Top Powerful Off-page SEO Tools

Top Powerful Off-page SEO Tools

Any activity performed to boost the website's presence in the search engine is called off-page SEO optimization. There are several powerful off-page SEO tools available online.

Author: Zaryab Khan

Published On: 23-08-2023

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Top Powerful Off-page SEO Tools

The effort to increase the ranking of a website in the search engine result pages is known as off-page SEO optimization. It also gives us a glimpse of others' perceptions about that particular website. Search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing, but trustworthiness, reliability, and effectiveness still play a significant role in page ranking.

Both on-page and off-page SEO tools play an important role in driving traffic to the website. This article will discuss the most effective off-page SEO tools here. Using these tools, you can rank your website in the SERPs. 

Why Use SEO Tools?


SEO tools help us to save the time we spend on different SEO activities including keyword research and data analysis. Using these tools, you can analyze which strategy works for your site and which you should stop implementing. The best SEO tools also help you to find where the greatest opportunities lie. 

If you are working on more than one website, SEO tools help you manage all those easily. Usually, the business owners handling more websites manually put data in the spreadsheets and analyze it. This practice is risky, and there are chances of inaccuracy in the data. Now you can use SEO tools to save time and ensure data accuracy. 

Powerful Off-Page SEO Tools


Several tools are readily available online, but here we compile the top 10 powerful Off-Page SEO tools to boost your website's ranking. 


2- Google Search

3- Ahrefs

4- Majestic

5- Moz Link Explorer

6- Linkclum

7- Check my Links

8- Web Archive

9- SEOquake

10- Talkwalker Alerts

ETTVI's Off-Page SEO Tools


ETTVI provides the best off-page SEO tools that will increase your website ranking. Its free Backlink Analysis Tool performs a deep analysis of the website to get accountable data about a website's backlinks. Webmasters can use this tool to check the website's total backlinks, including non-follow and unique ones. It also analyzes the number of backlinks that direct the organic traffic to your website's homepage. 

This tool determines the website's strength depending on the quality of its backlinks. This Backlinks Analysis tool analyzes the website to:

  • Calculate total backlinks

  • Measure unique backlinks

  • Quantify the backlinks to the homepage

  • Estimate backlinks with no-follow tags

  • List poor-quality backlinks

  • Discover the top backlinks

  • Display the new backlinks

  • Analyze the ranking strength of each backlink

  • Keep track of referring URLs with page title

  • Highlight the anchor text and target URL of every single backlink


Google Search

Including Google here may seem pretty obvious, but we often see lists of curated SEO tools that leave it off, so I'm being pretentiously obvious and including it here.

Google indexes every page on the web. Google has everything you might need to link your site!

By searching for "SEO blogs," "SEO news," and other related queries in Google Search, you can get a list of off-page SEO opportunities (e.g., the best SEO blogs to get juicy backlinks from).


Backlink explorers: Ahrefs, Majestic & Moz's Link Explorer

It is backlinks that make the web go around in terms of traffic, both for referral traffic and search engine visibility. This data should be analyzed and tracked on your and your competitors' websites. Keeping an extensive index of backlink data is one of these tools' tasks as they crawl the web.

Also, you can discover relevant link opportunities for your industry. For example, Majestic's Clique Hunter tool speeds up this process by adding additional analysis features.


In the Linkclump Chrome extension, users can highlight multiple links on a page and then choose what to do with them, such as copying and pasting them into a spreadsheet or opening them in various tabs.

You'll know how tedious it is to copy and paste or click a list of links one by one if you've ever had to do it. In addition to saving you time, this will keep you sane for a little while.

Check my Links

To check for broken external links, I use Check My Links. 

Are there any resource lists on which you'd like your content to be cited? Suppose you identify broken links on a page. In that case, you have a reason to contact the webmaster, and you have also given the webmaster a reason to edit the site, which increases your chances of getting a backlink.

Broken links can also be copied and pasted into your outreach email using Linkclump.

Web Archive

Web Archive is a historical index of pages and sites present on the web. It is helpful for SEO, as it is incredibly beneficial when you get broken links using Check My Links. When you get linked with a 404 page, it shows that there must be good content once, and the other sites were linking to it. 

Here you can use Web Archive to find existing content and recreate it. Then we can reach out to other sites and request them to update the broken link back to the updated one. 


There are several plugins available online. Most of them are free and can provide you with separate metrics on your browser search page. The reason to recommend SEOquake is that it has many features available in it. Page Rank, Domain, age, cache data, social share, and a number of features that can help you with your website SEO are there in SEOquake.

SEOquake also works in SERPs, allowing you to see each website's metrics from a single page. Highlighting nofollow links by strikethrough is a handy option in it.

Talkwalker Alerts

You might be thinking of an alternate to Google Alerts; Talkwalker is the best alternative you have which works quite well.  

There are some reasons for the popularity of Talkwalker Alerts. I'll mention the most important of all. Google alerted block in 2013; although it's fixed now, it is not updated to meet modern SEO requirements. Talkwalker offers alerts on a daily and weekly basis according to your searched term in the search engine. 

These alerts are important in various ways like tracking the brand mentions, competitor mentions, finding new off-page opportunities by footprints, and much more.

Wrap Up

All the tools mentioned above are essential and give an insight that can take ages to generate otherwise. With these tools, you can get the desired results for your website. It means you can produce SEO-optimized content and can rewrite your product descriptions. Most tools are freely available, so you don't need to worry if your budget is short. We recommend you use ETTVI's off-page SEO tools. They give you the best features you need to rank your page on search engine result pages. 

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