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What is Keyword Research In SEO?

What if it was told to you that you have got no name. Or if it was like your name is Brad and the identity of this name doesn’t exist. Or if we take it another way, that you are a born girl and given the name of Brad? Neither of these things makes sense to you, nor me.

Keywords are the words determined to identify a webpage. More specifically, these are words placed in the text of a webpage to create its identity. Keywords can be a single word or can be a whole sentence of six words. Its synonyms are Search terms and focused keywords.

A keyword is counted as a technical term more specifically used by SEO practitioners. It is also known by the name of Keyphrase. These are commonly the words that are repeatedly searched by the Search engine users in its search bar.

Giving the example of your name at first was just to make you understand the importance of the keyword in SEO. Likewise, keywords are the ones with which you can become a performer in any industry by choosing them sensibly. Moreover, choosing the wrong keywords can detract you. It can mislead you in another direction.

“Keywords define the level of competition one will have in the race of SEO and will decide who will reach first”.

There is a long story to talk about keywords. Being myself I can create a whole new blog only talking about Keywords. Keywords are the direction of your website. It helps you identify the right customer, it helps you reach the right competitor, it aids you to become a brand in the niche you are serving.

There is a nice content cluster created on this topic. Where you will get to know every inch of this topic. For now, know that Keywords are the backbone of the SEO Process. If you have got the right list of keywords with even 30% of SEO knowledge you can be at any level of competition. You can imagine it’s worth it to Search Engines.

Importance of Keywords in SEO

Technically, you got to know what a keyword is and why it matters. Let’s see the other side of the picture. There are thousands of SEO experts and everyone is scared to claim this title because Google can penalize their projects at any time. There doesn’t exist any point of Keyword.

All of the concerned Experts have always taken keywords very seriously. Even they did keyword stuffing to help them out of facing the rage of Google. Still, they couldn’t perform and even got penalized. Why?

There is a whole story you need to know to understand this. But, one thing always remained constant for Google irrespective of the factors regarding keywords and its user experience. Therefore, it is always told to professionals not to consider that they are optimizing web pages for machines(search engines), ultimately, search engines are also serving the users.

There is a known tweet from Google’s staff that i’s a machine but all of you are trying to make it happy. Again, think like humans and think for humans to make the machine happy, as their happiness is what matters to it the most.

Consider a web page that doesn’t have any lead from the navigation of the website, Google will consider it as an orphan page. Likewise, when it comes to a web page without a keyword it means that person never had a family. Moreover, Google is still a machine, and acting like a machine is natural, so, it still sees how many times a word has been repeated, whether it’s not a ranking factor now but still keyword density of a text matters to Google.

How ETTVI Keyword Research Tools Can Help Improving Rankings?

For ETTVI Freemium is the most suitable word. This industry has been served for the very first time with up-to-the-mark tools. Where users of the tools are getting the premium services or more than premium and all for no cost. Keywords are the backbone and being backbone it has been given the priority to be designed and developed in a way that beats the results of all already existing tools.

Notice the word - Keywords Research and if you have ever gone through the process of research or have seen someone doing it. You must know the worth of it. Research is like getting deep down to the bottom of the sea to check the details of something. Keyword research has been a major issue for beginners as well as for experienced people.

More specifically when it comes to the premium services, tools are charging per tool cost to the users with no-sense making results. SEO is the process of bringing up a website like a kid. You cannot trust everyone for handing over your child to them. Likewise, there are free SEO tools where you just have to paste your URL and their algorithm will destroy your site’s reputation within no time.

ETTVI Keyword Research tools will allow you to find the new keywords ideas means to discover the ideas of a niche, analyzing its worth and finding the competitiveness has been made easier. Tracking keywords and the position of a web page against specific keywords is also available in Keyword Research Tools.

How ETTVI Keyword Research Tools are Better Than Ahrefs?

ETTVI is continuously working for the betterment of technology. Its high-tech team is full of researchers, it has a separate department for research and development. Focused entirely to see what’s new in the competition and to see how previous tools are performing.

SEO Tools have a lot of competition and in Keyword Research Tools there are known tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, and Many more. It was not easy to get into the competition, but our technology innovation and the results-oriented cloud SaaS have given us the confidence to stand tall.

SEO professionals who have used already existing tools have used the tools of ETTVI. Their unique reviews can be found. Each tool has been tested more than 200 times with different QA teams and with different kinds of experiences. Keywords strength is what has been introduced under the banner of ETTVI KEYWORDS TOOLS. This will make the analysis easier and decisions about keywords can be made quickly.

Crawling the website is not the only feature. It also crawls the SERPs, scraps data, fetches the competitors, and based on ranking factors and following some parameters according to Google’s algo it shows the results. Compared with others and the mentioned tool, ETTVI has 37% better results.

Fingers are crossed for its next version. After its first release, we have made a promise to ourselves to make it the best Keywords Research Tool available in the history of mankind. Expecting a very positive and constructive response from the users as well and it can be seen in the form of reviews we got within no time.

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