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Graphics - Very first source of attraction for users and ultimate source of optimization for search engines.
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What are Design Tools?

Designing is an art. It requires creativity and anyone can be a designer if born with some creativity. There is a misconception about designing and that is - a designer should know the Adobe Tools and other Designing Tools to prove his skills. No doubt, that design tools help you get command of the industry and get you closer to the customer’s requirements. Still, Creativity will remain as an integral part of Graphics Designing.

Talking about graphics doesn’t mean that we are talking about the skills and skillful sketching and images drawing. SEO has a strong bond and reliability on the Graphics. Google has even announced that its Images Verticals of Search gets deep down into the analysis of a single image and checks it pixel-to-pixel. Which means in SEO your success will be ensured if you are good at Image Optimization.

There is a lot of competition in SEO, name any niche and you will see the worst competition. With the breakout of COVID, there is a strong narration of Digital Marketing. Therefore, it is important to see the niche we are hitting is easy to target and the kind of graphics and expertise of graphics required in the niche are owned by any of our team members or Webmaster himself.

SEO made a stagnant image for the marketers due to the fact of being updated. Therefore, there is not a single website without images. There is a famous saying - An Image speaks louder than one thousand words, whereas, a video speaks louder than one hundred images. It means that graphics have worthy importance and it gives a long lasting impact to the user.

It is always the looks of a person that attracts us initially and keeping this in mind we should have an attractive graphical interference of our website to win long-run visitors.

“Graphics enhances the user experience and helps increase bounce rate/user riding rate, hence a sign of inspiration for search engines”

Google is a search engine looking for those content creators who understand the worth of user-experience and remember that graphics are the only source to make your website look better in any way.

Importance of Designing Tools in SEO

An undeniable factor of ranking is image optimization. Getting a website ranked doesn’t only deal with On-Page or Off-Page of the website. Neither it is only about creaitng good quality backlinks, nor it is all about Content. All of these factors are more important but those factors which are mostly ignored by the SEO practitioners are the graphical attraction of search engines.

Believe it or not, search engines are reading the images you are using on your websites. On its official forum, Google has many times claimed that it has not given ranking to the websites due to being under DMCA. DMCA is always generated against the people who are using copyrighted content. Images are the best example of copyrighted content.

Google prohibits you to copy an image, even asks you to focus more and more on image optimization. Image Optimization is not only adding “alt-tag” to your website. There are people who forget to edit the title, caption and description of an image. Google fetches the information. Not only these, but there are details like EXIF. These Exif details include the information of the location where image is captured, its date of capture and contains the pixels and device details.

Editing these details won’t help you rank on SERPs. Even playing appropriately with the images and optimizing them in a mannered way will allow you to get additional sources of traffic from Google Images.

More than 30% of the internet traffic is occupied by Google Images Search Vertical. And it has the capacity to give you massive traffic if you have ranked on the images but a condition validates the above statement and that is - attractiveness of the image.

How ETTVI’s Design Tools can help in SEO?

SEO is a time taking process, it means continuous efforts are required. Even if you have plenty of experience and have worked for numerous niches already, SEO needs time. When it comes to investing time, it means like any other thing graphics are also required during the whole process of ranks gaining.

SEO Graphics Tools provided by ETTVI are specifically designed for the people who are involved in SEO practices. They can be Jack of all trades but master of one thing(marketing). They need the solution with which they can do whatever Google asks from them and they may do it quickly or independently.

Depending on the niche of the webmaster, they need to add posts or pages on a daily basis. It can add additional expense to them. Graphics resources charge them a lot. Even to remove an image background, to optimize an image or picking a color of a website’s logo, they consume hours in a day. Therefore, ETTVI Graphics Tools will help you get things done with a few clicks.

There are advanced Image Background Removing Tools but their accuracy of results has been around 75%. ETTVI Image Background Remover brings the best of the industry’s solution with around 92% accuracy. It even gets the details of the hair, suiting and objects. Image Optimization Tool helps you eradicate the hassle of creating a custom image every time. Allows you to remove duplicity as well as adds worth to the image by making it a bit unique.

How ETTVI’s Design Tools are better than Canva?

Whatever you do, when it comes to your efforts, you would prefer the shortest and best solution available around you. Giving the best dashboard can be useful but making things work in a few clicks and automation with which it becomes easier to work. All of these features are found in ETTVI Graphic Design Tool.

Graphics is the art of creativity, it doesn’t matter your education, your bank statement or the class you sit with, all matters at the end is the way you utilize those skills. Other tools than ETTVI are still asking users to build some skills. Using those skills ensures you better graphics and better results. But when it comes to SaaS-Based solution ETTVI is the only leader of the industry succeed to develop fully automated Design Tools.

Best thing about these tools - Offered for Free.

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