What is Effective Paraphrasing?

What is Effective Paraphrasing?

Let's discuss in detail what is effective paraphrasing, why it is important, and how you can paraphrase without any errors.

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Published On: 22-08-2023

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What is Effective Paraphrasing?

The goal of paraphrasing is to maintain clarity, uniqueness, and creativity in writing. Thus, it is considered effective only when the restated text is more readable, distinctive, and captivating.  No matter which method you use to paraphrase, it must be strategic enough to add a creative touch in the writing. Even if you leverage a tool, the effectiveness of paraphrasing will depend more on your creativity and less on the AI.  This means that paraphrasing can be effective only if it is done creatively. There should be a proper strategy to follow while paraphrasing in a creative way. Otherwise, you will have to deal with inaccuracies.  Most importantly, paraphrasing should be done in an efficient manner or else it won't be considered effective in terms of efficiency. 

Let's discuss in detail what is effective paraphrasing, why it is important, and how you can paraphrase without any errors. 

What is Effective Paraphrasing?


Effective paraphrasing is one in which the words, syntactic structures, and organization of the content are completely changed for plagiarism removal, better understanding, and improved appeal. It must be accurate by all means. There shouldn't be any grammatical or contextual errors. 

You must already know that in paraphrasing, the concept of the text remains the same, only the way used to express it changes. The way - this is all about the way in which a text is restated. The way you choose words to substitute, the way you restructure sentences, the way you compile a unique passage, and the way you change the layout. Everything has a great influence on the effectiveness of your paraphrase.   

Take into account that the paraphrasing will be effective in terms of accuracy if: 

  • choice of words is improved

  • sentences are completely restructured 

  • paragraphing is changed 

  • heading structure is modified

  • content organization is distinctive

There is another aspect of effective paraphrasing. The paraphrasing should be done as quickly as possible. It shouldn't take much time or require extra effort. 

This means that your paraphrasing skills will be considered effective only when they ensure accurate and quick results.

Why is Effective Paraphrasing Important?

The paraphrasing must be effective in terms of accuracy and efficiency or else, your time and efforts will go into waste. 

If you want your content to be accepted then your paraphrasing should be effective enough to ensure: 

  • grammatical and semantic accuracy 

  • informational and contextual reliability 

  • word and phrase-level creativity

  • uniqueness, readability and clarity

All of these are important for error-free writing. If you miss any of these then your content quality will be compromised. For sure, you would never want your write-ups to be rejected. Thus, you must focus on paraphrasing as effectively as possible.


Moreover, you need to come up with a strategic plan for paraphrasing so that your precious time can be saved. It is not wise to spend hours paraphrasing as this writing technique is specifically used to cut down the time required to write quality content. If your paraphrasing strategies aren't effective enough to be done efficiently then there is no use of it. 

Ultimately, it is clear that effective paraphrasing is the key to writing error-free content in a shorter time period. 

How to Paraphrase Effectively?


You can find out the answer to this question by using ETTVI’s Article Rewriter.

It requires a powerful AI tool to paraphrase effectively both in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Verily, ETTVI’s Article Rewriter serves just right in this regard. It ensures a high level of precision along with quick results. 

Anyhow, keep in mind that "the effectiveness of paraphrasing relies both on the AI and the way you use it to paraphrase your content" Therefore, you must implement a useful paraphrasing strategy while using an AI paraphraser. 

Here are some steps that you can follow for effective paraphrasing:

  • Collect data from multiple relevant resources

If you want your paraphrasing efforts to pay off then expand your research. Do not stick to a single resource to get data for your content. Make sure to gather the required material from a number of relevant resources.

Study multiple books, blogs, notes, or other material sources to collect data for paraphrasing. You can even use images and Youtube videos to gather more relevant information. 

  • Filter out important phrases and statements

After you have found all the required information, the next thing you need to do is highlight important parts. 

This is simple but requires extra attention. You need to carefully look for the terms, sentences, and passages that perfectly highlight the intent. This may include some relevant definitions, headings, or phrases. 

Here your focus should be on two things: well-written sentences with accurate information and catchy phrases that sound appealing. 

Even if there are multiple passages, you must highlight important and catchy phrases, clauses, and sentences from each passage as required. 

  • Compile the relevant statements to form of a new passage 

When you are done with highlights, you need to focus on constructing new passages. 

For instance, you need content for the "what" section of your article. You can compile all the highlighted statements that directly answers to it. Likewise, you can compile all the relevant statements in the form of different passages to construct a new article. 

This step only involves the compilation of sentences for paraphrasing. You can not paraphrase before you  structure all parts of your content. 

  • Choose the right paraphrasing mode 

This is the most important step because it will determine the precision level of your paraphrasing. 

Let's suppose you use ETTVI’s Article Rewriter for paraphrasing. You have all the data to paraphrase and access to the all paraphrasing modes of the tool. Now, you need to decide which rewriting mode to leverage to paraphrase your content without any error. 

Well, this depends on the type of content you need to craft. For instance, you are writing for an academic assignment. You would definitely need well-structured content written in formal language. You can run your content through the text improver to restate it into clearer, coherent, and unique wording. 

  • Look for better alternatives of unappealing parts 

Whichever rewriting mode you choose, your focus should be on finding the best alternative to your content. 

It can be a single word, phrase, or a complete statement which you can paraphrase in improved and unique wording.

For instance, there can be some parts of your sentences that might look unappealing. You can simply select the particular parts and paraphrase them to improve their choice of words. In case the whole statement is unclear and unengaging, you can paraphrase it to modify its wording and syntactic structure. 

Make sure to choose the alternatives as per the context of the content. There shouldn't be any contradiction in the meaning. 

  • Paraphrase each passage individually

You have compiled various passages for your content, right? In case paraphrasing a few statements doesn't fulfill the requirement, you can focus on paraphrasing the whole passages. Anyhow, you shouldn't paraphrase all the passages at once. 

Make sure to paraphrase one passage at a time. It would be better if you create short passages and then restate them in better wording. 

If you are using ETTVI’s Rewriter then it will not be difficult to do. You just need to simply enter the text of a passage and leave the rest on the tool. It will take no time to paraphrase it as per the selected rewriting mode. 

Keep paraphrasing until you are done removing plagiarism from all the collected data. 

  • Organize the paraphrased content in creative way 

This is the last and most significant step in paraphrasing. Your paraphrasing will be considered paraphrasing if not only the wording of your passages is different, but the overall organization is also unique. 

When you are done paraphrasing all the required content, you need to arrange it in a unique way. The headings and paragraphing must be distinctive enough to stand your content out from the rest. 

In simple words, your ultimate focus should be on giving your content a complete structure.

Is AI Paraphrasing More Effective than Manual Paraphrasing?


If AI is well-taught then it can be more effective than a human writer. Otherwise, it is better to paraphrase manually than relying on a tool. 

There are two things that are important for effective paraphrasing: precision level and speed. 

The manual paraphrasing can be accurate by all means but it can never be as quick as AI. Thus, AI paraphrasing is more effective in terms of effeciency.  Where manual paraphrasing requires hours, there AI paraphrasing can be done in a few seconds. 

This means that AI paraphrasing is more reliable for speed whereas manual paraphrasing is more reliable for accuracy. 

Anyhow, if you use a paraphrasing tool that uses edge-cutting AI technology then not even a professional writer can match its precision level. It all depends on the functionality of the AI tool. The higher the functionality, the more effective the paraphrasing. 

In short, you can not decide whether manual paraphrasing is more effective or AI paraphrasing. You need to check it for yourself. 

Is Paraphrasing tool Safe?

If the paraphrasing tool ensures accuracy, effeciency, and data privacy then it is surely safe to use. 

Indeed, you would never want to use a tool that doesn't paraphase correctly. Therefore, you should make sure that the paraphrasing tool you are using is AI-based and works effectively. There shouldn't be any grammatical, lexical, and semantic errors. 

Likewise, you should make sure that the paraphrasing tool doesn't store your content. It must automatically delete your content after paraphrasing or else there will be a risk of data theft. 

In short, a paraphrasing tool is safe to use if accurately restates your content without compromising on quality or context. In addition, it shouldn't take more than a minute to display the results and restrain from autosaving the given content. 


  • Accuracy, uniqueness, and creativity are important for effective paraphrasing 

  • Paraphrasing is considered effective by all means if it is done quickly, without any error 

  • There shouldn't be any grammatical, contextual, or lexical issues in paraphrasing 

  • Paraphrasing that results in grammar and semantic errors can ruin the content quality  

  • The paraphrasing must be done in a short amount of time or else, it won't be effective in terms of efficiency

  • AI paraphrasing can be more accurate than manual if the artificial intelligence algorithms are advanced 

  • Manual paraphrasing can never be as effective as AI in terms of speed

  • AI Paraphrasing is safe if the tool you use ensures data privacy and takes only a few seconds to restate the text without any errors  

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