Top Google SEO Ranking Factors 2022 to Increase Traffic

Top Google SEO Ranking Factors 2022 to Increase Traffic

According to Google, its search algorithm is built upon Google ranking factors that encourage high-quality content and a good user experience.

Author: Aqsa Ikhlaq

Published On: 01-11-2022

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a continuously evolving field. Google keeps on updating its algorithm to decide where and how to show a specific link, with the mission of providing the relevant information.

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors. But, with changing SEO it is hard to implement all the changes. You must want to know which google ranking factors are most important for your website?

Most Important Google Ranking Factors to Increase Traffic

To get a high ranking the website owners would want to follow all the ranking factors. 

But what if you asked to focus on some of them?

For your ease, we’ve shortlisted the most important ranking factors that you need to consider in your SEO. 

High-Quality Content


Search Intent

Website Loading Speed

Mobile Friendliness

Domain Authority

Keyword Optimization

Website Structure

Website Security

User Experience

High-Quality Content


I'm sure you've read in several places that content is king. As far as Google ranking factors go, there's no doubt it's the king.

The more unique, fresh, and helpful your content is, the higher it will rank on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

Quality content is important to Google. It doesn't matter how optimized your site is, if you don't have valuable content, you won't rank well.

So, What is Google's definition of quality content?

Original, Unique, and Valuable Content

Google prefers new, unique content. Your posts should be original, provide value, and answer readers' questions.

It could negatively impact your SEO if your content is duplicated or similar to other websites. Google will most likely not index your page.

Google will slow down the crawling rate of your website if you publish duplicate content frequently.

Make sure the content you create stands out from other websites ranking for the same search term.

Up to Date and Fresh Content

Your content quality can also be improved by keeping it fresh and updated. You are sending a positive signal to the search engine by regularly updating your posts.

It is important to keep your content fresh if your topic involves news or trends. Google tends to favor pages with updated information about such topics.

Suppose you are writing about the global health crisis. Your content should contain the latest news and research. Google Trends is an easy way to keep your content fresh by finding out the latest information.

You just need to enter your search term and see the related topics. These are the trending queries that can aid you to add value to your posts. 


We came across an important question a number of times is content length a part of google ranking factor?

The answer to the above question is, yes. 

Studies have shown that the content length has a great impact on the ranking position of the content in search engines. Normally, the analysts say that on average, the content length of 1890 words rank on the first page. 

It is said that there are no hard and fast rules where you need to stick to the word limit while writing. 

The best way is to create content that gives the details of the topic and covers all the aspects required. This is because Google always ranks the pages that give complete information and answer the user’s question. 

Content Structure and Organization

Organize and structure your blog posts well in order to ensure quality content. The visitor can then easily find solutions to their problems by reading your posts.

Your articles will be more structured and organized if you use multiple headings and subheadings (H2, H3, H4, etc.).

To further organize your content, you can also use HTML tags for bullets (ol) and number lists (li). The benefit is that Google shows these snippets as featured snippets for various keywords based on these lists.

Also, be sure to consider which section should appear first when you are writing your article.

So, you can increase readability of your content by improving its structure and organization. In this way, you'll improve the user experience of your site, which indirectly improves your search engine ranking results.

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