What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Guide 2022

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Guide 2022

SEO stands for search engine optimization, an organic process to optimize a website or webpage to increase the targeted audience to rank high in search engines.

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Published On: 01-11-2022

Seo Basic SEO   What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Guide 2022

Traffic Quality Vs Traffic Quantity


Before moving ahead to gain more insights about SEO, let's understand what is traffic quality and traffic quantity. Moreover, you'll also find out what are organic results. So, let's get to the details.

Traffic Quality

Through your website, you can attract visitors from all over the globe. But if you are a farmer selling Apple and Google tell them that you are doing business in Apple computers, you will get the traffic but that will not be the quality traffic. Instead of this, you have to get visitors who are truly interested in the product you are selling. To cut it short, relevant traffic will be quality traffic.

Traffic Quantity

Users who find your site through organic search results. It's important to rank relevant pages as high as possible in your SEO strategy since users are far more likely to click on results near the top of the SERPs. You are more likely to see an increase in conversions if you attract high-quality visitors to your site.  

Organic Results

These are the unpaid listings on search engine results pages (SERPs) that the search engine determines are most relevant to the user's query. Search engine results pages often include advertisements. Unlike these ads, organic search results are ranked according to the search engine's organic ranking algorithm rather than based on advertiser bids

Why is SEO Important?


In the present time, SEO marketing is much more important than ever before. Thousands of people use search engines for finding answers to their questions and problems. If you have a website, a blog, and an online store SEO will help you to get the targeted traffic. 

SEO is important because:

  • It is seen that about 65% of the users click from the first five suggestions that appear on the search engine result page (SERPs). If you want traffic to your website, your website should appear in one of those 5 suggestions.

  • Search Engine Optimization isn't just about web search tools yet great SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of the site.

  • Clients trust search engine tools and if they find the targeted keywords in your content they will trust your website too. 

  • A site's SEO can improve its social standing. When visitors find your site through Google or Yahoo, they are likely to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.

  • Web optimization can put you in front of the challenge. In the case of two sites offering the same product, the advanced search tool site is likely to have more clients and close more sales.

A search engine's unpaid listings are the most relevant results for the user's query, based on the search engine's evaluation. Many search engine results pages (SERPs) feature ads (in this case, pay-per-click ads). As opposed to these ads, organic search results are ranked according to the search engine's organic ranking algorithm rather than the bids of advertisers. Ranking higher in organic search results is not something you can buy.

What are the Types of SEO?


Now, we will look at the types of SEO and how these are beneficial to the overall marketing plan. It is divided into three categories:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO identifies as the non-content portion of your site. The backend structure of a website is improved by applying the strategies of Technical SEO. It improves the site’s readability which makes it simple for web crawlers to creep and comprehend the website for faster indexing. It also gives a good user experience. This will help the search engine to see that the website is of good quality. A good user experience can increase the quality traffic on your site.  

This type of SEO includes:

  • Website speed

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Indexing

  • Crawlability

  • Site design

  • Structured information

  • Security

Takeaway: Crawlability means whether the crawler can access your website or not. If not then it's a major problem in your site because if the crawler can’t access your website then, it can’t be indexed in Google and other search engines. Maybe you are wondering how I can check if my website is crawlable or not? Don’t worry, you can use ETTVI’s Crawlability Checker tool to examine the crawlability of a website.


This type of SEO is related to the content part of your website. It includes strategies to enhance an individual page on a website. These elements (which are all sketched out in this on-page SEO agenda) help web crawlers understand the point and see that the site is a profitable source that individuals would need to discover.

This sort of SEO incorporates:

  • Keyword Research: Identifying the potential keywords to focus and optimize the site 

  • Content Creation: Crafting engaging and unique content on specific keywords

  • Optimizing Keyword: Using the objective keyword in quite a few places and utilizing great meta tag SEO

Takeaway: Keyword Research is the base of SEO and you need to do it perfectly. ETTVI’s Keyword Suggestion tool can help you to achieve that perfection. 


Off-page SEO procedures help strengthen the impact and relationship your site has with different sites through link building strategies. It uses techniques to build a site's reputation and authority. Moreover, it also helps search engines see that a site is perfect to rank for a certain search. 

Most off-site SEO identifies with top-notch backlinks. A huge volume of links indicating your site from important, authorized websites shows web search tools that your webpage is helpful. Third-party referencing and visitor posting strategies can be used to detect these trust flags.

Takeaway: Off-Page SEO is the process of creating backlinks to your site - It sends a good signal to Google and makes your site authoritative. There are some tools that can help you to do off-page like Backlink Maker helps you to create some directory backlinks which makes the indexing process fast and Backlink Analysis which will help you to check your website backlinks as well as competitors.    

What is Local SEO?


By using local SEO strategies local and multinational companies can expand their business. It is about how any company can improve its local visibility to clients.

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization), sometimes known as local search engine marketing, is an amazingly viable approach to showcase your local business on the web, as it enables organizations to advance their products and services to local clients at a specific time they're searching for them on the search engines.

By ranking for local searches and in local packs, you can improve visibility and a chance of driving highly relevant traffic to your business. There are many proven Local SEO strategies where some of them are as follows:

  • Create and Optimize Google My Business Listing 

  • Focus on Getting Reviews for Your Business 

  • Do Local Link Building 

  • Do NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) Citations 

  • Leverage the Power of Social Listings 

Keeping Track of SEO

To work productively, your SEO campaign should incorporate quality content, keyword search, important meta description, and updated data, among different pieces. Checking your SEO will enable you to pick the most proper keywords to incorporate into your content and meta description and keywords. Picking the correct keyword is significant because they are what individuals go into the web search engine when they are searching for a specific topic.

Optimization of a keyword is a basic procedure in SEO, and targeting for the correct keywords will be what places your business before your online crowd. Through research, you will realize which keywords are the correct ones for your site pages. 

By monitoring, you will be able to identify outdated and broken links that search engines will consider spam, which will result in the pages of your site being ranked lower than you expect.  Inspecting links to your site won't just enable you to decide the development, yet additionally, keep you updated regarding any connection spamming or concealed connections that may happen. It will enable you to remain pertinent to your fundamental reason and update.

Monitoring your site engine optimization is significant since this will enable you to figure out which components in your SEO system are working; you would then be able to roll out the proper improvements or strengthen the methodology and keep expanding on your SEO campaign.

SEO should always be a process of continuous improvement. The pursuit calculations of web indexes are continually refreshed, and you should have the flexibility to alter your SEO strategy as necessary.

Understanding Keyword Research


Keyword Research

You should know what your audience wants to search or find. Which keywords you should focus on in your content and how to create that content to satisfy your audience and search engines. You should know your target market and how they search for your content and products to empower your keyword. 

Keyword research will enable you to know the specific search information that will help you to answer questions like:

What is the individual searching for?

What number of individuals are searching for it?

What format do they need for the data they are searching for?

Tips for Selecting the Best Keywords

Here are some of the tips to conduct the best keyword research and selection:

Use tools to help: You need tools to conduct effective keyword research. Using tools like ETTVI’s Keyword Suggestion Tool can give you an edge over your competitors. This tool will provide you with the keywords that will rank high in search engines. 

Understand semantics: It is a great way to gain insight into keyword research in the future. In Google's view, it doesn't matter how many times you repeat the exact keyword; it cares about your intent. Google will be able to find 12 other keywords relating to the one you include. Bass fishing rods, bass fishing rods for bass, and every other combination are not necessary. If your content is good, Google will find it for you.

Learn the intent: The keyword's intent must be understood. It is important to recognize that what a buyer will type into Google is different from what a researcher will type into Google. You don't want a buyer if your content answers questions. To sell something with your content, you do not need a researcher.

Spy on the competitors: Observing what your competitors are doing and following their lead is one of the best ways to perform keyword research. You can use your keyword research tool to identify what keywords someone is using with the keyword gap, if they are ranking number one for the keyword you want.

Factors Having a Negative Effect on the SEO of your Website

Have a look at the following issues that can break your SEO strategy:

Poor Website Speed


Site speed is probably the greatest sign utilized by Google to rank pages, explicitly the opportunity to the first byte. This essentially alludes to the measure of time it takes for a guest's browser to get the primary byte of data from your server.

Page speed influences your position, however, it's critical to the client experience. Pages with longer loading times will, in general, have higher bounce rates, a lower normal time on-page, and a negative effect on conversations.

A moderate page speed likewise means web search tools can't slither the same number of pages utilizing their designated creep budget. Thus, your site index probably won't be finished.

Here are some of the most common things that could be the reason for the slow speed of your site.

  • You will get what you pay for from your host. Cheap hosting is attractive but it can slow down your site.

  • Too Big Pictures - Pretty simple, however, shoot to hold your pictures under 100kB and ensure they are dynamic to keep your heap times down. 

  • Video Embedded Externally - nowadays video is necessary for marking. 

However, inserting your videos on destinations like Vimeo or YouTube can back you off. Sometimes, it’s essential if you are hosting them on your server.

  • Inefficient code - If your HTML/CSS isn't effective or excessively dense, it will bring down your page speed.

To check the speed of your website, you can use a Website Speed Checker tool that helps you to check loading time as well as resources.

Website Downtimes


Is there anything more frustrating than a site that loads agonizingly slowly? Truly there is. It's a site that doesn't load by any means. Site downtimes are quite often identified with certain issues with the web host. This gives an awful impression to your crowd, and it additionally seriously influences your search engine rankings.

If the personal time lasts for a couple of days, Google removes the site from its database. Regardless of whether the webpage returns online before that, it gets hailed as untrustworthy and gets a positioning admirably beneath its already secured position.

When looking for a facilitating supplier, it is astute to contemplate the organization's ensured uptime. This will give you a more prominent feeling of unwavering quality, realizing that you can anticipate that your site should be ready for action more often than not.

Bad Grammar/ Spelling 


Bad Grammar and spelling additionally correspond with lower page rank. 

As per Search Engine expert Matt Cutts, trustworthy locales with higher PageRanks are more effective than those with low PageRanks.

You will battle to overcome mistakes when you are browsing, just as web browsers and your guests will do the same.

If Google can address the inquiries, clients are posing by sending them to a page that is pleasant to peruse, at that point, it will. Google is much the same as some other distributors, so the higher quality content it appears, the better.

Now with the recent Google's algorithms and helpful content update, the need of quality has increased ever than before. Yes, its all about quality now!

And with quality comes, accuracy and relevancy without any grammatical mistake. To avoid these mistakes and enhance your website's PageRank, try an online grammar checker tool to guarantee your content is error-free and engaging for both search engines and visitors.

Duplicate Information


The title tag is one of the most significant on-page components for SEO and streamlining yours is perhaps the least demanding approach giving yourself SEO support.

Having conventional titles like "Home," "Home page," or "Brand Name" (in case you're not officially an easily recognized name) is a squandered positioning chance. Get increasingly specific, by fusing your target keyword in your title. Also, don't copy your title labels or other metadata, either.

Having a similar title label (for example if all of our pages said INBOUND MARKETING AGENCY) can confuse clients if they see more than one of your pages on a SERP. You could likewise wind up contending with your very own pages for a superior position. This additionally applies to copying meta-portrayals and headers.

How SEO Works for Business?

We are living in the world of digital marketing and people always try to find companies and stores through an online search. SEO is important for a business to compete in the market. The main benefit you can get is the traffic of clients to your online store or company.

Here is the list of benefits SEO can offer to the business:

  • SEO brings quality traffic to your site. 

  • SEO establishes the trust of clients on your site. The more your site will appear on the search engine, the more people will trust you. 

  • SEO can improve your marketing similarly because it sets up trust and believability because both depend on a page one pursuit arrangement. If your site is reliably put close to the highest point of a particular keyword search, this affiliation marks your business as a key player in that industry.

  • SEO will produce high local offline conversions. For local companies, SEO maximization is necessary to grow their business.

  •  SEO works 24/7 for your business. If your page is high ranking in the search engine you don't need to be a night owl. Your customers will be visiting your site 24/7. 

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

We should use SEO in  digital marketing due to the following reasons:

  • In comparison to paid ads and other advertising methods, Search Engine Optimization is pocket-friendly.

  • A compelling Seo procedure would work and improve the organic search engine positioning of your sites.

  • Rather than email marketing and the SMO method, SEO is even fundamental for site positioning and driving more client traffic to your site.

  • Basic utilization of portable devices in day-by-day life makes it a significant factor in advanced marketing. Indeed, even Google used to consider portable site scans as an essential substance for web index positioning. This move makes versatile SEO a greater factor in the SEO method. Portable Seo can't be overlooked to improve the permeability of a site.

  • Search engine optimization helps in gathering more ROI. Great web index positioning likewise draws in visitors and clearly the change rate additionally increases because of higher positioning. So SEO helps in expanding traffic, consequently conversion rate and ROI.

Future of SEO


It is a fact that the game and business of SEO are evolving fast. Those remaining connected to the old SEO outlook that more connections win and keyword volume will fail.

You can no longer depend on Google or famous site online journals to let us know how to enhance a site well.

Pondering third-party referencing is the greatest legend of all and an obsolete strategy from 2009.

To win in SEO, you will require cross-collaboration effort, imagination, and new reasoning to plan practical SEO techniques that can:

  • Improve organic position on SERPs

  • Drive organic traffic to sites

  • Understanding the client will be key to success. Inspiring them to remain on the page and investigate the site will be a challenge.

Search engine optimization is changing with the passage of time. Every person who is working online needs to consider how he can be more imaginative with the system. He needs to know that he can upgrade his site and can generate potential clients by working cooperatively with others. 

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