensures accessibility and usability but it is highly accurate as well. You can surely rely on this useful SEO tool to calculate the ranking potential of any website prior to connecting with it or buying it.

Bulk Website Authority Check

ETTVI has used advanced algorithms to make it possible for the webmasters to check DA PA score of various websites and web pages at once. Yes! This advanced tool can check the domain authority and page authority of up to 20 websites all together. Just enter each web address in separate lines and see how quickly it works to determine the ranking potential of all the websites or web pages at the same time.

Accurate Results

Devoted to innovate the digital marketing strategies, ETTVI has developed a highly advanced PA and DA Checker Online which works effectively to measure the ranking potential of any type of website and web page with 100% accuracy. It requires just one click for an accurate site authority check - just enter a URL and there you go with its DA PA rank.

Free Access

Who needs premium subscriptions when ETTVI’s advanced tool measures the DA PA score of any website for free of cost! Webmasters from all around the world can access ETTVI’s Best Website Domain Authority Checker to measure the ranking strength of any website or web page without paying any subscription charges or signing up.

Everything You Should Know About Domain Authority and Page Authority

Majority of the people take DA and PA as something that contributes to the ranking of a website and web pages, respectively. However, that’s not the case. In fact, the DA points towards the chances of a website’s ranking and likewise, the PA indicates the likelihood of a web page’s ranking (on SERPs).

Basically, we leverage the DA and PA to ensure the worth of websites and web pages from the SEO perspective. As the name depicts, the domain authority tells how authoritative a website is and the page authority tells how authoritative a web page is.

SEO maintains Quality; Quality marks Authority, and Authority builds Reputation

So, if you want your website and web pages to be authoritative and reputative, all you need to do is to enhance the quality of your web content (which in turn, will increase the DA and PA).

We got you all covered - stay with us to know about the best techniques to increase your website DA/PA in 2022.

However, first of all, let’s get a hold on a descriptive account of “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority”.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (Moz DA) can be marked as a metric that measures the “ranking strength” of a website. It measures the ranking strength of an entire domain or subdomain using a 100-point logarithmic scale.

The low score (below 40) is considered poor indicating that the DA of a website is not good. Whereas a high score (above 50) indicates that the DA of a website is good. Your website needs to score higher for its DA to be good.

In other words, DA is a search engine ranking score as it enables us to find out “how liable a website is to rank on SERPs”.

If a website has a high DA score then there’s a strong possibility that the content you publish on it will rank higher.

Yes, that’s right - Higher DA indicates higher chances of website’s ranking.

If you are still confused then take in account that when we say that DA measures the ranking strength of websites then it means that it demonstrates the health score of a website. Simply, it tells us “how well a website is doing from the SEO perspective”. So, this is how we get to know that a website with high DA will rank higher as it is well-optimized and meets all the needs of SEO.

Page Authority

Page Authority (Moz PA) marks the “ranking strength” of a particular web page. It gauges the ranking strength of a webpage on a scale 1 to 100. A higher score (above 50) on this 100-point logarithmic scale indicates good PA.

In simple words, PA tells us how well a web page is optimized and how likely it is to rank on SERPs.

Higher PA indicates higher chances of a page’s ranking.

If you are wondering can I measure the authority of any page of my website then YES. You can measure the PA of all web pages including posts and articles.

Domain Authority VS Page Authority

The only difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority is that the DA signifies the ranking strength of a complete website whereas the PA signifies the ranking strength of a single page only.

Higher PA leads to higher DA which indicates both domain authority and page authority are crucial to website ranking. You can leverage ETTVI’s DA and PA Calculator to find out the ranking potential of your website or individual web pages.

Harness the Power of SEO to Increase Website DA & PA

To increase the chances of ranking and gain more traffic, your website must have a high DA. Same goes for a web page - it needs a high PA.

There are four major factors that contributes to increase a website DA and PA:

  • ➞ User Experience
  • ➞ Content
  • ➞ Keywords
  • ➞ Backlinks

In order to increase the DA, make sure that your website delivers a great user experience and has quality backlinks.

Likewise, to increase the PA, you need to ensure that the target web page provides a great experience to its users and builds quality backlinks.

In both cases, this is only possible when the web content has good quality with high user intent.

So, ultimately, you need to:

  • ➞ Optimize your web content (theme, layout, text, metadata)
  • ➞ Leverage right & relevant keywords

Yes, all you need is a completely optimized website/webpage to ensure good user experience and quality backlink building which in turn, will increase your website DA and PA.

Don’t be confused - let’s dive in to know how you can harness the power of SEO to increase your DA and PA.

9 Techniques to Increase Website DA and PA

We have shortlisted the following techniques which you can use to increase your website DA and PA:

  • ➞ Improve The User Experience
  • ➞ Optimize Your Content
  • ➞ Create Skyscraper Content
  • ➞ Prioritize Keyword Relevancy
  • ➞ Optimize Your Metadata
  • ➞ Build Quality Backlinks
  • ➞ Build Effective Structure
  • ➞ Leverage Internal Linking
  • ➞ Improve the Site Speed

Let’s get to the details of these effective techniques to help you increase your website DA/PA faster.

Improve The User Experience

“User Experience is the Essence of a Website”

A good user experience is all that the search engine asks you to deliver. Yes, if your users can easily obtain what they need then your website is good to go - your website’s DA and PA keeps increasing.

But do you know what is a good user experience?

Findability, Accessibility, Desirability, Usability, and Credibility all together ensures a good user experience. In short, everything on your website must be “useful” and “valuable” for the users.

To make this happen, you need to cater to the needs of both the search engine and users. It’s simple: optimize and innovate your web content.

Enhance everything that constitutes your website including theme, structure, text, and visuals to make your web content useful & valuable.

The chances of ranking increases when a website caters to all the needs of its users in a smooth way. So, ultimately, you need to:

  • ➞ Make your content discoverable (organize it well)
  • ➞ Enable easy navigation (e.g use CTAs)
  • ➞ Create engaging & captivating content
  • ➞ Make it all easy-to-use
  • ➞ Be reliable & trustworthy
  • ➞ Be worthy & helpful

Meet all these needs to enhance the essence of your website which in turn, will increase its Domain and Page Authority.

Optimize Your Content

“Optimized Content is the Core of Domain & Page Authority”

Everything that we display on a website is called “Web Content”. It can be textual, aural, and visual.

Keep in view that in order to increase the authority, the content that we upload on our website must be unique, engaging, and well-optimized.

Here, we are only concerned with the content that we publish in the form of articles e.g blog posts.

So, if you are running a blog then what would you do to increase it’s DA & PA?

You know what - SEOs believe that 95% of blog ranking depends upon content. If the blog content is good in terms of relevance, readability & SEO then there’s a strong possibility that it will rank higher on SERPs.

Now, think of a blog post as a way to increase Website PA. So, if you are creating content for a blog post then you must optimize it according to SEO algorithms.

Simply, to optimize your content, you need to be cautious about:

  • Relevance
  • Readability
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Placement

More simply, it’s all about finding the right & relevant keywords and then placing them appropriately within the well-written & easy-to-understand content.

Optimize the web content well enough to increase its quality and popularity which in turn, will increase both the website PA and DA.

Keep in mind that the optimization of content isn’t limited to the text, images, and videos we publish in the form of articles as it includes the metadata of articles as well (e.g. url, title tag & description).

Create Skyscraper Content

“Engaging & Evergreen Content Keeps Driving Traffic”

Creating optimized content serves nothing if it can not captivate the visitors. Therefore, you must create engaging content that hooks your readers straight away - this is what we call skyscraper content strategy.

You must know that the goal of skyscraper strategy is to earn quality backlinks through the creation of long-form evergreen content based on trending keywords. So, we can use it to increase the PA & DA of our website.

Let us make it simple: you need to deploy the skyscraper technique and create evergreen content in a way that outranks your competitors on SERPs.

Yes, evergreen content written in a well-structured and captivating way is all you need to keep driving traffic on your blog because the more the visitors, the more the DA & PA.

Take in account that the best way to create skyscraper content is to discover trending keywords relevant to your niche and then create such content that delivers novel information to the readers in an interesting way.

Bring Something New to the Table!

Prioritize Keyword Relevancy

“Keyword Relevance is the Key to Success”

You know what - keywords are the foundation of web content. We create content on the basis of the keywords that are right and relevant to our niche(s). Therefore, the keywords help the search engine to identify and understand the content we display on our website.

Irrelevant keywords hinders the search engine from understanding what your content is about which in turn, badly affects both your website ranking and authority.

Simply, just as we avoid using the keywords with low volume and high difficulty, we should not go for the keywords that don't match the search intent of our target audience.

Here’s the thing you should be cautious about, if you want to increase your PA & DA. You shouldn’t swamp your content with keywords. Just be specific and limited - target only a few right and relevant keywords.

Precisely, use the keywords that are not only right in terms of volume and competition but relates to the niche for which you are creating content.

Optimize Your Metadata

“A well-optimized Metadata is the Webmaster’s Gambit”

Metadata includes title tag, URL slug, meta description, and alternative text.

You must know that the metadata holds tremendous importance as it highlights the content intent in a precise manner. With the help of well-structured metadata, both the search engine and users easily understand what your content is about.

For high PA and DA, you must optimize the metadata of your web contents including articles, products, and services.

Have a look below to know how to generate optimized metadata for the web content and make sure it ranks higher on SERPs.

Title Tag Optimization:

The title highlights the content intent and intrigues the users to open the link.

So, you need to create a well-structured and innovative title to display on the snippet.

Take in account that:

  • the length of your title tag should be average (70 characters maximum)
  • your focus keyword must appear in the beginning of your title

You can use emotional or power words to generate a persuading and captivating title but you must keep it seo-friendly.

Meta Description Optimization:

The goal of meta description is to describe the intent of your content in a precise way. Basically, it helps the readers to track what they are looking for on the search engine.

So, you better be accurate and brief when highlighting the content intent through the meta description.

Take in account that a well-optimized meta description:

  • should be 130-character long (at max)
  • must include focus and related keywords (for once)

URL Slug Optimization:

The search engine prefers a simple and short URL slug that highlights the subject of your content.

To generate a well-optimized URL, make sure that you add your focus keyword in it's slug and highlight the content intent in a precise way.

Tip: Avoid using the long titles as the slug.

Image Alt Text Optimization:

When we add images to the content, we need to optimize them as well.

The most crucial part of image optimization is the addition of alt text.

We add an alt text to the images that tells the search engine about the subject and purpose of the images.

Keep in mind that the SEO-friendly alt text contains the keywords that you target in your content.

Build Quality Backlinks

"Quality Backlinks are a Website's Treasure"

When it comes to enhancing the quality and authority of a website, backlinks serve the best.

It is the best and major off-page seo strategy that we use to fetch more traffic and improve the search engine visibility which in turn, boost our website ranking.

Undoubtedly, the Quality Backlink Building leads to a potent increase in website DA & PA.

Keep in mind that, the quality backlinks are only those which:

  • Contains a do-follow tag
  • Comes from multiple but relevant websites (with high domain authority)

Moreover, to enhance the quality of backlinks, you need to make sure that the target keyword is added in the anchor text within an SEO-friendly content.

Well, there are some things that you should avoid when getting backlinks.

The don'ts of backlink building includes:

  • Don't get backlink without your target keyword in the anchor text
  • Don't get a backlink with nofollow tag
  • Don't get a backlink from illegal sites
  • Don't get a backlink from irrelevant and low DA sites
  • Don't get paid backlinks from PBNs
  • Don't avoid getting backlinks from websites with low PR
  • Don't get backlinks from the same website again and again
  • Don't get multiple backlinks (consecutively) in a short period

You must follow these guidelines when getting backlinks or else, your website DA & PA won’t increase.

Build Effective Structure

“A Well-organized Site Structure Delivers a Good User Experience”

UX enhancement is an integral part of website SEO because in order to rank on the search engine, the website must be user-friendly. Whereas to ensure user-friendliness, you need to build an effective site structure.

We often think that only the visuals make the users like a website but it is the ease and convenience that users look for in actuality.

Indeed, the captivating themes and layouts makes your website desirable for your users but what makes it effective enough to deliver a good user experience includes “findability” and “accessibility”.

The contents on your website (including pages, products, services, and articles) must be easy-to-discover and easy-to-use.

To do so, you need to organize your web content in a flat hierarchy.

Yes, the Flat Site Structure is what you need to make your web content “findable” and “accessible”.

Leverage Internal Linking

“Internal Linking Makes Your Content Easy-to-Find”

Both the search engine and our users prefer it if they can easily find everything on our website. Internal linking really comes in handy when we are required to relate our web contents with one another and make them discoverable.

Yes, we can use the “internal linking strategy” to create a linkage between all the related articles on our website.

In order to increase the DA & PA of your website, you must link out your related contents and enable easy navigation for both the Google crawler and your users.

Improve Site Speed

“A faster-loading website is what both the users and the search engine likes”

You know what - neither the search engine nor the users likes it when your website takes time to load. The slow loading speed leaves a very bad impact on the authority of the website and it’s web pages.

Both your website and web page speed should be fast enough to deliver a good user experience.

Take in account that you can improve the loading speed of your website and web pages, just by:

  • ➞ Compressing the Images
  • ➞ Minifying the Codes (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
  • ➞ Activating the Browser Caching
  • ➞ Reducing the Redirects
  • ➞ Using a CDN

Tip: Check your website DA PA score with ETTVI’s free web authority checker which also works as page authority checker simultaneously. Take advantage of this bulk DA PA checker tool (pa da score checker) to get insights into your website ranking potential.


Frequently Ask Questions

Just enter the complete domain name of your website (including https://) in the URL bar. Click on the “check” and wait for a few seconds until ETTVI’s Site DA PA Checker displays your website DA and PA.

Just enter the link to any web page and ETTVI’s DA/PA Checker will measure and display its page authority right away.

Enter your domain name and run ETTVI’s DA/PA Checker tool to measure the page authority of your website homepage.

If you want to rank higher on SERPs, you need a higher DA and PA. On the other, whenever you are required to get backlinks from a website or buy a domain, you must check DA and PA of a website. Or else, you’ll suffer a major loss if the domain or page authority of the respective website is lower.

Yes. You can leverage ETTVI’s domain authority checker without paying any subscription charges. This is a bulk DA and PA checker which can check the authority score of multiple websites and web pages at a time.

Frequently Ask Questions
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